Achieving Instagram growth effortlessly is a coveted goal for many –  but the reality often proves more challenging than expected.  

Navigating the path of expanding your Instagram presence – especially nowadays – can be a daunting process, to say the least.

Most folks these days are stuck in the struggle of expanding their Instagram beyond just slinging content into the digital abyss. 

That’s where the superhero move comes in – outsourcing your Instagram growth to a trusty sidekick – or, in this case, a growth service.

But hold up! 

In this jungle of growth companies, not all are playing nice. 

Cue Flock Social, or Flocksocial, swooping in, claiming a high retention rate and undying loyalty to customers.

They’re shouting from the rooftops about zero bots, no spam, and not a single fake follower in sight.

Now, are they the Instagram heroes they claim to be? 

Time for the grand review! 

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The 101 on Flock Social

Flock Social 1

Flock Social emerges as a phoenix from the ashes of Stim Social, a testament to the dynamic nature of the Instagram growth industry. 

Many companies, like Flock Social, undergo rebranding after facing suspension or banishment from Instagram due to terms of use violations. 

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This reinvention signals their commitment to proving trustworthiness to clients, a strategic move embraced by several players in the industry.

The point is:

Flock Social boldly claims a high retention rate and proudly showcases positive reviews on Trustpilot.

The confidence in their retention capabilities is supported by commendations from existing clients who have experienced their services.

Now, armed with this information, let’s embark on a comprehensive review to ascertain whether Flock Social truly deserves a spot in your Instagram growth journey.

Why Are Insta Followers Important?

Why do Instagram followers matter? What’s the deal?

Picture this: Your Instagram profile is like a bustling party, and Insta followers are your entourage.

But why are these followers such VIPs in the Insta universe?

First off, they’re your digital cheerleaders, boosting your posts with likes, comments, and shares. 

The more followers you have, the louder the applause (let’s say it that way), making your content the talk of the town.

It’s like having a built-in fan club that turns every post into a star-studded event.

Beyond the fame, followers are your ticket to Instagram success. 

The algorithm, Insta’s behind-the-scenes wizard, takes note of your followers’ interactions.

The more engagement you have, the more the algorithm waves its magic wand, pushing your content to the top of the feed.

In simple terms, more followers equals more visibility, and who doesn’t want their posts to shine bright?

But wait, there’s more! 

Brands love a bustling crowd, and with a hefty follower count, you become prime real estate for collaborations and sponsorships.

It’s not just about popularity; it’s about turning your Instagram playground into a business arena.

So, in the Insta-sphere, followers aren’t just numbers; they’re your digital entourage, your algorithmic allies, and your golden ticket to Insta-stardom. 

Buckle up because the more!

Flock Social Features

Flock Social 2 1

The magic words are “organic growth” and “real followers.”

It’s like cultivating a garden where each follower is a vibrant bloom, not just a number on your profile.

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Organic Growth

Organic growth is the secret sauce – the art of attracting followers naturally. 

It’s not about shortcuts or magic tricks; it’s about crafting content that resonates, sparking genuine interest, and drawing followers like bees to honey.

Imagine your follower count as a garden flourishing under the warm glow of authenticity.

Real Followers

And then – there’s the allure of real followers. 

These aren’t mere digital specters; they’re living, breathing users genuinely interested in your content.

No bots, no smoke, just a community of engaged individuals contributing to the vibrancy of your Instagram landscape.

How to Get Started?

Flock Social 3

Here’s how to get started with Flock Social:

Creating An Account

Setting up an account takes less than 5 minutes.

The platform promises top-notch results and a surge of new Instagram followers in just seven days.

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Finding Similar Profiles

Their growth service is an expertly crafted tool specifically designed to cater to your brand. 

Their approach?

Targeting users who are not just numbers but are genuinely interested in what you bring to the table.

Growing Your Insta Platform

Once Flock has meticulously identified users best suited for the page, the growth saga unfolds.

Tailored to the nuances of content and shared interests, Flock Social’s magic is set to expand your Instagram universe.

It’s not just about numbers; it’s about growing Instagram in a way that resonates uniquely with you. 

Pricing Plan

Flock Social 4

Lucky for all interested folks out there, Flock’s got a transparent pricing plan:

The Explorer package at $69 per month offers 400+ Instagram followers and a suite of features that put your growth on autopilot. 

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From follow/unfollow automation to real and organic growth, target customization by account and hashtag, industry-specific suggestions, and a range of filters, it’s the ideal starting point for anyone eager to watch their Instagram account flourish effortlessly.

For those seeking a more daring journey, the Instagram Adventurer awaits at $119 per month.

This plan, too, is billed monthly with the freedom to cancel at any time. 

With 1,000+ Instagram followers, it goes beyond the Explorer, introducing advanced features and a dedicated Growth Strategist to guide you through the Instagram landscape.

From targeted automation to personalized 1:1 growth strategy calls, this plan is designed for those ready to storm Instagram with intention.

Then comes the Instagram Conqueror at $239 per month, billed monthly and cancellable anytime.

This plan not only includes everything from the Adventurer but takes it a step further with Follower Bursts for a surge in exposure.

Offering 2,500+ Instagram followers, it’s a powerhouse for those wanting to supercharge their growth and conquer the Instagram realm.

Whether you’re an Explorer, Adventurer, or Conqueror, each plan is crafted to elevate your Instagram journey – and you can choose whether you want to be billed monthly or annually.

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For those wondering, here are some commonly asked questions:

When Does Flock Social Provide Results?

With Flock, there’s no hiding back.

You’ll see your first stream of followers within the first week of purchasing your package.

Is Flock Social Safe?


Flock Social isn’t after your money.

Your only worry will be coming up with new and engaging content for your growing community.

Is Flock Social Legit?

100%. This is a legit growth social tool – you’ve got nothin’ to worry about.

Flock’s Alternatives

Although Flock’s a major player in the game, we’ve got three more alternatives up our sleeve:

  1. Kicksta
  2. UseViral
  3. Nitreo

Review Summary

Flock Social – a player in the Instagram growth game – claims to offer a notably high follower retention rate and proudly showcases positive reviews on Trustpilot. 

Flock Social seems to offer various plans, catering to different needs.

Operating across all platforms and devices, it positions itself within the broad category of social media applications.

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Flock Social says that they can help their clients with a really high follower retention rate, and they boast positive reviews over on Trustpilot. Let's review Flock Social.

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