As we make our way into a new month and are well on our way into the new year, the messages about getting a fresh start and making improvements in some regions of our lives appear to be everywhere we look.

From redecorating our homes following a deep spring clean to detoxing our bodies following things like Veganuary and Dry January, the list often seems to be endless. As a business owner or a budding entrepreneur, you are continually considering how you can improve what you and your business are doing and how you are doing it.

More so, in this “new normal” that we have found ourselves in for close to a year. Regularly reviewing your business practices ensures that you can stay ahead of your competitors and potential market trends.

While we are confident that you are regularly reviewing the ways your business work, if you have found yourself at a bit of a crossroads and are unsure how to move forward, you have found yourself in the right place! Detailed below are a handful of ways that you can improve your small business in 2021.

Whether you are searching for a few ways to tie up some loose ends within your business or are searching for ways to overhaul your practices completely, we hope you find something useful here.

Grab yourself a well-earned cuppa and keep reading for some inspiration!

Setting Goals


This is a suggestion that could be implemented in other aspects of your life; it is not restricted to the business side of things.

Developing yourself and employees in your business, attainable goals will keep things ticking over, necessary in times of high uncertainty such as the present; having plans to look forward to achieving will provide motivation to get things done and increase productivity levels when wanting to reach this goal.

Whether you choose to set daily, weekly or monthly goals, the choice is entirely yours. Whatever works best for you and your business is the most important thing.

Ensuring You Have Any Required Equipment

Business Equipment

A bit of a given, really, and something that we are confident that you would already have in place. That being said, some people will read this who are in the first phases of setting up their business and are searching for the right things that they might need.

As working from home is being currently advised, most, if not all, companies have moved their practices online wherever possible.

With the advancement of technology and cloud systems, this has not been easier; virtually collaborating on documents and projects is more accessible than ever. However, setting up these online systems can be confusing for the best of us, and the last thing you want is to spend hours of your working day trying to get the systems to work.

Texaport is but one of the many companies on the market providing tech support to businesses of all sizes; whether you are searching Google for “Office 365 support in London” or “Office 365 Edinburgh”, we are confident that you will find something on offer to suit you and the needs of your business.

Boost Your Online Presence

Online Presence

Something which is essential, both within a time when we rely heavily on the internet and beyond. With all social interactions taking place online at the current time, having a presence online should be prioritised.

Being online allows you to promote your business and its products or services creatively and in an interactive way. Social media provides businesses with a method of forming two-way communication channels with your audience, who are the prospective customers after all. Engaging with customers through social media platforms will give you a reputation as someone who is friendly, approachable, and ever-present.

Hosting giveaways and competitions will encourage your audience to engage with the posts and allow word-of-mouth recommendations about your business to spread far and wide. What’s more, regularly engaging with your customers will allow you to invest as much as currently possible into customer relations.

Monitoring What Your Competitors Are Doing


While this is not the top of the list for some business owners out there, it can have a lot of benefits for your company if you make provisions for this.

Monitoring competitor’s success and failures give you a better idea of the kinds of things that you should or should not be doing, especially if you are just setting out on your entrepreneurial journey. By checking the types of things that have worked for businesses similar to your own, you can plan how to avoid any obstacles and how you can continue on an upwards trajectory of success.

When you have been doing this for a while, you could possibly be able to predict the decisions that your competitors will take in the future and what you will be doing alongside that to ensure that your business and products stand out on a saturated market.

Motivating Employees and Colleagues


In a time when uncertainty is high, it can be challenging to stay motivated and positive. We get it; we have all been there! For some, juggling this “new normal” has been a learning curve in itself, especially if you have never had any employees working from home before.

With more distance than ever between workforces, it can be challenging to think of ways to keep your workforce motivated. If you find that you are faced with a situation like this, remember that communication is vital.

By regularly staying in contact with your employees, you can alleviate or help with any emotions they might be dealing with. Building and maintaining a relationship with employees is essential to the working of a business and ensures that all parties involved are happy.

Hosting regular virtual socials is an excellent way of staying in contact with your employees, not to mention, it allows everyone an opportunity to relax and detox from work. Checking in regularly with encouraging and positive messages will reinforce that you are still in their corner and rooting for them even while apart.

Happy employees also correlate with high productivity, so, this is undoubtedly something to consider when wanting to improve your small business in 2021!