The crypto market is moving as fast as ever, with mergers and acquisitions becoming more common. Recently, news arose that is rebranding to Bitcoin System.

Both companies provide services in a similar space, just at different scales, and in other parts of the world.

A primary benefit of living in this open market and technological age is being able to build partnerships around the globe.

Bitcoin System has a solid base of investors that follow their trading calls and strategies while providing due diligence reports alongside each and every one.

On the other hand, Simpleco has tackled a similar market on the other side of the world, but they tend to world with cheaper and more obscure coins that tend to be more volatile. 

Bitcoin System’s Core Strengths

This company is no stranger to investors who have been in the crypto market for the last couple of years.

They’ve seen the website evolve into a trustworthy provider of market analysis and investment opportunities.

In short, Bitcoin System charges a small fee to gain access to their professional insight on the cryptocurrency market.

With hundreds of traders raving online about the accuracy of their calls, they’ve gained quite a bit of attention alongside a positive reputation.

Here are a few of Bitcoin System’s services that they provide. 

Bitcoin System’s Primary Services

  • Trading calls based on in-depth market analysis. Most of these calls are aimed at mid to long-term growth potential.
  • Bitcoin System has a customer support team on standby 24/7.
  • They provide a thorough due diligence report alongside every trading call.
  • A community forum allows traders to share their experiences with the company.
  • They allow some free trading calls to users who don’t have an account.
  • Bitcoin System performs due diligence on the market, so you don’t have to. 

More About Bitcoin System

If you visit the bitcoin system website, you will see that they are serious about business and maintain a no-fluff policy.

Apart from the company’s about page and contact, the website’s homepage entails all you require to start with their software.

bitcoin system

The company brands its product in a way that is easy to understand. The branding offers the needed features for successful investments.

They do not attempt to use their software to run ads or spam your email. Their only  focus is on the groundwork.

How Does Simpleco Compare?

As previously stated, Simpleco also provides decent trading calls, but only to a select market in foreign countries outside of the United States and EU.

With the additional funding and backing from Bitcoin System they’ll be able to expand their services worldwide.

They’ll have access to a legal team, more web developers, better client security and data encryption, and more.

Fortunately, Simpleco will help get its presence in this part of the world in a more organic manner, rather than using targeted ads.

Below are a few of Simpleco’s most favored services. 

What is Known For

  • A talented and speedy web development team.
  • Successful trading calls on volatile and cheap cryptocurrencies.
  • Simpleco also provides simple due diligence reports, warning investors of the volatility of such trades while also showing the upside potential if appropriately managed.
  • A smooth UI that’s suited for mobile and desktop use.
  • Customisable trading call notifications.
  • Traders can try a demo of their service for thirty days and either go with a monthly paid subscription or stay with the free version. Paid subscriptions come with premium content, along with early trading calls. The free version is just limited in regards to opportunity. 

What to Expect

Although the company was delighted to declare it’s rebrand, they instantly resumed work on their next milestone.

Though the rebrand took a while, their competitors in the cryptocurrency world are watching closely and Bitcoin System aims to stay at the peak of their game.

bitcoin crypto

 Their users do not appear to be drifting at all and are waiting for updates on the next thing for the marketing efforts of the company, either ways.

Bitcoin system is working towards expanding, and they desire to gain more users, however, they are solidly dedicated to their current users and providing satisfaction for each of them.

In Closing

It seems like both companies are more than prepared to blend their strengths to become more prominent in their markets while slowly combining their investor communities.

Since their visions are so similar, it will only be a matter of time before the general population notices their worldwide reach.

Even though cryptocurrency exchanges tend to get the majority of media coverage, many companies like these websites work every day for the average investor.

Before signing up with either of these services, it’s essential to understand that neither of these websites is broker and manages crypto portfolios.