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Fastlikes Reviews 2023

Naturally, you would have come across quite a few ways to grow your Instagram profile, some more effective than others. You know that being able to do everything yourself is empowering, and for a long time, you relished in doing so.

However, you have since discovered that the competition is so great that it is difficult to maintain everything yourself, and at this point, you are just feeling frustrated over the whole thing.

You want to keep creating amazing content, and wowing your audience, but you can’t when you don’t have enough time to figure out how to engage with your existing audience.

Let’s take a look at a company that might be able to help you with that engagement strategy, but just know that there are a lot of scams in the industry as well.

Fastlikes Review

Fastlikes logo

Fastlikes is a company that claims to be the kind of company that can help you organically with your Instagram growth.

They claim to be real people working on your account, but we think that they are actually in the business of selling fake engagement.

What is Fastlikes? Instagram Followers

Fastlikes is as we mentioned a company that claims to be real people working on your account, and while there are still companies in this industry that have this kind of procedure in place and team in place, we don’t think that these guys fall into this category.

It would be nice if they did but it is already evident from looking at their website just at a glance that they’re selling their clients fake engagement.

They even go as far as to say that they provide their clients with a chat box, so that you can connect with a team member straight away, but we don’t think that this is going to be as good as you expect it to be.

You will probably be left waiting for a reply for a long time, and sometimes, you might not even receive a reply.

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Let’s give them a review.

A Review of Fastlikes


  • Secure Site: Fastlikes is the kind of company that as we have mentioned a little bit already likes to put the minimum amount of effort in. This can be seen through things like their security measures, with which they have only managed to cover the bases. They have covered their website being encrypted through HTTPS, but this definitely doesn’t mean a lot, especially if you are someone who plans on paying for a service online through the website. We think that they have only done this so that they rank better on Google, so at the end of the day, it just benefits them.
  • Visible Pricing: Fastlikes does have their pricing on their website, and surprisingly, it is actually featured on another web page. Usually with companies like this, they would just slap their pricing on their home page, which is a sign of laziness. For Instagram, you can buy 250 Instagram followers for $3.99, and you don’t need to share your password, nor do you have to worry about how long it’s going to take for them to be delivered. They also say that these followers are sourced from around the world. We think that this pricing is too good to be true and reflects a low quality when it comes to their features.
  • FAQs: Fastlikes has placed their FAQs underneath their pricing, which we think is a good move, because you probably are going to have some questions after you have seen their pricing and their features. However, we don’t think that their FAQ section is comprehensive enough; in fact, it is so basic that it is probably going to leave you with more questions than answers. This is obviously what we would consider to be a bit of a red flag, because if a company isn’t prepared to help answer all of your initial questions, they probably aren’t prepared to provide you with the kind of engagement that is going to protect your Instagram profile from being suspended or banned.


  • Real Reviews: Fastlikes didn’t give us any indication at any point that they have real, authentic reviews on their website that are going to back up their features. They probably would chalk it up to being a relatively new company, but we think that there is something else going on. We think that they haven’t been able to provide their clients with anything related to a good service, and as a result, they haven’t got any positive reviews to share with potential clients. You obviously need to be able to trust a company before you work with them, and one of the ways that you do this is by reading existing client experiences.
  • Customer Support: Fastlikes again, as we mentioned above, will have you believe that they have the kind of customer support that can help you whenever you need it, but we don’t think that this is true. Yes, they have a chat box on their homepage, but we think that you will probably message them, and then wait a long time to get a reply. This is not the kind of caliber of customer support that you deserve, nor is it reflective of a company that truly cares about its clients.
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Is Fastlikes Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

Fastlikes is not the kind of website that we can recommend that you use if you want to take care of your Instagram profile for a long time, and you want to find a way to grow it organically and safely.

Everything on their website indicates to us that they are just selling a cheap service to their clients as a way to make a quick profit, before they can disappear again.

These kinds of websites are all too common, and if you don’t know too much about the social media marketing industry, you will struggle to find one that doesn’t look like this.

However, as far as these guys go, we suggest that you keep looking, until you find something that actually has your best interests at heart.

Review Summary


Fastlikes is a company that claims to be the kind of company that can help you organically with your Instagram growth. They claim to be real people working on your account, but we think that they are actually in the business of selling fake engagement.

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