Fan Boost Reviews 2023

When you’re online, and you’ve got a brand, you’re going to want to do some marketing.

With all the companies out there vying for the attention of the audience, the more work you put into your promotion, the more likely you’ll be seen.

However, just because this strategy works for some doesn’t mean that it’s easy. A lot of people these days are outsourcing to companies who can do their engagement for them because it can be time-consuming. Let’s give one a review.

What is Fan Boost?

Fan Boost considers themselves to be the best company for the best followers.

They also claim to know exactly what their customers want, as well as exactly when they want it. They are also open to feedback, which is a big statement to make and certainly puts them under the spotlight if they make any mistakes.

A lot of companies like this portray themselves as something on their website, but in reality, they’re something else.

A lot of these businesses even say that they have an entire team working with you when in reality they’re just another bot. Let’s give them a review.

A Review of Fan Boost

Let’s take a look at the positives:

  • Secure Website: all of these companies these days seem to have secured their website with https. Back in the day when these companies were just starting, you couldn’t find too many that had this, because it costs extra and is a hassle. Now, however, with Google rankings being more competitive than ever and security also being a topical issue, most of them have made sure they’re covered in this way.

Now, let’s cover the negatives:

  • Visible Pricing: nowhere on their website could we find price points. They have a seemingly endless supply of information about what they claim their services to do, but when it comes to the nitty-gritty of price points, they’re strangely vague.
  • FAQ and Help Page: they do have a get in touch with us page where you can email through to them, but we couldn’t find anything that was clearly an FAQ page where you can spend some time learning more about Fan Boost. This is an important feature to have on any website that sells a service – the more you know about the company initially, the more you’ll have to go off when you commit.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: if Fan Boost can’t supply their potential customers with an FAQ page, they’re definitely not going to spend the time and money hiring an entire customer support team who can be on the phone for you whenever you need it. While this is quite an extra expense, it’s essential if you sell an automatic service that is going to run into technical issues.
  • Real Reviews: this feature is so obviously fake that it’s almost laughable. Fan Boost has featured reviews on their website – notably their homepage – but it doesn’t take a seasoned reviewer to figure out that they’re clearly not genuine. This is because the reviews themselves are incredibly generic, the names of the reviewers are just first names, and the images associated with them are stock images. It couldn’t be more evident that these reviews aren’t real.
  • Email and Phone Form: like many companies in this industry, Fan Boost is generally here for a good time, not a long time. Their ultimate goal is to see how much money they can make in as short a time as possible, which means that they’re going to do the absolute minimum when it comes to their website. Not having a phone and email form means that you don’t consider accountability to the customer to be very important.
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Is Fan Boost a Scam? Is Fan Boost Safe?

Ultimately, we do not think Fan Boost is a safe company to associate with.

While they have made an attempt to look good when it comes to first impressions, if you do some very brief digging you will soon realize that they’re not what they seem.

They’ve missed out on too many features on their website to be considered a brand and company you can trust with your engagement, which is why we have to tell you that you shouldn’t associate yourself with them and instead look for a company that has put a lot more effort into their website and their customer relationship.

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