Aah, summer is here, and the beach is beckoning. Nothing says relaxation and fun than a day spent at the beach. One of the ways to soak in all the fun and enjoyment is by going for camping to the beach, and lying back and listening to the soft sound waves crashing against the shores. Let us look at expert camping tips that have been collected over years of living on beaches.

Plan ahead

Just like all the other camping trips elsewhere, you need to plan ahead. You can achieve this by researching the beach you are heading to. First, know whether there is a water source and if not; plan to carry enough drinking and general use water. You also need to know whether they offer food on the beach or if you have to cook it for yourself. If they don’t offer cooking services, you need to know whether they offer a stove or grill or you have to get one.

You also need to know whether there are toilet services around the beach camping site. If not, you need to know of the best alternative.

The beach must be having rules and regulations that you need to get familiar with. One of the rules to consider is whether pets are allowed or not.

Proper Packing

After you know what the trip will entail, you need to pack accordingly. The packing will depend on the information you come up with during the planning phase.  One of the important factors to consider when packing is the type of tent you choose. It should be large enough to cover all the people on the camping trip. You should also get one that gives you proper ventilation and possibly a chance to gaze at the stars at night.

Have a few beach chairs (find the top heavy duty ones here) that will give a place to relax during the day and act as a bed at night. This versatility makes these chairs ideal for any camping trip.

Know where to Set Up Camp

You should be able to set camp at a safe place. Check the terrain carefully before you make a decision. Choose a point that is above the high tide mark, but far away from vegetation. Pick a spot that is a transition between the beach and the vegetation so that you can enjoy what the sand offers and still enjoy the benefits of the shade offered by vegetation.

Sun Protection

Camping in a jungle environment is easy because of the shade options you have. You also have options to tie your hammock. When it comes to beach camping, you need the right umbrellas and beach chairs to match. The umbrella is to protect you from the sun during the day. Additionally, have several wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses for the day.

Camping on the beach is fun, and also provides a chance to bond with your family. To make it more enjoyable, you need to plan. Get the right spot, have all the information regarding the camping site and make sure you protect yourself from the negative effects of the wind and the sun.