Owning a CPA business isn’t easy. You are under a lot of pressure to provide excellent service to your clients, to manage your team, and to make sure that you are compliant with all financial regulations and laws.

It involves a lot more than just being good with numbers. Accounting firms in the United States generated over $140 billion in revenue, so there is a lot of competition out there. You need to do everything you can to stand apart and get a leg up if you want to succeed for years to come. 

Businesses ask a lot from accounting firms nowadays. You need to be good with their finances, but they also need you to communicate with them. That means getting them information when they need it and being forthcoming with issues and answers. They want convenience and collaboration, and as a firm, you need to be able to provide all of this to them. Here is everything that your CPA business needs to thrive. 


First of all, you can’t call yourself a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) unless you actually are one. There are steps to take to get there. You need to have the right education and meet certain requirements to become one.

Potential clients are much more likely to sign on with an actual CPA than someone who is just offering to handle their bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Getting a CPA means that you have proven you are proficient in accounting practices, have the requisite knowledge, understand the ethics, and have the expertise that clients need. A mistake by an accountant can create serious problems for any business, and they won’t hire a CPA they can’t trust. 

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A Strategy

If there’s anything you can say about accountants, it’s that they pay attention to details and they are methodical. Both of these traits are important when it comes to building a successful business. First, you need to have a strategy to move forward and grow your company.

If you plan to launch a new business, make sure you have a business plan. This will outline how you will operate your company. Next, you must lay out your goals and how you plan to meet them. What will your expenses be? What revenue can you realistically expect? How will you market yourself? 

These are all questions that you have to answer. Making one is a good idea if you are already in business and have never had a plan. First, take stock of where you are, and then plot out your next few years. Whether it’s a new business or an existing one, you will give yourself a pathway to reach the goals you want. 

Management Software

You need to be very organized, prioritize all your tasks, manage a staff, ensure that your data is accurate and much more. To keep everything straight, you need all the help you can get.

You may be able to hire someone to work as an assistant, but that is very cost-intensive. Instead, you can invest in CPA practice management software. It will have all the functionalities you need to manage your firm effectively.

You can collaborate with staff and clients, delegate tasks, and monitor projects. You can also track the time of your team. 

A Good Team

For your business to thrive, you will need good people behind you. That means hiring the best staff that you possibly can. There are a lot of talents and traits you must look for when choosing your help. Running a business isn’t just about doing good work.

It’s about communication and collaboration with clients. You need employees that can offer good customer service as well as good accounting service. In addition, they need to be committed to confidentiality, security, and ethical practices. 

The people who work for you are the face of your company. They represent you in the community and with your clients. If you have members of your team who are dismissive or rude to clients and prospects, then they will hurt your business.

You may not even realize if it’s already happened. Nip this in the bud by searching for personality in your candidate search to go with education, experience, and knowledge. 

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Proficiency With Technology

In the old days, accounting was done with big ledgers, binders, notebooks, and calculators. However, nowadays, you can’t rely on those old techniques. Everything must be done digitally, or you will fall behind quickly.

You can’t give your clients up-to-date information if it’s being inputted with pen and paper. If you are uncomfortable with technology, then you need to get educated. Otherwise, you will lose clients very quickly. 

There are many software solutions that you can use that go beyond your practice management solution. For example, accounting software will have safeguards in place to make sure that ethical standards are being met, which will protect you and your clients against mistakes or fraud.

Cloud software also makes it possible for clients to pull up the information themselves, no matter where they are working. You may be able to limp along without embracing technology, but you won’t be able to thrive. 

As you can see, running an accounting firm is not as simple as being good with numbers. You need an understanding of technology, how to manage a team, how to work on a project, and how to collaborate with clients.

You need all of these skills to be successful, and you need certain tools to make it all happen. By ensuring that you have all of these things, you can put your CPA business in a great position to thrive going forward.