Startup companies have become aware of the importance of regular feedback and recognition of their employees as a way to make them feel valued.

In turn, the employees experience greater confidence and feel motivated to develop and strengthen their skills.   

By choosing the right employee recognition ideas, you can receive many benefits that perhaps you haven’t even thought of.

From improving employee engagement to increasing productivity and loyalty, making sure your employees feel valued is more important than ever.

In this article, we suggest some employee recognition ideas to show your team members exactly how much you value them.

Offer Rewards

Offering incentives for good performance is one approach to motivate your team members. These rewards can be weekly, monthly or quarterly, but regardless of how you structure your reward system, let it count.

Don’t let anniversary celebrations fall to the wayside and instead think of great work anniversary gift ideas like sending an appreciation box, a care package, or give a virtual spending card as a reward.

It can also be an experience like going paragliding or even bowling that they’ll never forget.

Not only will it be considered a nice gesture and make them feel genuinely appreciated, but it will also boost their motivation and productivity, and instill in them a fulfilling sense of meaning.

Give Positive Feedback

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It may seem obvious, but far too many employers fail to let their team members know they’ve done a good job. There is an old saying for business leaders – praise in public and criticize in private.

Show your employees how well they have performed and inform the rest of your team.

Set aside time during meetings to recognize the team members who have exceeded expectations, and you will ensure that your employees leave these meetings motivated.

This is the easiest way to create a more positive business culture, but many managers overlook such a simple and easy-to-implement appreciation idea.

There are many ideas for recognizing employees but sometimes simple gratitude for all the hard work they’ve put in goes much further than you might assume.

Create a Better Office Space

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The first impression, whether it is of a workplace, a person, an apartment, or a product tends to stick with you.

Workers value when their employer puts effort into creating a nice working space for them as it not only affects the staff’s mood but also their productivity.

Nice office space also signals to the customer that this is a successful company that’s doing well.

The smartest way to create a good work environment is not to stick to general solutions but to make a careful analysis of what your employees do at work and under what conditions they do it best.

The best way is to let the employees be involved as you get important views and ideas from those who work there.

Every employee enjoys a spacious, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environment and when they see that their employer upgrades their office space, it leads to greater work satisfaction.

So put a little extra work into creating an ergonomically designed workplace and it will pay off for sure.

Let Them Indulge

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Whether it’s an entire team or department you want to show your appreciation for, a meal served in the break room is one of the best staff recognition ideas to consider.

Rent food trucks, choose their favorite foods that are often consumed in the break room and let them take a break.

Serving a tasty meal is not your only option either. You can even install a coffee maker or snack bar that your team will have access to.

When it comes to employee recognition ideas, it’s hard to go wrong with free and delicious food.

Give Social Media Praise

Your social media is a great marketing resource but it can also be used to showcase your top-performing employees.

Dedicate a post to them, by recognizing their hard work, and show them your deep and sincere gratitude.

This is also a useful marketing tactic as it is a fundamental part of the brand story and it allows your customers to get a glimpse behind the scenes and you’ll get two benefits at once: making employees feel recognized and at the same time increasing brand loyalty.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a good idea to show your employees that all the hours and hard work they put in don’t go unnoticed.

There are many employee recognition ideas that we could fit into this list, but these are some that can show your employees how much you value them. By doing this, your small startup business can only benefit and continue to grow.