Speaking of living the best social life, age is just a number. Instagram has always been a social media platform for the millennials and Gen Z; however, it’s changing, luckily for a good cause.

Elderly people scrolling through Instagram posts are a common sight these days. If not many, it’s pretty evident for you to find at least one elderly person using Instagram.

With over 10.9 million followers, elderly Instagram influencers have a following much as same as 3.2% of the total population of the United States, or more or less equivalent to the state of North Carolina.

However, they aren’t as famous or influential as some of the celebs in the industry are. Despite this, the popularity graph of elderly influencers has seen a considerable hike in recent years.

Talking about the numbers, the world’s top 10 elderly Instagram influencers are seeing an increase of 24% in their followers from September 2017.

From internet sensations such as Iris Apfel and Baddie Winkle to less-renowned influencers, these oldies, with their fitness gains, fantastic styles, and more, are a source of inspiration for their followers.

In this write-up, I’ll be penning down a list of the top 10 elderly Instagram influencers across the world.

Top 10 Elderly Instagram Influencers: Most Followed Senior Citizens

In terms of followers count, these are the top ten Instagram influencers who are aged 60 or above:


10. DINNER AND DANCE (@dinneranddance)

image 1

Lance Walsh, or as you may call “Dinner and Dance,” is number 10th on the list of top ten senior influencers with nearly 48K Instagram followers.

It might sound surprising, but Lance actually got his fashion stardom by accident. For over 30 years of life, he had been a fruit seller in the streets of London, England.

He used to wear colorful items of clothing while selling fruits, basically to attract customers; who would’ve known this tactic would turn the fruit vendor into an internet star.

In the year 2016, Lance Walsh’s unique streetwear caught the attention of street culture photojournalist Ben Awin, and in no time, his look took over the whole internet.

Since then, he has gained a huge fan following from all over the world. Well, his fanbase triples up during 2020.

Walsh still continues to upload his “hypebeast” streetwear fashion on his Instagram page.

General Statistics:

Followers – 47.9 thousand

Following – 80

Number of Instagram Post – 157

Engagement Rate – 4.25%

9. MOON LIN (@moonlin0106)

image 2

If there’s anything that yells “wao, so cool!” this Instagram profile must be the one. Can you imagine a 93-year-old lady exalting the fashion world? It’s Taiwanese Moon Lin for you.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never ever mentioned grandma and streetwear in one sentence before.

But grandma Taiwanese is here to change the year-old fashion rules and bring a new meaning to streetwear fashion.

Taiwanese Moon Lin always has the upper hand for dressing up and fashion and has opened an Instagram profile to look young.

Moon Lin went viral in May when she asked a stranger to click her photo for Instagram. The stranger shared the story on Moon Lin’s Facebook page, and the rest is history.

With nearly 97K followers, granny Taiwanese is winning hearts; moreover, she has gained around 40K new fans since 2017.

You can find her wearing her basketball jerseys, tracksuits, sporting graphic tees, and puffer coats on Instagram. She herself purchases all her outfits and even styles them accordingly.

She loves accessorizing her outfits with necklaces, sunglasses, and caps. And that’s what you’ll find common in her Instagram posts.

General Statistics:

Followers – 96.8 thousand

Following – 4

Number of Instagram Post – 402

Engagement Rate – n/a

8. SARA MAI JEWELS (@saramaijewels)


The 63-year-old Sarah Jane Adams once started an Instagram account under the name “Sara Mai Jewels” to promote her jewelry establishment.

However, over time, the business profile shifted to an influencer account with age-positive and feminist posts.

In 2015, she started using her own hashtag, #mywrinklesaremystripes, on all her posts to convey an age-positive message.

It all started when a make-up artist asked Sarah Jane Adams if she wanted to hide her wrinkles under make-up.

She believes that aging is natural, and there’s no need to hide it from the world. Sarah wants to spread this awareness around the world, and that’s why she shifted to Sydney from the United Kingdom.

When asked about her huge Instagram fan followings, she said that people follow her because of her attitude and not her dresses or jewelry.

She has drawn many sponsors over the years, including Marimekko, IBM, 7 For All Mankind, and River Island.

General Statistics:

Followers – 198 thousand

Following – 1

Number of Instagram Post – 1,475

Engagement Rate – 0.25%

7. LINDA AND WINKS (@lindaandwinks)

image 3

Linda Rodin, better known by her Instagram name Linda and Winks, is an American model, beauty entrepreneur, and ex-stylist.

The 73/74-year-old Instagram personality started off as a model in the 1960s and 1970s.

In addition, Linda had launched a beauty brand called “Olio Lusso” in 2008; however, sell off the same in 2014 to the Estee Lauder group.

After a forty-year break from modeling, Linda Rodin again started modeling in her 60s. She had worked with affluent brands like The Row, J.Crew, and more.

She also recently launched a dog accessory brand. Now, talking about her social media life, she is one of the well-known celebs in the elderly social media world of fashion.

With oversized glasses, silver hair, and bright lipstick, she has been recognized worldwide for her unique personal style.

General Statistics:

Followers – 297 thousand

Following – 29

Number of Instagram Post – 1,717

Engagement Rate – 1.35%

6. ADVANCED STYLE (@advancedstyle)

Now, this one is not like the other accounts; it’s a special one. Special in a sense, the creator of the profile is not an elderly person; the content is, however, related to the senior citizens.

The founder, Ari Seth Cohen, is an American fashion blogger, photographer, and filmmaker.

Along with his Instagram account, he also produces media, including films and books about fashion in people over and above the age of 60 under the same brand name, “Advanced Style.”

With content related to elderly fashion on Instagram, Cohen has been successful in gaining immense popularity on the platform and is the 6th most followed elderly Instagram profile as of 2021.

General Statistics:

Followers – 353 thousand

Following – 2,286

Number of Instagram Post – 4,996

Engagement Rate – n/a

5. LILI HAYES (@lili_hayes)

image 5

The 73-year-old Lili Hayes is an Israeli American store owner and social media influence best known for her funny videos.

Brained by her son, Kevin, she creates music videos, comedic skits, and original content on both Instagram and TikTok.

Known for her frequent rage at Kevin and her accent, she has amassed a huge following on both social media platforms.

The comedian first started off her social media journey on Instagram; however, later on, she began posting videos on TikTok as well.

In mere three years, comedian Lili increased her Instagram fanbase by over half a million followers.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, which she joined in 2019, she has over 4.3 million followers.

General Statistics:

Followers – 602 thousand

Following – 85

Number of Instagram Post – 1,194

Engagement Rate – 4.65%

4. ACCIDENTAL ICON (@iconaccidental)

image 6

Professor Lyn Slater, otherwise known as Accidental Icon, is a 67-year-old mass media star.

While she claims to be a “fashion influencer,” her Facebook and Instagram fans call her “badass.”

Lyn Slater, who began fashion blogging in 2014, now has more than three-quarters of a million followers.

The badass influencer doesn’t hide her gray hair, wrinkles, or body; rather, she embraces them.

With Slater’s fan following doubling up in the year 2020, she has witnessed significant growth in her social media handles.

On top of that, she has been featured in numerous fashion magazines and has gathered sponsorship deals with Perricone MD, Maison Margiela, Oribe, and many more.

General Statistics:

Followers – 759 thousand

Following – 1,083

Number of Instagram Post – 1,167

Engagement Rate – 1.44%

3. GEORGE TAKEI (@georgetakei)

image 7

George Takei is the 3rd most followed elderly Instagram influencer as of now.

Best known for portraying the character of Sulu in the original Star Trek series, he has built up a great following on the popular social media platform Instagram.

His followers love his humorous and political posts.

With over a million fanbase, Takei continues to gain more and more followers day by day. He has also released a book.

General Statistics:

Followers – 1.4 million

Following – 429

Number of Instagram Post – 2,354

Engagement Rate – n/a

2. IRIS APFEL (@irisapfel)

image 8

Iris Apfel is an American interior designer, businesswoman, and fashion influencer. At the age of 99, she is the senior-most Instagram influencer on the list of top 10 elderly influencers.

With over two million Instagram followers, Iris isn’t showing any sign of letting up anytime soon.

In addition to being an interior designer for a long time, she is an established author and has been sponsored by many affluent brands and companies.

She had collaborated with Nude Glass, Christie’s, Hunter Douglas, and even Vogue.

General Statistics:

Followers – 2.1 million

Following – 176

Number of Instagram Post – 1,380

Engagement Rate – n/a

1. BADDIE WINKLE (@baddiewinkle)

With a fanbase of 3.4 million Instagram followers, Helen Winkle, also known as Baddie Winkle, is the most followed elderly influencer of Instagram.

She has amassed huge followers since 2013 and will continue to do so. The funny yet cool tagline of “Stealing your man since 1928” Winkle has brought great success to her.

Moreover, from clothes retailer Missguided to investing app Stash, marketers love working with her as she is very popular.

General Statistics:

Followers – 3.4 million

Following – 47

Number of Instagram Post – 381

Engagement Rate – 4.70%


And with that, I’ve wrapped up the list of top elderly influencers who are dominating the Instagram world.

From the list, it is pretty evident that Instagram is mostly captured by the fashion industry, with 8 of the top influencers belonging to the field.

Additionally, females predominate the list, again occupying eight spots.


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