The retail sector suffered a big hit during the pandemic, but it is recovering well. Online shopping might be popular, but plenty of people still love to browse goods in an actual store. Bricks and mortar stores offer a very different experience from online shopping.

Customers can see, touch, smell, and try on goods before buying – they can’t do any of this when adding a product to their virtual basket. There are also other benefits, which is why creating an amazing in-store experience will help ensure your new business is a resounding success.

Read on for some valuable tips for attracting customers to your store. 

Design An Eye-Catching Store Front

Your store front is what will initially draw customers in. If a window display is uninspiring or the overall design of the store doesn’t stand out, people will probably walk past without a second glance. Things like digital signage, modern lighting, and architecture all play a part in how a store front attracts customers.

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You might not be able to change some aspects of the building, but there is still scope to design a store front that is aesthetically appealing. Check the linked article for some inspiring retail store front ideas

Artful Window Displays

Window displays are one of the best ways to draw people in. Consider the way big department stores go all-out at Christmas, with magical winter wonderlands in the window. No matter how old and jaded you are, you probably can’t resist diving in and picking up some last-minute gifts. 

Utilize the changing seasons and other events in your window displays. At Halloween, have fun with pumpkins and skeletons, or work in some pop-culture references when displaying products. 

Remember to keep your window displays on-brand for whatever you sell and don’t make them too cluttered, or products won’t stand out and customers will be confused by all the mixed messages. 

Make Every Visit Fun

Don’t obsess too much about selling products. Keep customers happy by offering them free beverages while they shop on certain days or a personal shopper experience. If customers feel valued, they are more likely to return. 

There are countless ways in which you can make your customers feel valued. If you have no idea what to do, simply ask them. You can do this online or in the brick and mortar retail location through forms. Your customers want to tell you what they want from your store so make sure to ask and actually listen to the answer. 

Invite Special Guests To Give Talks 

Book stores have long recognized the value of inviting authors into a store to talk about their latest book and do book signings. It’s a great way to draw customers in and boost sales. 

This is a strategy any store can take advantage of. If the person you invite has a large enough following, their fans are guaranteed to show up. Not only will this boost sales, but it is also good for your brand thanks to online and offline media coverage. 

Approach local celebs and ask them to attend your store opening. Connect with influencers in your niche. For example, if your store sells all-natural makeup and beauty products, if they love what you sell, they might be willing to come along and do a makeup class for VIP guests. You could then sell tickets and record the event to post online. Everyone’s a winner.  

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Take Advantage Of Digital Advertising

The fact that we are talking about a retail location does not mean you cannot take full advantage of digital advertising and promoting your store online in general.

There are countless channels available when it comes to buying ads, like YouTube video ads, Facebook carousel ads, and Google pay-per-click ads. They all can work if you choose the right demographics for your targeting campaign. 

You should also experiment with retargeting ads because they can increase the purchasing intent of users even by 70%. Since 96% of store customers are not ready to make a purchase when they first visit a website, retargeting can definitely be something to take into account. The ads simply deliver and are highly effective. 


Finally, harvest customer contact details and send out store discounts to encourage repeat purchases in-store. Making the retail store experience as it should be is all about information and how you use it.