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Dumbu Reviews 2024

You might be of two minds when it comes to outsourcing your engagement on social media platforms like Instagram.

While it can be a quick, efficient way to grow your account and garner attention without spending a lot of your own time doing so, it can also place a potential risk over your account due to Instagram’s strict terms and conditions.

Some are better than others, so doing your research first will make sure you pick right. Let’s take a look at one and see how it checks out.

What is Dumbu?

Dumbu takes a different approach than most other Instagram marketing software.

Dumbu focuses primarily on the mass following of other people’s Instagram accounts. However, this isn’t necessarily the best way to go. Sometimes the company won’t be able to unfollow these profiles. You also risk having a higher following count than people following you.

It’s an original and unique way to build up your engagement. By giving them a good idea of what your targeted niche is, they can track down the right pages to follow.

Let’s give them a review and see if they’re worth using with your Instagram.

A Review of Dumbu

First, we’ll go over the positives

  • Visible Prices: Dumbu has a clear indication of how much you would pay for each package, depending on what you need and are looking for by outsourcing your engagement. They go by speeds, so low speed is their most basic package, with very fast being their most expensive option.
  • Email and Phone Form: Dumbu has included an email and phone form which you fill out at the end when you’re signing up to one of their payment options. This is an extra layer of accountability that keeps them in check and your information safer.
  • Verified Payment: Despite not being https secure, this site has also a payment system is authenticated and likely safe to use. You don’t want to part with any financial information if this characteristic isn’t present.
  • FAQ and Help Page: Dumbu provides you with an extensive FAQ page with a small box at the bottom that you can fill out and email them if you have any additional questions.

Now, let’s run through the negatives

  • 24/7 Customer Support: many third-parties focus a lot of their attention on providing excellent customer service so that you feel confident in using their software. However, while you can get in touch with Dumbu for assistance, no reliable 24/7 hotline will put you through to somebody immediately if you’re having trouble.
  • Real Reviews: Dumbu doesn’t appear to have genuine reviews anywhere on their website. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not worth using, it makes more work for you because you have to go now looking elsewhere online to see if there’s more information about them.
  • Secure Site: At the time of writing, Dumbu doesn’t have a secure site. Not good.
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The Dumbu website on 29th March 2018. They seem to have security issues.

Is Dumbu a Scam? Is Dumbu Safe?

In summary, while Dumbu appears to be professional company with the right credentials, unfortunately, because of how they run their service and their website, they aren’t safe to use.

This is because they employ elementary software that follows other people in the masses on your behalf.

This is a quick road to your account looking spammy and getting red flagged by Instagram for conducting engagement that isn’t authentic. Try something else that’s not going to get your account suspended.

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