One of the most commonly asked questions about OnlyFans is, “Does OnlyFans Accept PayPal”?

The answer to this question is simple, but also a little complicated, so, we will discuss this payment option along with other information related to OnlyFans you need to know.

First, OnlyFans is home to hundreds of thousands of users and has built a good and solid reputation through its platform of connecting creators with fans.

It’s open to everyone, even though there may be some skeptics out there that think it’s just an adult-themed app.

Adult content is only one of the types of content its users pay to see. There is also comedy, tutorials, and more. 

Now that the basics are out there, let’s discuss whether OnlyFans accepts PayPal as a payment option. 

Does OnlyFans Accept PayPal as Payment for Subscriptions?


The simple answer is “no”. OnlyFans doesn’t take PayPal as a form of payment for subscriptions or anything else on its platform.

The only form of payment accepted on OnlyFans is a credit card. You can use your debit or credit card.

Can you use a gift card?

No. Again, it doesn’t take gift cards of any kind.

However, if you have a prepaid Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card, it will accept prepaid credit cards.

Keep in mind that not all prepaid cards can be used on OnlyFans. It’s wise to stay in the know when it comes to how you make payments. 

Can you use OnlyFans without paying for a subscription?

This depends on the creators. Some creators a free to follow and see some types of content, but not have full access.

You cannot use OnlyFans without paying the creators their subscription fee. You will need a credit card to do so. Otherwise, you can see some free content without a credit card.

The takeaway is that you must have a credit card or prepaid credit card to pay for subscriptions since no other form of payment is accepted on OnlyFans.

Can the PayPal prepaid Mastercard be used on OnlyFans?

Unfortunately, PayPal’s prepaid Mastercard cannot be used on OnlyFans. If you try to use it, the transaction will be declined. 

According to the latest information, OnlyFans content creators can use their bank accounts, virtual wallets, or other forms of payment (not PayPal, of course).

They can only do this if they are willing to link their payment account to their OnlyFans account.

Proper verification is required before it can be used, and before withdrawing funds. 

Why Doesn’t OnlyFans Accept PayPal?

PayPal has a plain and straightforward policy about sales of adult content through digital means.

It’s no secret that OnlyFans has creators that create and share explicit adult content on the platform. 

Only in the United States are PayPal payments accepted for sales of adult-themed physical purchases. This does not include any kind of subscription sales on OnlyFans. Physical goods only and only in the United States.

It’s worth noting that ‌PayPal decided not to allow transactions on OnlyFans. This deal isn’t something they decide about on a 1-on-1 basis. It’s across the board.

It’s this way whether you want to subscribe or create content on OnlyFans. PayPal will not allow any kind of payment on OnlyFans, period. 

Does OnlyFans accept PayPal? It doesn’t because PayPal doesn’t allow it.

Is Your Credit Card Information Safe on OnlyFans?

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OnlyFans doesn’t store your financial data for anything, or in any way. So, yes, your debit or credit card data is safe on OnlyFans.

Debit and credit card information is protected all the time.

Even though it’s very difficult for hackers to hack into your OnlyFans account to get your credentials, there are extra features to help further prevent it from happening if that makes you feel better. 


We’ve covered all the basics and answered the question about using PayPal on OnlyFans, which is “no”, you can’t. 

Can You Use Google or Other Payment Wallets on OnlyFans?

No. You may also find that Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are also not accepted.

If you try to use any of these mobile wallets to pay for content on OnlyFans, it’s going to be rejected. 

Can OnlyFans Creators Get Paid via PayPal?


Since PayPal isn’t accepted on OnlyFans, it would be a stretch for content creators to get paid through it.

So, you won’t be withdrawing any payments via PayPal if you’re an OnlyFans content creator.

Some e-wallets are accepted for withdrawing funds, but that is determined by where you live. 

Final Thoughts

The one thing you should take away from this article is that PayPal doesn’t allow its platform to be used for digital adult content sales. That knocks OnlyFans out of their reach. 

Even though some OnlyFans content creators aren’t indulging in adult content, PayPal decided it was more prudent to just not allow payments through its processor on OnlyFans.

If you have no credit or debit card with a major credit card logo, the only content on OnlyFans you can view is free from creators who offer limited free access to their content.

So, does OnlyFans accept PayPal? No. It does not.