Does Instagram show when you screenshot a story?

You may have experienced some anxiety over the other user knowing that you took a screenshot of their Instagram post, message, or Story.

Perhaps your motivation for taking the screenshot was entirely honest. It’s possible you found an amusing meme on the internet and wanted to share it with others.

Perhaps you were particularly moved by a photo sent with someone’s story and decided to keep it.

But you might wonder if anyone is saving copies of your posts, pictures, and chats via screenshots.

Would someone be notified if you take a screenshot of their story or other content on Instagram? Find out by reading on!

Does Instagram Show When You Screenshot A Story?

No, Instagram does not send out alerts to users anytime someone takes a snapshot of their Instagram Stories.

Every Instagram user can take a screenshot of your public story without you knowing it. Simultaneously, you may capture a screenshot of any Instagram Story using the app.

For these reasons, Instagram will not alert you when you take a screenshot.

Note that Instagram has experimented with a feature that alerts the original poster whenever their story has been screenshotted.

After Instagram’s debut of this function in 2018, the service was quickly discontinued.

An official statement never accompanied Instagram’s decision. Therefore, Instagram could bring back the same feature at some point in the future.

Some possible arguments for Instagram re-introducing screenshot alerts:

  • Increasing user privacy issues
  • Constantly shifting privacy and security laws.
  • A single significant event that calls into doubt the practice of screenshotting

The Discontinued Screenshot Alert Feature on Instagram

How To Unarchive A Post On Instagram

Snapchat pioneered the idea of disappearing posts, which its users quickly adopted for sending discreet messages or sharing content they didn’t want archived.

Therefore, it may be a privacy issue if other users frequently screenshot their posts.

To tackle this, Instagram implemented a notification system in February 2018 to let users know if their followers had snapped a screenshot of their story.

A small starburst icon might show next to the user’s profile in your Story statistics whenever they snap a screenshot.

Instagram failed to foresee that its users wouldn’t mind having screenshots of their Stories shared elsewhere.

Most users appreciated the transient nature of leaving Stories, which allowed them to regularly post new content without overwhelming their feeds.

As a result of user complaints, Instagram disabled the feature in June 2018.

When A Screenshot Is Taken On Instagram, Do You Get A Notification?

Instagram does not alert people if their story has been screenshotted, but direct messages are treated differently.

The sender will be informed if you receive a time-limited video or photo in your Direct Messages and take a screenshot of it.

It’s important to note that this only works for Instagram direct messages that automatically delete after being read.

Taking a screenshot of a post, story, or reel will not trigger any alerts.

All the information you require to take full advantage of Instagram story screenshot alerts has now been provided.

Does Instagram Send A Notification When You Screenshot A Chat?

Yes, but with a small catch. Instagram doesn’t always alert you when you take a screenshot in a DM conversation.

Taking a screenshot of a “disappearing” picture or video message is the only way Instagram alerts its users.

Disappearing messages are captured using the camera and sent via direct message. Once the recipient has seen it, it will be gone forever from both of your devices.

If you take a screenshot of a user’s posted photo or video from their gallery or photos app, they won’t be notified by Instagram.

Additionally, the user will not receive a notification if you take a snapshot of non-disappearing material in DMs (such as feed posts or text messages).

Can You Check To See If Someone Has Taken A Screenshot Of Your Instagram Videos?


If users take screenshots of your Instagram reel, the service won’t alert you, but you should treat it as a possibility.

In addition, the moment they catch may not be particularly flattering, which can unnerve your inner perfectionist if the photo is spread around.

However, many Instagram reels have a function, such as disseminating knowledge or enlightening viewers on a certain subject.

Given the limited time available to see a reel, it may be necessary to capture an image of it for later review.

The good news is that nobody can tell if you’ve taken a screenshot of their Instagram reels until you choose to share it with them.

Do You Get Notifications From Instagram When Someone Takes A Screenshot?

Instagram does notify the original poster when a direct message screenshot of a vanishing photo or video is taken, but there is no actual pop-up notification.

Any media captured using the app’s camera will automatically delete itself after either one or two views, based on the user’s preferences.

If a user takes a screenshot of content that a poster has set to allow only one view or several replays, the poster will see a small star-like icon next to the submitted image or video.

If you are that poster, click the “chat” button to view the names of others with whom you have communicated.

A “screenshot” comment will be under the user’s Instagram handle.

Can This Function Be Accessed Via Any Other Instagram Apps?

It’s not a good idea to download a third-party program that purports to let you know whether others are capturing screenshots of your profile just because you’re curious.

In order to protect the personal information of its millions of users, Instagram is picky about the third-party apps it allows.

If you download an app that the platform’s strict security measures prevent from working, you risk exposing your phone and identity to malware.

Can I Stop Random People From Taking Screenshots Of My Stories?

There are two ways to prevent random people from viewing your stories and taking screenshots of the content if you’re concerned about your privacy but would still like to share more of your life with the world.

You can hide your Instagram profile, so viewers of your stories and feed postings need to be approved as followers.

Another option is to use the “close friends” function, which allows you to choose a small group of individuals you trust with access to certain stories you don’t want everyone to view.

Why Screenshot Someone’s Post?

What Does TTM Mean On Instagram

Why bother taking a screenshot of someone’s post if you can just save it to your bookmarks? If you don’t have a constant connection to the internet, that’s one of the key causes.

Taking a screenshot is the best option if you want to access the content when you are not connected to the internet.

Also, you may want to do this if you plan on promoting the post on platforms other than Instagram.

The original post can only be shared on your own Instagram page.

Consider the situation in which you find a particularly dank meme on Instagram and would like to send it to your friends via Snapchat. 

Taking a screenshot can be preferable even when posting to Instagram. If you share anything and someone edits it, you’ll share the edited version.

Once a screenshot has been posted, the original author cannot change it.

The final hurdle is the number of taps needed to bookmark a post. A screenshot can be taken with a single button on many modern smartphones.

It’s far less of a hassle to take a screenshot instead.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever wondered if Instagram shows when you screenshot a story, we’ve got the answer for you here.

No. Instagram will not alert the other person if you capture their story utilizing a screen recording software or a feature on your smartphone

After your request to become “verified” on Instagram has been approved, you will be notified in the Activity tab.

The sender will be informed if you receive a time-limited video or image in your Direct Messages and take a screenshot of it.