A person’s credit score can fall for a wide range of reasons. For example, they might have missed a payment.

Similarly, they might have borrowed too much with the result that they are nearing their credit limit.

However, a low credit score has a lot of unpleasant consequences, which makes it natural for people to ask the question, “Do credit repair companies really work?”

Can Credit Repair Companies Fix Your Credit Score?

Truthfully, credit repair companies offer very limited assistance in that regard. Different credit repair companies present themselves in very different ways.

However, their fundamental service is going through a client’s credit reports for erroneous information before contacting the relevant credit bureau to get that fixed.

Besides that, some credit repair companies offer advice to help their clients put themselves back on sound financial footing.

Thing is, people can do these things on their own. Yes, it can be time-consuming for those who have never done it before.

However, it is possible for people to get copies of their credit reports, look through those credit score reports on their own, and then contact the relevant credit bureau to get erroneous information removed. 


In fact, there are resources out there that will tell them how to get copies of their credit score reports as well as how to contact the credit bureau.

Similarly, there are even more resources out there that can help people with putting themselves back on sound financial ground.

As such, the bigger issue is putting that information to use rather than getting a hold of that information in the first place.

Credit repair companies can only do these two things. They don’t have some magical access that enables them to remove accurate information from credit score reports.

This means that they can’t do anything about a drop in a person’s credit score that’s due to a real issue.

If a credit repair company claims that it can, people should write it off as a scammer exploiting those in need rather than a legitimate business.

What Should You Do Instead of Hiring Credit Repair Companies?

People who want to fix their credit score need to be prepared for some hard work. Different credit scores are calculated in different ways.

However, the most important factors for the most used credit scores are well known.

In case people need a refresher, they need to be prepared to work on their payment history, their outstanding balances, their credit history length, their credit mix, and their credit inquiries. 

This means that people need to make their payments on time, pay down their outstanding balances as much as possible, use their credit products for a long time, have a mix of credit products, and minimize the number of hard credit inquiries.

Fixing a credit score isn’t an easy process.


 Instead, people might have to spend several years on the process before they get the kind of credit score that they want, particularly if the score took a hard hit.

This can be even more difficult if your bills are too much to handle.

In this case, seeking debt relief from FreedomDebtRelief.com, or a similar company could be a real help.

Of course, the fundamental issue is having enough money to do these things. People can approach this problem from a couple of general directions.

One would be increasing their income. For example, they might try for more hours or a higher pay rate. 

Alternatively, they might look at ways to make money on the side. The other would be decreasing their expenses.

Necessities can’t be touched. Instead, people are going to have to look at entertainment as well as other non-essential spending that can be cut.

If they haven’t done so already, drawing up a budget is a great way for them to figure out where their money is going in every month.

Something that should make it much easier for them to figure out what they can and can’t touch.

Further Considerations

Summed up, the answer to the question, “Do credit repair companies really work?” is “Yes, in some cases.” They can be useful if a client’s credit score reports include erroneous information. 

Otherwise, they are just as helpless as their clients. 

However, it should be remembered that people can do everything that credit repair companies can do on their own, meaning that the only reason to hire credit repair companies is if they don’t want to deal with the hassle.