Music is the perfect ingredient to add to your content recipe to make it more amazing.

Music makes your content more engaging, fun, and captivating whether you are a video content creator or a streamer.

Not only it improves the viewer experience, but it also makes your video memorable. 

But getting music for your videos is a challenging task. Many videos and streams are taken down from the internet due to DMCA claims.

It usually happens when you violate copyrights and use copyrighted music in your content. 

If you want to avoid takedowns, DMCA-free music is the way.

This blog will explore the 5 best places to get DMCA free music. Let’s get started!

What Is DMCA-Free Music?

DMCA-free music includes songs and instrumentals you can use in your videos and streams without worrying about copyright strikes. 

DMCA- Digital Millennium Copyright Act- is a part of US Copyright Law that prohibits the unauthorized use of copyrighted media, including pictures, videos, music, TV/ movie clips, and articles. 

DMCA-free music is copyrighted, but the owner allows it to be used on internet platforms.

These permissions can be free or against a fee and last a lifetime or single use. 

5 Best Places to Get Dmca Free Music in 2024

To avoid copyright infringement, using DMCA-free music in your website’s video, Instagram reels, Youtube videos, or Twitch streams is best.

Here are the best websites to get DMCA-free music. 

1. Pretzel


Pretzel is the best platform for Youtube and Twitch creators. It gives you complete control over what to play with hotkeys and shortcuts.

Moreover, it is integrated with leading streaming tools like Streamlabs OBS and Elgato Stream Deck.

You can download up to 50,000 songs and even save them on your computer as a file.

Pretzel offers over 500,000 Twitch-safe and about 75,000 Youtube-safe music.

The platform has 60+ music stations with playlists curated per your taste and content’s demand.

It is the perfect place to find DMCA-free music for your streams and videos. 

It has a direct Twitch integration, with a chatbot displaying which song is playing. However, you can remove the chatbot in subscription plans. 

A premium subscription allows you to access all the tracks, make custom playlists, and choose which song to play.

Download the desktop app or go from the browser; the music never stops with Pretzel.

Supported Platforms Mac, Windows
Free TrialFree plan available
Pricing PlansFree – $0Stream – $4.99/ monthPro – $21.00/ month

2. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound

Whether you need professional compositions or sound effects, Epidemic Sound is the best resource to get DMCA-safe music.

The platform owns all the music, so there’s no warning of DMCA looming over your head. Just select your song and stream away!

It is one of the extensive collections of copyright-free music, having 35,000+ tracks with weekly new additions.

The platform has a diverse music catalog, ranging from EDM to Hip Hop to Adventurous to Acoustic.

Epidemic Sound offers music for all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube.

You can even use Epidemic Sound tracks for your podcasts. Just what a creator needs!

You can listen to a track and download it fully and in parts. It allows you to use customized tracks in your content per the demand.

It offers a free trial to stream and download all the music you want.  

Supported Platforms Mac, Windows, Android, iOS
Free Trial30-day free trial
Pricing PlansPersonal – $9/ monthCommercial – $19/ monthEnterprise – custom

3. SoundStripe


If you need unlimited licensing to use music in your content, SoundStripe is the perfect place to go.

It offers over 8000 DMCA-free tracks you can use for Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and Facebook.

Besides music, SoundStripe also offers high-grade videos and SFX for content creation.

The platform has 50+ curated playlists, ranging from Hip Hop to Action to Indie Rock to Electronic to LoFi.

It also features 65,000+ sound effects from various categories, like nature, construction, or cartoon. 

When you connect your YouTube channel with SoundStripe, it automatically removes copyright claims.

Play and download whatever you want, wherever you want. No copyright threats, no royalty prices! 

You can search and filter songs according to genres, instruments, duration, and mood.

SoundStripe provides all the songs with stems so that you can form a custom track with your video.

It also provides workflow extensions, like Premiere Pro and, to help streamline your work. 

Supported Platforms Mac, Windows, Android, iOS
Free TrialFree extension available 
Pricing PlansCreator – $9.99/ monthPro – $19.99/ monthPro Plus-$33.99Enterprise – custom

4. Artlist


Artlist features an extensive library of royalty-free music comprising 30,000+ tracks and 60,000 sound effects with daily additions.

It is a strong platform for video creators, offering various tools like plugins, editing software, music, and SFX. 

The platform curates the songs in four categories: Mood, Video Theme, Genre, and Instrument.

You can save a song to your collection, mark it a favorite, download it, and even share it.

Sound effects are also available in multiple categories, such as wind, gaming, and forest.

Artlist offers music listening for all platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Use the DMCA-free music, turn on the monetization, and get your content rolling! You can also use Artlist’s music for commercial work, podcasts, paid ads, and client work. 

Supported Platforms Mac, Windows, Android, iOS
Free TrialFree plan available 
Pricing PlansMusic & SFX Social – $9.99/ monthMusic & SFX Pro – $16.60/ monthMusic & SFXTeams – $28.20/ monthEnterprise – custom

5. PremiumBeat


If you are searching for copyright-clear music for your videos, look no further than PremiumBeat! Backed by Shutterstock, PremiumBeat is one of the best places to get DMCA-free music. 

PremiumBeat features authentic, high-quality music from renowned composers for content creators.

The website offers licensed music for YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch. 

You can access curated collections of music tracks and sound effects to use in your streams and VODs.

Browse curated playlists according to mood, genres, instruments, release date, and trending tracks.

Moreover, sound effects are available from various categories, including animals, vehicles, chemicals, clocks, and more.

It also allows you to create playlists, save favorites, and download songs.

With PremiumBeat, you can download five tracks, including loops, stems, shorts, and Standard License.

It offers exclusive music for lifetime access to a track, so you can use it however long you want. 

Supported PlatformsMac, Windows, Android, iOS
Free TrialNot Available 
Pricing Plans5 tracks a month – $12.99/ track 


Using DMCA-free music is an important aspect of your content creation.

Imagine putting all this time and energy only to get taken down or banned by the platform for copyright infringement.

Thus, we always advise you to look for DMCA-safe music for your videos, streams, and videos. 

If you are a content creator looking for copyright-clear music and sound effects you can use in your content, this article features the best places to get DMCA free music.

Publish and monetize your content without worrying about copyright claims!