Are you wondering what are the different kinds of renewable energy that’s out there? The truth is there are quite a few, but we’ll discuss what some of the top and most common forms are.

With that said, they include:

Solar Energy

Solar energy is energy derived from the sun.

Some of the key benefits of solar energy are that it is affordable and easy to generate, as long as you live somewhere that receives a good amount of sun on a regular basis. Other benefits include lowering your energy bills and not having high maintenance costs. In fact, once your solar panels are set up, you don’t have to do much to keep them running. Most solar panels come with a warranty of 20 or more years.

Wind Energy

Generating energy from the wind usually requires very large fans/windmills.

They capture the wind and then convert it into energy. Wind power is one of the least expensive forms of renewable energy. Not only that, but wind energy is usually efficient enough to power most businesses and homes, regardless of their size. If you have the right equipment or know of a company that can help you, then consider installing a system that will let you harness energy from the wind.


This type of energy is produced via the earth’s heat, which can be located near the surface of the earth or from hot water located a few miles beneath the ground.

This renewable source of energy is produced in geothermal power plants, which converts the earth’s heat to electricity. Homeowners can use a geothermal heat pump system if they want to reap the benefits of geothermal energy.


Bioenergy isn’t that popular and not many people know what it is.

Nonetheless, it is a form of renewable energy. It is produced via biomass, and it can either create electricity, heat or produce fuels such as bio-diesel and ethanol. The fuel can be used to power vehicles. Benefits of bio-energy include emitting virtually no greenhouse gas emissions and producing it is a great way to manage the disposal of waste because the waste is used to create energy.

Those are a few types of renewable energy sources. If you’re interested in producing any of them, then feel free to look into buying a kit that you can use to produce the type of renewable energy that interests you the most.