Thanks to the internet, selling items online has become a breeze.

The world is presently obsessed with sustainability and platforms that allow users to sell pre-loved items are great for the future of our planet. 

One such platform is Depop that allows users to sell used fashion pieces.

Gone are the days when you had to throw away an item once you had no use for it. 

Now, you can sell it and someone else can find a use for it. Moreover, you can also get some extra cash on your hands by doing so. 

Founded in 2011, Depop is a thrift website that pledges to reduce fashion waste.

With a similar aesthetic to eBay and Instagram, Depop allows buyers to follow sellers, like listing and also get suggested items. 

Thanks to features like this, Depop sellers get to list more items and attract more and more buyers.

However, not every seller has the time for listing items manually and that is where Depop bots can come in handy. 

Hence, in this article, we will be discussing the best Depop bots for followers and sales. Keep on reading. 

What Are Depop Bots?

Before we check out the best Depop bots for followers and sales, let us first understand what Depop bots are.

A depop bot is like smart assistants that help you with your online selling. 

How, you may ask? They basically perform repetitive tasks for you, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

They have features like refresh listings, auto unfollowing, auto-following, bulk messaging, liking products as well as other activities that can assist in growing your Depop store.

But, the best part is that the bots keep in mind the restrictions set by the platform and also make sure not to do anything that might go against the regulations of the platform. 

Online selling might seem easy to a lot of people, but in practice, it takes a lot of work to be successful, especially in the present competitive market.

In addition, managing listings as well as increasing your visibility requires effort and time.

Furthermore, it’s simply not a matter of pressing buttons but much more.

People with expertise selling on online markets have long used bots to aid them in a variety of tasks because manual tasks can be repetitive. 

On the other hand, if you use bots for Depop, your selling experience will be a lot easier.

Not only do the bots save you a lot of time, but they can also increase listing exposure and engagement. 

Best Depop Bots To Look Out For

Now that we know what Depop bots are, let’s take a look at the best Depop bots for followers and sales. 

1. Salesbot


If you wish to automate your Depop selling experience, then Salesbot can help you with.

This bot is headquartered in London and has a whole range of features to help you with your business. 

If you are looking for a feature-rich bot, then your search ends here, because Salesbot has all the features you can wish for.

For instance, its refresh listings feature refreshes all your listings, making them appear like they were just posted. 

Other than that, there are also features like auto-following and auto-unfollowing that help you follow or unfollow large numbers of users without having to do all that manually. 

You can also auto-like posts, without having to like everything on your own.

This will increase the rate of your engagement too since once you like posts on the platform, people will take notice of your account and would want to follow you or like your listings. 

Furthermore, you can also use the bulk messaging feature.

As a seller, you are often required to message a lot of users, and using this feature, you can do so easily, especially with the help of templates. 

There are also other unique features that you can check out on the bot.

The bot comes as a Chrome extension and you can easily get it on your browser as long as it’s updated. 

It should be noted that the pricing of the Depop followers bot might seem a little expensive for many users.

Furthermore, they have an email customer service team to help you out with any questions you may have.

Standout Features of Salesbot:

  • Unlimited Refresh
  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited followers

2. Debob


If you wish to take your Depop venture seriously and make some real cash on the app by selling items, Debob is a great bot that can help you with the same.

One of the many reasons why Depop users prefer the Debob app is because of how it can help you with engagement. 

When it comes to online selling, engagement is a big factor and Debob can really help you with that.

Debob also has a myriad of features that helps users automate their selling, especially since it is actually a mix of a lot of bots. 

For instance, the Refresh feature makes your listings appear on top of everyone’s screen.

The Message feature can help you with sending mass messages. 

Similarly, there are also follow and unfollow features that help you with following and unfollowing without having to do so manually.

Likewise, the like and unlike features perform on just the instruction of a click and you won’t be required to perform the same task manually. 

Similar to Salesbot, the Debob bot comes as a Chrome extension and you can easily get it on your browser as long as it’s updated.

With regard to the pricing, this Depop follower bot has monthly and annual packages that are relatively affordable, when compared to some of the other bots.

On top of that, they also have a 7-days free trial.

And, also an email customer service system to help you out with any questions you may have. 

Standout Features of Debob:

  • Whitelist Users
  • Frequent updates
  • Scheduled Refreshing

3. Bump


If you are on the hunt for a bot that can just help you kick back and relax while it takes care of the growth of your account, Bump is a great option to check out.

One of the unique features of Bump is its free forever plan.

So, if you are a seller who does not have that big of an inventory, Bump is the right bot for you since it doesn’t cost much.

Moreover, it also has a long list of features that can help you with your sales and followers. 

For instance, the refresh inventory feature refreshes your listings, making them appear on top so that everyone can take more notice.

Similarly, there are also unfollow and follow features that save you the time you may waste trying to follow or unfollow people manually. 

It also has an automated like feature that likes listings of other other sellers, increasing the engagement of your account, in the process.

Lastly, the messaging feature can help with increasing potential sales since it allows you to message users in bulk. 

Much like the other bots, the bump bot also comes as a Chrome extension and you can easily get it on your browser as long as it’s updated.

It also provides email support in case you have run into any kind of trouble. 

Apart from the free forever plan where you get features like 50 refreshes every day and continuous refreshing, there is also another plan for a virtual assistant.

With that, you get features like hands-off growth, VIP customer service, customized growth and a lot more. 

There is also a 30-days free trial that you can check out.

Overall, Bump is innovative in many ways and can truly help you with your Depop business. 

Standout Features of Bump:

  • Free forever plan
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Unlimited liking

4. Poppy Depop

Poppy Depop

The bot understands that managing your online business can be a tough job and therefore, has plenty of features to automate the whole process.

For instance, the Auto Liker feature helps you to automatically like other users’ photos, which helps with your account’s engagement too. 

In addition, there is also a feature to help you with spam.

With this feature, the bot acts like a human and makes sure not to put your account in any danger. 

There is another unique feature that sends messages to all likers.

The messages include your best deals and this is a great way of boosting your sales and attracting more buyers and followers to your account. 

Yet another feature is the auto-following feature that follows users in large numbers so that more and more users follow you back and increase your follower count and potentially your sales too. 

The Poppy Depop bot comes as a Chrome extension and you can easily get it on your browser as long as it’s updated.

Plus, one of the great things about the bot is that you can reach out to the customer service team using a myriad of channels like live chat, online form and email support. 

Plus, you can also message them on their Instagram profile, in case you can’t reach them anywhere else.

Now, with regard to the pricing, there’s only a single subscription plan available. 

With that plan, comes features like Auto Unfollow and guaranteed updates. There is also a 3-days trial available, if you are interested. 

Standout Features of Poppy Depop:

  • Messaging likers
  • Acts human and avoids raising suspicion
  • Multiple ways of reaching the customer service team

5. SellerAider


Last on this article is SellerAider which is yet another great bot for helping with your Depop sales.

It helps you to save a lot of time so that you can refocus that time on other aspects of your business. 

SellerAider is often the go-to bot for many Depop users and there’s a good reason for that.

Firstly, the Unlimited Refresh feature helps your listings to appear on top, increasing their chances of being sold. 

Similarly, there is another feature called Follow Buyers, which allows you to follow users that are mostly likely to be interested in your items.

The Message Buyers feature helps in messaging buyers while the message likers feature who have liked the listings on your profile. 

Thanks to these features, you get to increase your following easily and make more potential sales.

Moreover, you can also easily get the bot since it comes as a Chrome extension and you can get it on your browser as long as it’s updated. 

One of the many reasons why users like this bot so much is because of the large number of features that you can get your hands on.

There are very few bots that are as feature-rich as SellerAider is. 

They have two subscription plans and a 14-days free trial too, in case you wish to check out the features of the bot.

Overall, considering their range of features, the pricing is reasonable. 

Additionally, another thing that makes SellerAider a hit is its customer service since you can reach out to the team using multiple channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Discord.

They even have a YouTube channel with many videos, in case you need help with anything. 

Standout Features of SellerAider:

  • Efficient customer care
  • Mass Unlike
  • Human Mode

Final Thoughts

Depop is growing as a fashion platform and more and more sellers are looking at it as an income-generating opportunity.

Naturally, to make that a success, sometimes you need more than just manual tasks. 

And, that is where Depop bots can come in handy.

If you are interested in accelerating your Depop growth and making more money on the app, the best Depop bots for followers and sales mentioned on the list are worth checking out. 

If you are worried about the security of your profile, there is no need to be since these bots won’t ever put your account at risk.

They do their job efficiently and save a lot of time, on your end. 

However, make sure to choose the right bot for yourself.

Check out the different bots and if needed, try the free trials too, to understand which option is the best for you.