Almost all business companies have their own ways and procedures on how to know customer experiences – whether the customers are highly satisfied or not.

Since businesses offer products and services in the marketplace, it is therefore essential to ensure that customers are glad enough with the products and specific brands.

It is also important to ensure that the customers’ needs and wants are met according to their requirements and expectations.

With this, your product’s Customer Satisfaction or CSAT score will be high, leading to positive outcomes. 

With the customer’s satisfaction with your brands, you can also have their loyalty in the longer period.

You just need to know how to take care of your clients or customers according to their tastes, preferences, and needs so that they will stay in your business for good.

With this, you can even say that customer satisfaction would somehow result in customer loyalty. 

To know more about these two aspects – customer satisfaction and customer loyalty – let’s define them first and explore how we can measure them. 

Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of your customers can be measured according to the actual experience of the clients or customers based on the results and overall benefits or advantages of your offered products and services.

As business owners, you can calculate their satisfaction through qualitative questions sent using a survey questionnaire.

Then, these can be completely understood using a score, referred to as the CSAT score. 

satisfied shopper

CSAT score can be measured once a specific transaction is completed with the customer. This is an indicator of t0 how the customers feel after their transactions with your business.

For instance, after the completion of the support call, you can even ask your clients/customers about the satisfaction level you received from the support call.

Generally, it is measured with a score of 1-5 or 1-10. 

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is an attitude of customers’ or clients’ attitude, which they show their loyalty to your products and services being offered. Naturally, it is the result of customer satisfaction.

Once the customers or clients are highly satisfied with your transactions, they will always come back for another purchase or order.

Thus, their loyalty is to your business. They do not want to find other suppliers where they will buy for their needs and wants. 

If you want to measure customer loyalty, you can use NPS or Net Promoter Score. This is a 1-question survey that you will send to the clients/customers.

In the survey, you may ask how likely they would recommend the offered products and services to other people.

Then, their responses can be measured using a scale between 1 and 10. Take a look at the following meanings which you may derive from their responses:

Detractors (from 0 to 6)

Those customers who provide a score that ranges from 0-6 can possibly harm your brands and business. It is because they are not satisfied with your offered business products & services.

With this, there’s also a possibility that they might share negative feedback or reviews in some groups, friends, or peers. 

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Passive (from 7 to 8)

Those customers who give a scare that ranges from 7-8 are in the neutral mode. It only means that they are also satisfied with your transactions; however, they aren’t committed to your business.

With this score range, you can say that their loyalty would only be there for you if they do not find better deals or offers from other businesses or suppliers.

There’s also a possibility that these customers may harm your business since they may transfer anytime to other suppliers if they want to do so. 

Promoters (from 9 to 10)

These customers who rated your business brands and products between 9 and 10 are referred to as promoters. These customers can be considered as the assets of your business company.

These customers are highly satisfied with their transactions with you. That’s why they will surely come back to your business to patronize your offers continuously.

Aside from that, they will also spread positive feedback and reviews to other people.

So, these customers will somehow help you achieve success, which would put you on top among your competitors. 

shocked businesswoman

It is good to have a higher rating on customer satisfaction. That’s why a good relationship with your customers is highly recommended to ensure customer loyalty.

The loyalty of your customers is more important in your company since it is an indication that they are satisfied with your business brands and products. 

 If you finally understand the difference between satisfaction vs loyalty, you may also have a clearer view that those loyal customers or clients are somehow interrelated with satisfied customers.

It is true that you could have numerous satisfied customers, but you need to exert more effort and do something to keep those satisfied customers under your business umbrella.

Once you keep and maintain those satisfied customers in the long run, then you could turn your customers into loyal clients. 

Essential Ways on How to Achieve Customer Loyalty?

To make sure that you can achieve customer loyalty, there are some ways and procedures you need to do. Some of these things are as follows:

Enhance Onboarding

The first phase of your business must be a creation of a comprehensive and well-structured program on how you can encourage potential customers in your business.

Make sure to properly explain your products and services to them so that they will not be confused about your offers.

Account Expansion

It is important to improve your products and services to introduce your brands to your customers formally.

Make sure that your customers would access every product that you have so that they can have a lot of options, answering their needs and wants.

With what you give to them, then they may become loyal to patronizing your brands.

Proactive Engagement

Customers want a proactive response from the business companies. They don’t usually tend to wait for what they desire.

So, for you to keep them for good, you need to proactively respond to their needs according to their tastes and preferences.

These things would somehow help you to achieve customer loyalty to your business.

Once you observe that your customers are glad enough and highly satisfied with your offer, you need to do something to maintain their expectations.