Recruiters and hiring managers play a significant role in any organization. They help ensure the company has the right people it needs to succeed. 

The recruitment and hiring process is vital to a recruiter’s job. However, today’s hiring landscape presents unique challenges that companies must overcome.

Companies and organizations are still reeling from the Great Resignation. This ongoing phenomenon involves a record number of people quitting their jobs.

The World Economic Forum reported that 20 percent of employees were planning to leave this year.

Several factors might make recruiting especially difficult nowadays. Here are some challenges modern recruiters face and ways to help overcome them.

Attracting Ideal Candidates

Your company is not the only one hiring in your industry. Jobseekers are often bombarded with hundreds of job ads. This situation makes it difficult for any company to stand out from the noise.

The effects are often magnified for talented individuals. Your ideal candidate could also be receiving several messages from other recruiters. They could easily overlook your posting when browsing hundreds of similar job listings.

What You Can Do

A strong company or employer brand can help you overcome this obstacle. Instead of focusing all your energy on chasing candidates, you could attract them to your company.

Social media is an excellent avenue for this effort. Creating a solid online presence makes you attractive to potential candidates.

This method helps you show what it’s like to work at your company. It also allows you to attract candidates that align with your company values.

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Shortage Of Qualified Candidates

Companies looking for candidates with a specific skill set could face more challenges. Your job posting could attract a good number of applicants. However, not everyone has the skills to make it to the company.

Your location could also be a contributing factor. Finding qualified candidates in specific locations could sometimes be difficult, depending on your industry.

What You Can Do

If your company faces this challenge, you could turn to data to make more informed decisions. You can use sites like LinkedIn to find qualified people within your area and reach out to them. 

Talk to your industry peers that might be able to give you leads on how to reach more people. Your professional networks could also be a valuable resource. 

Many qualified individuals might be far from your office location. Your company could consider establishing a remote work setup for certain positions.

You can also talk within your company and reconsider hiring requirements. Are there specific skills that you could build up through training? Investing in training could be more accessible and affordable.

Time And Staffing Requirements

Newer companies with smaller hiring teams could find it more challenging to recruit. Aside from the initial screening, recruiters and company management need to do interviews. These tasks are often done along with their regular workload.

Under this setup, recruitment teams find themselves being spread thin. The hiring process involves a lot of work, which is challenging with limited resources.

What You Can Do

Working with a Canadian recruitment agency could help ease the recruitment workload. Their services are handy for companies with busier schedules or limited staffing. 

More and more Canadians are leaving their jobs due to retirement or resignation. Companies scrambling to fill these newly-empty positions could benefit from professional recruitment firms.

Recruitment agencies help you access larger talent pools within your industry. They develop hiring strategies based on your company’s needs. Working with them can help you save time and money in the process.

Competing With Other Companies

Recruiting for more technical positions could be more difficult when considering your competition. It is difficult enough to find qualified candidates for your company. However, you also need to be able to stand out from other firms in the same field.

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Talented candidates are often entertaining many offers at once. The candidate isn’t the only one who must put their best foot forward. Sometimes, candidates are interviewing companies the same way companies are interviewing them.

What You Can Do

Meet with company management to decide on what you are willing to offer. Competitive salaries are a given. Qualified candidates often know what they are worth. They are most likely to accept an offer that benefits them the most.

Aside from salary, modern jobseekers are also considering other factors. Millennial and Gen Z employees, in particular, focus on the following aspects:

  • Work-life balance

  • Learning/development opportunities

  • Positive workplace culture

  • Opportunities to progress in their career or take a leadership role 

Providing these benefits could help your company attract several qualified candidates.

The recruitment process has become more challenging than ever. Recruiters must be creative, responsive, and flexible to ensure their company can hire the right people.