Dubai remains the most popular region of the UAE for permanent residence. The city attracts foreign nationals with its developed infrastructure, year-round summer climate, and affordable real estate.

There are a lot of commissioned residential complexes in the metropolis, and foreigners can also buy housing in new off-plan buildings, for example in the Stella Maris Tower in Dubai. The authorities are friendly to visitors and are taking measures to attract overseas investment.

Innovations in migration legislation have become one of such steps. Now it’s much easier to move to Dubai.

“Golden Visa” For Buyers Of Real Estate In Dubai

A 10-year visa is available for various categories of foreigners, including those who have invested in local real estate. Innovations in legislation for homeowners touched upon the following points:• The maximum threshold for real estate investments has been lowered. It is $544,000. Last year, the figure was 5 times higher.

  • You can buy property not only for cash but also with mortgage loans. An important condition is that the bank issuing the loan must be state-approved.

  • You can purchase off-plan apartments. However, the developer must be included in the list approved by the authorities.

3-year Visa For Property Owners

For buyers of apartments worth over $204,000, the conditions for obtaining a residence permit have not changed. They have the right to apply for a residence permit valid for three years.

Visa Regime For Relatives Of Apartment Owners In The UAE

The homeowner has the right to include the following categories of citizens in the application for a residence permit:

  • Sons under 25. Previously, the age was limited to 18 years.
  • Daughters of any age.
  • Disabled children without age restriction.
  • Household helpers.

Another innovation was the moment that if the sponsor of the residence permit and the homeowner suddenly dies, relatives will no longer have to leave the country immediately. They can stay in the UAE during the validity period of the deceased owner’s residence permit.

Other Types Of Visas For Visitors To Dubai

Different categories of foreign nationals can apply for a visa:

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  • Entrepreneurs who own a startup or are its co-owner. A startup must conform to the format of a small or medium-sized business and generate income of at least $279,290 per year.

    This allows businessmen to apply for a 10-year visa. An important condition is that the startup must be approved by the Ministry of Economy or other authorized state bodies.

  • Qualified specialists can also apply for a «gold visa» if they work under an official employment contract concluded with a UAE citizen. The range of activities is quite wide, from science and law to information technology and medicine.

    The professional level is determined by the international classification of professions and should not be lower than the second. The restrictions also apply to the salary level, which must be at least $8,168 per month.

  • The next category of applicants for the “golden visa” are talented individuals, scientists, and researchers. You can get on the talent list if you have any achievements in various fields: be a famous writer, poet, actor, creative figure, athlete.

    The salary level does not matter in this case. It is assumed that this category of persons can advantageously represent the country at world events or benefit within the UAE.

  • Students and schoolchildren. High rate of academic progress is important for them.

How To Move To Dubai When Buying A Property

The emirate’s residential and commercial stock market is at its peak, as evidenced by the sales results of 2021 and the figures for two quarters of 2022. In 2021 alone, real estate worth over $41 billion was sold in the megalopolis. At the same time, the variety of offers makes it possible to choose a housing option for any budget.

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Areas Selected By Overseas Buyers Of Dubai Real Estate To Buy Apartments

Budget is an important selection criterion. In 2021, the areas with the most affordable housing prices were:

  • Jumeirah Village Circle;
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers;
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis;
  • Arjan.

In these communities, you can find an apartment for $120,000 to $200,000 and above. Buyers prefer premium flats in the following districts:

  • Dubai Marina;
  • Palm Jumeirah;
  • Downtown Dubai;
  • Business Bay;
  • Dubai Creek Harbour.

The latter community is actively developing and offers residents spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa Tower. The prices here are much higher: the average pricing policy for 1-bedroom flats is $350,000. Luxury apartments cost a fortune.

The Best Areas To Purchase Houses And Villas

The pandemic has demonstrated the value of comfortable living, and buyers have begun to strive for more spacious properties. In 2021 and 2022, townhouses and villas began to be in great demand.

The demand has grown so much that market offers have ceased to satisfy it. This prompted developers to start active construction in these housing types.

It is expected that about 10,000 townhouses and villas will be commissioned by 2025. In the meantime, buyers will have to be content with the available offers. The most sought-after areas for buying houses remain Arabian Ranches, Dubailand, and DAMAC Hills.

The average cost of off-plan housing is $250,000-$450,000, depending on the district. Ready-to-move-in properties will cost much more. In the legendary area of Palm Jumeirah, the price of villas can reach several tens of millions of dollars.

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How To Buy A Property With A Loan Or Installment Plan?

It is possible to pay for housing in cash only in some cases. Overseas citizens can use mortgage loans in Dubai. Lending conditions of state-owned banks vary, but on average, they can be described as follows:

  • The maximum loan amount for foreigners cannot exceed 80% of the real estate value. In most cases, the upper limit is from 60 to 70%, especially if the buyer has a first home in the UAE.

  • The average loan rate is around 3.5%.

  • The initial payment is not the only expense when buying a property. Moreover, the owner must pay a fee of the Dubai Land Department for registration of the transaction in the amount of 4% of the cadastral value of the property and pay some additional administrative fees. The rates depend on the type of housing.

Mortgages are also registered, and fees are charged for this. Life and health insurance of the lender is mandatory. He is obliged to renew the insurance annually until the end of mortgage payments. The most profitable is real estate in installments from the developer.

The initial payment varies from 5 to 40%, the remaining part is divided in proportion to the construction period. Some developers provide the opportunity to pay in installments after the completion of a residential complex, while the buyer has no additional costs, as the installment is interest-free.

Buying A Property In Dubai

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