Privacy concerns are often the main issue users face with social media platforms and OnlyFans is not an exception.

As the platform predominantly shares NSFW content, it is natural for users to require proper security and privacy. 

One of the questions that users of the platform wonder is, ‘Can OnlyFans see your email or credit card details?

OnlyFans is a subscription platform that has over 2 million content creators and more than 130 million active users. 

Although it was launched in 2016, it became popular in 2020 and since then has been growing steadily.

For users worried about the safety of their information on the platform, this post will provide the necessary details.

Can OnlyFans See Your Email Or Credit Card Details?

No, you can rest assured that your info like your email address or credit card details is safe.

This is true whether you are a follower or a creator on the platform.

When you register as a user on the platform, one of the requirements is to provide your email address.

Since email addresses mostly contain your name with or without other additions, it is natural to be anxious about revealing it. 

However, you need not be concerned as your email address is not visible to other users of the platform.

Except for the website developers and yourself, the email address is not accessible to others. It is present as part of your profile setup so others cannot access it.

Even if you are a creator, your followers will not be able to view the email address.

So, you can be assured of complete anonymity and not worry about unwelcome offers from other creators or followers.

Information Visible To OnlyFans Users

How Much Does OnlyFans Take from Creators

Now that the question of ‘can OnlyFans see your email or credit card details’ has been answered, you may wonder what information is visible to users. 

How much of your information on the platform is visible to other members?

Let us see the personal information you provide and whether it is safe from prying eyes or not.


The username on your profile and the display name is visible to the content creators.

Very few members use their actual name on the platform given the type of content it is known for. 

When you set up your profile, a random username is assigned to you.

It is made of numbers and letters at random. If you want to remain anonymous, you can avoid providing your real name.

Otherwise too, usernames need to be unique, which prevents people from using their original name.

So, if you have a fake username, it is difficult for other users to know your identity or real name.

Profile Details

Your profile cannot be made private as is possible with other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You can use the privacy settings for disabling the subscription offers or the activity status. 

But you need not worry about your profile not being private. This is because a user cannot find your profile by using the search bar.

It does not allow specific people search. 

A user can access your profile only when you share your URL link with them. This applies to OnlyFans creators also.

Unless you subscribe to their content, they cannot view your profile.

Account Information

If you subscribe to a creator, the creator can view your profile details. Your cover photo, profile picture, display name, and bio are visible.

Your location, Amazon wish list, and website URL can also be seen by the creator. 

They can also view the amount of money you have paid for subscribing to their content.

This feature is available to enable the creators to track their subscribers and focus more on them.

Safeguarding Your Information

Even if the answer to your question, can OnlyFans see your email or credit card details is no, you should know how to keep your information safe. 

While registering for the platform, the display name and your username are the two mandatory fields.

Other details like your bio, location, etc. are optional. 

If you want to hide as much of the visible information as possible, you can do it using the steps given below:

1. Tap on the My Profile feature found in the left side panel. 

2.  Choose the Edit option present under the cover picture.

3.  Enter the information that you want to be present under your profile.

4. Save the information by tapping on the save button present in the upper part of the screen.

Credit Card Details

For becoming a member of the platform, you have to pay the subscription fee. The fee starts from $4.99 per month.

Besides, there are paid tips and private messages that creators can set up to earn. 

For making the payments you have to provide your credit card details whenever you make it via an independent merchant.

The information you share is stored separately by payment providers. 

Strong security measures are used to safeguard the information by the providers.

As per the privacy terms of the social platform, it will not be able to access the information.  

Since only the payment services can access the information, the creators or OnlyFans cannot view your card details like the security code, expiry date, and card number.

However, if you want to keep your subscription fees from reflecting in your credit card statement it is possible.

By opting for the platform’s free version, you can remain anonymous. 

Although the method requires you to provide your card details for verification there will be no payment.

Thus, no evidence of your subscription will be visible.

Anonymity Of OnlyFans


The privacy terms of OnlyFans ensure that content creators have the utmost privacy.

You cannot access their profile unless you have a direct link to the profile. 

The absence of a search feature prevents users from searching and viewing a profile they are interested in. 

OnlyFans creators use other social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. for promoting their profile on OnlyFans

The platform is mainly used to generate money from posting exclusive content so creators make use of other social media profiles for their marketing. 


Does OnlyFans Provide Anonymity For Its Subscribers?

Yes, the subscription service can be used by subscribers without revealing their identity. Creators on the platform cannot view subscription information. 

The IDs of their fans are visible to the creators but not any other details. But if the subscribers prefer to be visible, their names will be on display.

How To Join OnlyFans?

You can subscribe to the service via its official website. You need to create a new profile via the website. 

It is also possible to become a subscriber by using your Twitter or Google account. After you have completed the registration, you can log in to the homepage of the platform.

After joining the service, you can make changes to your profile like editing the username or other information like the subscription price. 

Is My Data On OnlyFans Secure?

As per the terms and privacy regulations of OnlyFans, your personal information is well-protected.

The service will not share or disclose your information so you can be assured of complete safety.

How Can I Keep My Payment Information Safe On OnlyFans?

While the rumors of data breach reports regarding OnlyFans in the past are worrying, the service claims that the users’ accounts are secure. 

Further, you can be assured of the safety of the payment method used by the service.

It uses a third party for its payment processing. So, your details are not stored on the platform.

What Is The Withdrawal Process At OnlyFans?

For United States-based content creators, a bank transfer is the only withdrawal method allowed. The least minimum amount you can withdraw is $20.

For other countries, OCT (Direct transfer payments) is the preferred withdrawal method.

Final Thoughts

As a user of OnlyFans, if you are concerned about the privacy and security of your personal information, the above details will help.

First-time users may have some doubts regarding the platform’s safety. 

If you have lingering doubts regarding the subscription service, you can read through the privacy terms and be assured of the measures used by the company.

 Ensuring that the content is fully safeguarded before you start posting on the platform is a great way to safeguard your privacy. 

Now that you know the answer to the question, Can OnlyFans read my email and credit card details, you can be assured that your personal information is fully secure.