Who thinks about the Summer Olympic Games that happen every four years until they see or hear the first inkling of its existence, usually via your smartphone, television, or social networks? Before the initial promos, you gave no thought to Olympic archery, badminton, beach volleyball, boxing, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, or any other sports featured in the roster.

The power of PR brings the Olympic ideal to life before the games begin. What makes the Olympics so interesting? What can you learn from their PR and use it to benefit your brand?

Six PR strategies that will promote your brand:

  1. Early preparation sets the stage. The sooner you can get chatter about your brand, the bigger and better your launch will be. Even if some of the feedback you get is negative, you’re still golden. That early buzz gets people talking and allows you to make ready for your launch. Early prep work sparks interest with major voices, reaches out to media outlets, and gets your brand noticed sooner.
  2. Go big right off the bat. You may not have Michael Phelps to carry your flag and represent your brand, but you can still create a memorable product launch. Create engaging content using your experiences and influential voices to garner interest. It’s vital to talk about your brand as much as your product.
  3. The power of the personal touch. Success stories provide content that engages your audience. Consider the inspiring stories told by gold medalists at the Olympics like the American gymnast Simone Biles and Syrian swimmer Rami Anis. Build an emotional connection between your brand and your audience. That connection results in loyal subscribers and repeat business.
  4. Spread out your PR campaign. Watch the Olympics on any given week and observe how they plan their weekly events. The most exciting events are not aired all in one week. They spread them out to maintain interest and keep people watching. Do that with your PR campaign. Spread out the exciting factors to maintain momentum throughout the campaign.
  5. Capitalize on trends to expand your reach. Create PR campaigns by keeping up with trending topics while continually telling the story of your brand. Have you noticed that when they cover celebrated athletes at the Olympics, they also discuss their apparel then segue to a discussion about fashion trends. Did you see how cupping became popular after they discussed how it was being used by Michael Phelps? Take note of that and use that in your campaigns.

olympicsIf you want your brand to benefit from the PR campaigns you create, following these guidelines will place you on the gold medal platform. The goal is to maintain an ongoing buzz by what is going on now and what’s to come.

The excitement of the Olympics is magical only because of how PR strategists create campaigns. Even though the next Summer Olympics are four years away, people talk about them during this year’s games. When the next round of games comes, people will be buzzing because of the promotions from this year. Now you have the formula to create your own magic that will do the same for your brand.