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Buzzdayz Reviews 2023

There’s nothing quite like sitting back and watching your Instagram engagement grow.

It’s a satisfying process knowing that your hard work is paying off and people are looking at what your company is all about. However, this process is far from easy and often takes a long time to be effective.

That’s why a lot of people choose to outsource their engagement to reputable companies who can take the reigns and help their brand name be exposed to more people. Let’s take a look at one of these companies.

What is Buzzdayz?

Buzzdayz is, according to their website, the world’s leading supplier of followers and likes.

This means that they boost your Instagram page with engagement, making it look a little bit more interesting to potential clients. However, there’s a good chance that the engagement Buzzdayz sell is fake, which means your account will be red flagged by Instagram. This isn’t good – it means that they will want to investigate the reasons behind you using fake engagement and may even suspend or ban your account.

The long and short of it is that you should avoid using fake engagement, which means that you need to know which companies do this. Let’s give it a review.

A Review of Buzzdayz

First, we’ll look at the positives:

  • Visible Pricing: having your price points on display to clearly show what you are offering and how much you are charging is vital with a business like this. It means that the potential customer is more likely to trust you from the beginning. Plus, as the customer, you’re more likely to not bump into hidden costs further down the road.
  • FAQ and Help Page: Buzzdayz has combined their FAQ page with their contact page. It mainly comprises of the email template that you fill out to connect with them, while the FAQ’s sit to the side a little bit. While we don’t love the layout, we can’t knock the fact that they do have faqs on display.

Now, let’s talk about the negatives:

  • Secure Site: unfortunately, the first strike against Buzzdayz is their lack of secure https site. This is one of the first and most important levels of security for any website to have because it means that if the client shares personal information about themselves, it will be protected. Not having this means you shouldn’t share anything on their website.
  • 24/7 Customer Help: while they have included an FAQ page that can answer any initial questions you may have, unfortunately, they haven’t bothered to invest in a customer support team who can help you outside of regular business hours. This is quite an expense, but it does show that you care about your clients.
  • Email and Phone Form: a lot of these companies are only focused on one thing – getting your money. This means that they don’t have a high level of accountability, because they want to be able to make the transaction as quick as possible.
  • Real Reviews: it comes as no surprise to us at this point that Buzzdayz doesn’t feature any genuine reviews on their website. Either they’re too new to the game to have gained any real reviews yet, or there aren’t any good ones to put up.
  • Authenticated Gateway: with any company that is requiring that you input your credit card information, their systems need to be secure enough that your info will be protected from hackers. If a website doesn’t have this level of security, you shouldn’t share this type of information with them.

Is Buzzdayz a Scam? Is Buzzdayz Safe?

In summary, we don’t believe that Buzzdayz is safe to use.

While they have certainly made an effort with their FAQ page and price points, unfortunately, this is where the effort stops. There are a lot of ways they could improve how they do business on their website, which means that you’re not going to get excellent service or security from them.

At the end of the day with a company like this who is most likely selling you fake followers, it’s best to avoid them.

Buzzdayz Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Buzzdayz.

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