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BuyLikesFast Reviews 2023

It’s 2018, which means by now you most likely have heard that Instagram, among other social media platforms, is a great place to advertise your business.

Enough people have figured this out that there is now a plethora of third-party companies who sell engagement services in a bid to help you boost your Instagram business success. While many of these companies have great qualities, we don’t recommend using all of them.

Let’s take a look at one of these companies in particular and give them a review.

What is is, as the name suggests, a company that sells you likes for your Instagram posts.

They claim that buying their likes for Instagram is going to help boost your engagement traffic. They also believe that your business page and brand is going to increase with popularity when you start to receive your order of likes from BuyLikesFast.

We don’t have to dig too deep to be suspicious of this company – they appear to be selling fake likes. Let’s give them a proper review and find out.

A Review of BuyLikesFast

We’re going to begin with the positives, first:

  • Visible Pricing: Buy Likes Fast is so keen for you to see their pricing, in fact, that it’s the first thing you see when you visit their website. They’ve got their different price points on display on their homepage, and you don’t even have to scroll down to view them – they’re right there on the screen when you click through to Buy Likes Fast. Their likes are sold in batches, depending on how many you are wanting.

Now, let’s run through the negatives:

  • Secure Site: one of the first things we see when reviewing a company like Buy Likes Fast is whether they’ve bothered to https secure their site. This is a necessary level of security that means your information is secure on their website, should you choose to share it. We knew as soon as we looked them up that they didn’t have a secure https site.
  • FAQ and Help Page: while Buy Likes Fast claim to have great customer service, we couldn’t find their FAQ and help page anywhere. While this isn’t the worst thing, it’s also not the greatest – it means you have to look elsewhere on the internet to find out more about them. This doesn’t give them a lot of initial credibilities.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Buy Likes Fast go further with their bold claim and say that they have a team who can assist you 24/7. This is simply not true – they have an email address you can message, but don’t hold your breath as they may take their time returning it.
  • Email and Phone Form: Buy Likes Fast continue to let us down in the accountability department. Typically, if you’re running a business like this, it’s recommended that you get your customers to fill out an email and phone form – this ensures that you are going to maintain a good level of contact and communication with them.
  • Real Reviews: Buy Likes Fast have attempted to pass off reviews on their website as genuine – but we’re not fooled. They are in the form of a quote that’s accompanied by someone’s name – but the name is either just a first name or a generic name that’s not associated with a real account.
  • Verified Payment Gateway: this is the biggest red flag of all. You shouldn’t share credit card information on a website where they haven’t secured their payment methods from hackers. What’s more, Buy Likes Fast don’t even have a payment gateway – they say that all transactions take place through PayPal.
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Is BuyLikesFast a Scam? Is BuyLikesFast Safe?

They look like a clone of We don’t believe that BuyLikesFast is safe to use.

Beyond the fact that they haven’t bothered to set up their website to a professional level, there’s also a high chance that the engagement you buy from them is going to be fake. This means that it won’t help your account in any way.

In fact, it could even ruin your accounts reputation and tarnish your brand’s name. We highly recommend passing on BuyLikesFast.

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