Here to buy TikTok likes?

The competition on TikTok isn’t the same as it was a few years ago.

As more and more people join the platform, the competition between content creators is also increasing.

Today, you can just expect to get famous on TikTok by posting a few good videos. You need consistency and a brilliant marketing strategy to help you reach out to the ideal audience.

Targeted growth is critical, and you must engage with your audience regularly. Even after doing everything, you can never become sure enough about your growth.

This’s where TikTok growth companies come in. They take command of your growth by finding and delivering the most relevant audience for your account.

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes in 2024

Today, we’re going to discuss the top services where you can buy TikTok likes.

1. Useviral

UseViral Buy Tiktok Likes

What is Useviral?

Useviral is a social media growth company that excels in providing top engagement for platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Sound Cloud, etc. You can buy cheap TikTok likes as well.

What makes Useviral special is the multitude of plans they offer under each platform.

How Can You Get Started?

It’s pretty straightforward to get started with Useviral. You can visit their official website to explore and select the TikTok plans.

Then, complete the payment to activate your engagement.

What Are the Key Features?

Let’s dive into discuss the key features that Useviral offers to its customers.

Organic Growth

Useviral has an extensive network of active accounts, influencers, and web partners. These users provide the engagement you purchase from Useviral. This means you don’t have to worry about your likes being fake or about raising red flags with TikTok.

Another remarkable feature of these users is that they do a wonderful job in promoting your content across multiple platforms, including YouTube and Reddit.

This’s great because this helps you attract a similar audience on other platforms to like and follow your profile.

Hence, grow organically.

12-hour Delivery

Useviral keeps its promise of delivering the engagement in time.

They have a strict policy in place to make sure your likes get delivered within 12 hours of purchase. This’s great if you need an instant boost.

Inexpensive Service

Useviral is super inexpensive. They are one of the cheapest services in the market. This’s really shocking given the quality of the engagement they provide.

They understand that price plays a critical role in choosing a growth service, and not everyone has big money to afford top-class services.

Hence, their plans spread across multiple price points to help customers make straightforward decisions.


You’ll find more plans under TikTok section on their website.

100 likes: $2.5

  • Real followers
  • Fast delivery
  • Refill guarantee

10,000 likes: $129.00

  • Real followers
  • Fast delivery
  • Refill guarantee

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Tiktok Likes

What is SidesMedia?

SidesMedia is a social media growth company that provides engagement packages for various social media platforms, including TikTok.

They are one of the most transparent services in the market that openly talk about the actions they execute and the process they go through to find the best followers for you.

How Can You Get Started?

You can get started with SidesMedia by visiting their official website and selecting plans that align with your goals. They have a plethora of plans listed under TikTok growth that varies in prices.

Hence, take your time to find the best one for you and complete the payment. Now, you can sit back and relax while SidesMedia takes care of your growth.

What Are the Key Features?

Now, let’s discuss why SidesMedia is a wonderful service for TikTok growth.

High-Quality Engagement

SidesMedia provides high-quality engagement to its clients. You don’t have to take their word for it because they are one of the most trusted services in the market operating for many years.

Hence, they know all the elements that go into finding and delivering high-quality engagement.

They don’t use bots or rely on fake accounts for their service to work, rather they have a network of users that get paid a share for following you.

This means every like you get from them is genuine. You can also make the most of this opportunity to convert the users into your loyal fans.

This way you can drive your growth by many folds and ensure you’re consistently receiving meaningful interactions on your posts.

10x Growth

Real growth takes time and comes in increments. You can’t become a sensation by doing nothing or expect a service to increase your engagement rate by 1000 times overnight.

There’s a process you need to go through before you see the results. This process involves you creating consistent content and marketing it like crazy.

Sure, online growth services help, but you also need to be at your top game. This becomes a problem when a growth service focuses more on the numbers than the quality.

Imagine doing all you can and realising your growth service uses bots to deliver the engagement. This would suck and leave you helpless.

But with SidesMedia you don’t have to worry about this problem because they have a spectacular proprietary engine that uses your provided data and finds the best suited audience from their network.

Their clients also claim to see a 10x growth in engagement rate.

100% Safe

SidesMedia nails this segment by a mile. They are transparent in their approach. On their website you can read about their working, functions, policies and more. This shows they’re happy to tell you everything you need to know before investing in them.

SidesMedia’s website is super secure with SSL encryption and the payment gateways are also safe.

They never ask you to provide a password or any sensitive information. All they need is the username/URL of your account.


Here are two of many “buy TikTok likes” plans you’ll find on their website.

100 likes: $2

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Active and high quality
  • Delivered in 1-2 days

10,000 likes: $129

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Active and high quality
  • Delivered in 1-2 days

3. TokUpgrade


What is TokUpgrade?

TokUpgrade is a TikTok growth service using which you can buy real TikTok likes and followers.

They provide a fully managed service and bring engagement that is relevant to your content.

How Can You Get Started?

TokUpgrade makes your TikTok growth journey simple through its organic engagement. You can get started by purchasing a subscription model from their website.

They’ll ask you to submit a list of your competitors, target usernames, and influencers in your niche.

What Are the Key Features?

Let’s discuss the key features of TokUpgrade.

Real TikTok Likes

The fastest way to grow your TikTok account is by getting likes from active users. Isn’t this something we already know?

Yes, but it’s never enough to outline the importance of quality over quantity. There are mainly two types of services in the market.

The first type includes services that make unreal promises to bombard your engagement off the charts in a small timeframe.

These services are mostly fraudsters that take advantage of innocent customers and loot them. They never stay true to their promises and deliver fake TikTok likes that come from inactive TikTok accounts.

Hence, even if they increase the number of likes on your uploads, the likes are mostly fake. The second type of service care about their customers and hence take time to deliver the engagement.

They only deal with active TikTok users and hence make sure your posts gets the valuable engagement it deserves.

The number of likes mightn’t exceed your exceptions, but they are genuine. Thankfully, TokUpgrade falls into the second category. They take your submitted list of accounts and engage with them to attract them to your profile.

Advanced Targeting Features

One of the frequently asked questions is: How can I identify my audience?

Well, this depends entirely on what content/product you create. But it’s easier said than done. The first step is always tough. This’s where advanced targeting features shine. They make your job super simple.

What are advanced targeting features? These are a set of advanced features specifically designed to help you narrow down your ideal audience.

You can use these features to make use you aren’t wasting time chasing the wrong crowd. TokUpgrade knows this and offers you a set of advanced targeting features.

You get the ability to create whitelists, blacklists, hashtag targeting campaigns, location targeting searches, and a dedicated account manager that takes care of everything for you.

Safe Service

TokUpgrade is a bot-free service that prides itself in proving only genuine TikTok likes to its clients. Hence, with them, you won’t raise red flags with TikTok.

Another critical pointer of this excellent service is the security it provides to its customers. Would you share your information on an insecure website?

Of course not.

TokUpgrade takes care of this. Their website has SSL and secure payment gateways to provide you with a safe environment to do business.


Regular plan: $15 USD/ week

  • Moderate growth speed.
  • Fully managed growth service.
  • Real targeted followers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Advanced targeting
  • Cancel anytime

Pro plan: $25 USD/ week

  • Maximum growth speed
  • Managed service with priority
  • Real Targeted followers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Advanced targeting
  • Cancel anytime

4. Toksocial


What is Toksocial?

Toksocial is a TikTok growth company that provides genuine growth through its advanced technology and complex algorithms.

They are one of the best services in the market, with a large customer base. This’s because they stay away from bots and use only organic techniques to deliver the engagement.

How Can You Get Started?

You can get started with Toksocial by purchasing one of their subscriptions from their official website. After you complete the payment, an account manager will contact and ask you to submit a list of accounts that are like your ideal audience.

Here, you can list your current followers. Once you submit the list, the manager will take care of the rest.

What Are the Key Features?

Now, let’s discuss the key features of Toksocial.

Targeted Growth

You can’t just expect anyone to follow you because no one will unless you target them to come to your profile. And you must execute a targeted growth strategy when you’re sure of the users you want to target.

This’s critical because random users never care about your content. You might attract them to follow you or like some of your posts, but they won’t stick around to engage consistently.

But users who share a similar interest as you or like your niche, create meaningful interactions regularly. Hence, identifying and targeting the correct audience is crucial to your growth.

This’s where Toksocial makes its mark. They never engage with random accounts, rather they take your submitted list of accounts seriously. This way they make sure you’re targeting the most relevant audience for your profile.

Dedicated Account Manager

Even after investing in a TikTok growth service to boost the number of TikTok likes you receive on your uploads, you can’t solely focus on creating content because there are other aspects that you need to take care of.

For instance, when you use an online growth service, you need to learn to use it properly, get acquainted with its settings, user interface, and more.

Yes! This’s a whole new set of tasks you need to complete. But what if you can get rid of these tasks? What if you can just invest in a service and relax while your engagement grows?

What if someone else takes care of operating the service for you? Well, this’s where Toksocial comes in. They offer you a dedicated account manager that takes care of everything.

The manager processes your data, sets up the correct settings, and creates campaigns to target your audience.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about anything other than creating the best content.

Excellent Customer Service

What is excellent customer service?

A service or team that’s always eager to listen to your problems and find quick but effective solutions is excellent customer service. This’s something that you need to know about a company before investing in it.

Say you come across some issues like platform glitches, stuck payments or late deliveries. Naturally, you’ll turn to the customer team for help. But what if the team ignores your mails or takes an awful amount of time to reply?

In such situations, you become helpless. The only thing you can do is to wait for them to solve your issue. Fortunately, Toksocial has an excellent customer service.

You can contact them anytime and expect a helpful response.


Regular plan: $15 per week

  • Moderate growth
  • Smart targeting
  • Real targeted results.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24-7 support

Pro plan: $25 per week

  • Maximum growth
  • Smart targeting
  • Real targeted results.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24-7 support

5. Tokcaptain


What is Tokcaptain?

Tokcaptain is an online growth service for TikTok. They are the number one source to buy automatic TikTok likes and other engagement such as followers and views.

They help you boost your reach and engagement rate by attracting quality followers to your profile.

How Can You Get Started?

Getting started with Tokcaption is simple. They work on a sell-buy basis. Hence, you can visit their official website and scroll through unique plans spread across different price points.

Select the plans that suit your needs and complete the payment to activate the package.

What Are the Key Features?

So, what are the key features of Tokcaption?

Genuine Likes

Quality matters more than the number when you buy TikTok likes. You can have all the likes in the world, but if they aren’t from active users or accounts who care about your work, then you won’t grow even a little.

Buying 100 genuine TikTok likes outweighs buying 1000s of fake likes. This’s because fake likes come from bots and inactive accounts that never engage with your content.

They just sit on your profile without providing value. Often, these fake accounts spam your comments section and create a poor impression of your work.

Hence, if you’re serious about growing your TikTok, stay away from services that deal with fake likes. Tokcaption is one of the good ones that believes in targeted growth.

This means they connect you with the most relevant users from your niche. These users have active TikTok accounts, care about your content and deliver constant engagement on your posts.

Timely Results

I don’t like to wait when my food delivery is running late. I’m sure you also hate it. Well, we can always wait for a little if things get messy. This doesn’t hamper us seriously.

But this isn’t the case with online growth.

You need the engagement to arrive on time, else lose the opportunity to attract potential followers to your competitors, who are always on the move to gain an edge over you.

Imagine, waiting for hours beyond the scheduled time for your likes to reflect on your posts. This’s would suck and hamper you massively. Hence, it’s critical to invest in services that stay true to their word of providing timely results.

Tokcaptain does exactly that. They understand the value of your time and never waste it with late deliveries. You can expect immediate results with them.

Money-Back Guarantee

Tokcaptain offers you the option of exercising a money-back guarantee.

This means if you feel cheated or didn’t notice the growth they promised, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.


You can find many “likes” plans on their website.

100 likes: $2.99

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Active and high quality
  • Delivered in 1-2 days

5000: $49.99

  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Active and high quality
  • Delivered in 1-2 days


There you have it. Now you have the best place to buy TikTok likes cheap.

Each of these services cares about you and provides a prominent set of features to help you grow organically by attracting the ideal audience.