As of 2019, about 175 million new individuals use SoundCloud every month, with the total number of monthly users being around 76 million.

There is no dearth of variety on this platform, and you can listen to more than 200 million different soundtracks.

That being said, with such a large user base, the competition on this platform is also quite high.

Many artists are making efforts to reach out to the masses with their music, which can seem like an uphill climb, especially if you are new to SoundCloud.

So it’s hardly surprising that several artists are resorting to buying SoundCloud plays, likes, and followers on this platform.

If you are trying to gain a solid reputation for yourself, you need to have a large number of plays on your account.

When your music has a high number of plays, individuals are more likely to check it out, sometimes out of pure curiosity, to find out what it is that caused so many people to listen to your music.

Conversely, when a user comes across your content and it has a small number of plays, they won’t feel the same motivation to indulge in it.

Today, there are many websites where you can buy SoundCloud plays cheap.

These are helpful for those who are struggling to make their music reach out to a wider audience.

You can use authentic websites to buy them and generate a substantial amount of money in the process.

In this regard, you should remember that while these services offer you the means to gain the trust and credibility of SoundCloud users, it is the quality of your content that truly matters.

Before choosing a website, however, you should carry out some research to see what they have to offer.

Here, we have compiled a list containing some of the best websites for increasing your plays, likes, and followers on SoundCloud.

After checking them out, you should be able to find one that suits your purposes.

Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays Cheap in 2024

1. Media Mister

Media Mister Buy SoundCloud Plays

Media Mister is a website that is the very definition of reliability when it comes to social media growth services since they have been around longer than most of the others.

So you can depend on them to provide you with trustworthy services.

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Apart from SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes, they offer other stellar packages for a large number of social media outlets.

This website offers a wide variety of categories along with affordable prices and excellent customer service.

With them, you can get an exclusive guarantee and high-grade enhancement for a long time.

Because they support so many apps and have so much experience with social media, their prices are a tad bit higher than the rest.

Of course, you get high-quality downloads and plays and they give you the guarantee that the views you purchase will not diminish over time.

It is the company policy of Media Mister to prioritize quality over quantity and with them, you can get a thousand SoundCloud plays within one or two days for $5.

The customer service team is always at a hand’s breadth away from you to provide valuable advice and answer your queries.

On their website, you can find reviews from legitimate clients who have benefited from their services.

With Media Mister, you have the option of choosing between short-term and long-term packs, with the latter being the better option, clearly.

Moreover, you can complete your payment in a number of different ways.

They know everything about SoundCloud’s rules and regulations and so they don’t permit bots to make downloads and plays.

You can rest easy knowing all the traffic is coming from organic sources.

2. Followersup

Followersup - Soundcloud

Many SoundCloud users prefer this website purely because of the high degree of customizability it offers.

Dedicated to fulfilling their customers’ needs, Followersup curates their services according to their wishes.

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This is the reason why multiple packages are unavailable on this website because you can choose exactly what you require and when.

There are four different scales on Followersup when it comes to social media marketing for SoundCloud.

These are reposts, likes, plays, and followers.

Therefore, this allows you to target that specific area where your SoundCloud profile lacks numbers.

The boosting program is well-aware of the algorithm equations and makes every effort to present it as natural. It leaves no chance for the algorithm to red flag your profile.

Not everyone has the same kind of goals, and it could be that you only wish to give your profile a little bit of boost.

With Followersup, this is possible as you can pay a small amount to get some engagement.

In case your budget is not too big, this is an excellent way to get some likes, followers, and plays on SoundCloud.

You can tell that the company cares about your long-term growth on SoundCloud because their services come with a lifetime warranty.

They are fast on delivering their promises and always provide stable follows and likes, with a marketing manager standing by to make sure you are facing no issues whatsoever.

3. UseViral

UseViral Buy SoundCloud Plays

 It is no surprise that UseViral is the first one on the list since it is the website most people use when they wish to buy SoundCloud plays.

Because of their solid reputation, you can trust them to provide you with good quality plays.

They have years of experience providing social media growth services for their customers, so they know how social media platforms like SoundCloud work.

It is quite easy to buy a plan from UseViral.

There are no chances of SoundCloud flagging your account or banning you, since the followers, likes, and plays are all delivered bit by bit over the next few days.

UseViral is known for being considerate and careful about their clients’ reputation and security and when you use their services, you’ll get a much more contentious profile that will allow you to achieve your long-term objectives.

This website also has a highly efficient support team and they can solve any problems you might face along the way.

Moreover, they answer any queries you might have regarding your order and have a long list of satisfied clients who have benefited from their services.

You will be given a time frame according to which UseViral will deliver your plays.

Reliable pricing is another reason why many SoundCloud users favor UseViral.

It is indeed a great deal when you can a thousand plays at a low price of $3, fifty thousand for $59, and so on.

Followers also come cheap, with a $2.50 fee for 100 followers, and $99 for 15,000 followers.

The technical team of this website has acquired a complete mastery of the SoundCloud algorithm and this makes them highly qualified in providing you with reliable interactions and followers so you can grow your presence on SoundCloud in an organic fashion.

Thus, you can achieve long-term growth using a single service bundle with a limited size.

4. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy SoundCloud Plays

SidesMedia’s user outreach alone leads people to use their services.

The number of social media sites covered by them exceeds 20, which is quite impressive, and you can tell that it takes a high degree of proficiency in order to successfully deliver high value to such a large customer base.

Even when it comes to the features, SideMedia’s services are impeccable, are if you are a SoundCloud user, you can buy likes, followers, downloads, plays, reposts, and even comments from them.

Their services are customizable so you have a greater amount of freedom while availing of them.

Many clients have given them rave reviews since SidesMedia makes customer satisfaction their top priority.

In recent times, this website has been gaining much momentum and leaving its competitors far behind, so you should have no doubts in your mind regarding their expertise in providing social media marketing services.

SidesMedia offers you genuine and quality engagements so that you can get the results that you desire.

With this website, you will have someone at your side who wants you to succeed in SoundCloud.

While buying their services, you don’t need to worry about security, since the delivery period is quite organic and you receive your purchase within two days.

So there is no shred of doubt that buying SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes using SidesMedia will benefit you in the long term.

As the first website on the list, SidesMedia’s pricing plans are also quite affordable with 1000 plays costing you only $3.

Many growth services are riddled with ambiguities but this is not the case with SidesMedia that always maintains transparency and even assigns a point of contact for each and every client.

Furthermore, they do not collect your login details and you will just need your SoundCloud URL in order to purchase the services, which earns them extra points in the security department.

5. StreamDigic

StreamDigic Soundcloud

StreamDigic is a website offering fans, friends, users, likes, followers, and such for various social media platforms.

Many brands and corporations trust them with their social media market so StreamDigic certainly is a good option for boosting your SoundCloud profile.

They guarantee that the services are safe and of high quality and make extra efforts to get them delivered in a timely manner.

The high quality of the services does not mean they charge high rates, however.

On the contrary, they are quite affordable, and this is why many people who are new to SoundCloud prefer to work with them.

StreamDigic acts as a multipurpose tool for social media marketing and you can everything you need right here.

They have been in the business for a while and use different kinds of tools for improving your SoundCloud statistics.

Whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to access the services of StreamDigic, you can simply visit their website to avail them, and the whole process is quite seamless.

The company has a dedicated customer service team and you can always get in touch with them in case you don’t receive your order your face any issues while placing it.

Furthermore, there are some valuable resources on SoundCloud that you can find on StreamDigic’s website and they can help you in growing your profile.

This website is known for providing organics followers and plays for your SoundCloud account and using their services, you can take the number of plays to 200,000, which is much more than what the other websites offer.

6. RedSocial

RedSocial Soundcloud

If you are a musician, SoundCloud is an excellent platform to extend your audience and advance your career.

Thus, the most vital thing to have on such a platform is music with a large number of plays, supported by likes and followers on your profile.

RedSocial is a website that excels at providing these, thus allowing you to build your credibility and enhancing your exposure.

The plays packages on RedSocial are quite reasonably priced and let them purchase anything from between 1000 to 100,000 plays.

Moreover, these are permanent plays so you can sure that they won’t go away after a few days.

These plays get delivered over a number of days, and no red flags are raised for your profile.

This website provides separate packages for downloads, followers, reposts, comments, and plays.

Thus, you have the option to choose what type of engagement you need and purchase it.

Of course, you can buy multiple engagements for the overall boosting of your account.

RedSocial provides you excellent services, listeners from all over the world, lightning-fast deliveries, and permanent plays.

Moreover, you can always access their professional support team for anything you need help with.

7. TweetAngels

Tweetangels SoundCloud

TweetAngels started their journey in 2010 and have since made quite a name in the Social Media Marketing industry.

Since they provide a number of different services at various price ranges, so you always get exactly what you need.

That being said, they take some time to process their orders and if your order is of significant size, it might take more than 2 days.

TweetAngels’ services are 100% safe and they take great care in maintaining customer confidentiality.

This means your personal details will never be used for advertisement purposes.

If you are worried about your budget, there is no need to worry, since TweetAngels’ pricing plans are quite lucrative and you will get the quality service you are paying for.

Many beginners have small budgets and premium services are not an option for them, so TweetAngels serves as a viable alternative.

The company’s service team values your time and they do everything in the power to deliver their reliable services swiftly and efficiently.

With them, you don’t have to face the hassle of additional installations and setups and can grow your SoundCloud within a short span of time.

TweetAngels provides you with plays and followers from real user accounts and what’s more, you get a free like for every play you purchase.

Even if you wish to re-sell the plays and followers in the future, you can easily do that as such activities are supported by the website itself. You can even access affiliate offers if you so wish.

With TweetAngels, you get guarantees for the services, along with custom-made software and frank negotiations.

You don’t even need to provide a password and each play you get in unique.

Furthermore, you can divide the purchased engagement between different tracks.

8. Viralyft

Viralyft SoundCloud

If you want your content to go viral, there are very few services that are better than Viralyft.

Customers have a high degree of confidence when it comes to Viralyft’s services and their growing client base is a testament to their professionalism.

Where this website only offers you likes and plays on SoundCloud, the quality of their service makes them stand out.

Not enough can be said about their speed of service and you always get the engagements delivered within a short period of time.

So don’t need to lose sleep over uncertain promises and late deliveries since VIralyft’s team is committed to providing customer satisfaction.

Additionally, their prices are quite reasonable, so they realize the objectives that SoundCloud users set as per their budgets when they do not have too many funds to spare.

However, this does not mean that Viralyft offers cheap services. You won’t see them cutting corners owing to their affordability.

This is a cost-efficient service provider that aims to create long-lasting relationships with its clients.

Furthermore, they have a money-back policy so in case the services are not up to the mark, you can get a full refund.

Viralyft has an extremely efficient customer service team and a team of promoters whose job is to make sure you get what you paid for so on all accounts it is an authentic and secure website to work with.

9. GetRealBoost

GetRealBoost Soundcloud

GetRealBoost offers you a lot in terms of variety, and with them, you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for in order to grow your SoundCloud profile.

They offer you all kinds of engagements related to SoundCloud, and you can easily enhance your reputation with their help.

The marketing tactics used by this website are extremely efficient, and they have existing partnerships with several music platforms so you always get organic publicity and real plays with GetRealBoost.

Their play packages can offer you anything in between 5000-50 million plays.

The ordering process is quite simple and they always maintain anonymity, so you should face no safety or privacy-related issues with GetRealBoost.

If your SoundCloud profile is underperforming, buying some engagement should assist you in boosting it, and for this purpose, GetRealBoost is one of the best websites.

This website also has a money-back policy, which leads customers to trust them even more with their social media engagement services.

So even if the results are unsatisfactory and you don’t get what was promised to you, you will get a full refund.

GetRealBoost firmly believes it letting you make some great tracks while they deal with the marketing department.

Their packages are quite cheap as well, so you can afford them even if your budget is small.

10. SubPals

SubPals Soundcloud

SubPals believes in interacting with their clients and with them you get SoundCloud services that will allow your profile to grow at a fast rate.

They are quite empathetic about your social media goals and their services are designed in such a way that other users will be attracted to your profile, follow it, and play your tracks on a regular basis.

When you purchase followers from SubPals, they start appearing in your profile within a few days and begin their engagement activities.

You are not obligated to engage with them, however.

In case you face any problems with the services or have some query, their customer service team is always ready to make things smooth for you.

Furthermore, they provide you with a yearly guarantee that your follower base will remain stable.

In case your engagement drops, the website will immediately arrange for replacements.

Another great thing about this website is that it provides you with a little bit more than what you paid for.

This is a great incentive for new users on SoundCloud who can use all the engagement they can get.

Final thoughts

With SoundCloud, it is easy to upload your tracks that other people can discover.

In case you wish to buy some engagement for your profile, you need to decide on a budget and then select a plan from one of the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays cheap.

Social media sites deal with vast demographics and sometimes buying SoundCloud plays, likes, and followers can make a real difference.

The world of social media is highly competitive and having good numbers gives you an edge over others.