Where to buy pallets?

We’re here to help you figure out how to get your merchandise from a supplier that is reliable and trustworthy.

Wholesale pallets come in different categories, and they are often a mixture of liquidation products and closet merchandise.

Let’s take a look at what we think are the best places to buy liquidation pallets near me.

Best Places to Buy Liquidation Pallets Near Me

Where can I buy pallets? Let’s take a look.

1. Quicklotz


If you are a small business, then typically, you will get pallets shipped nationwide from a warehouse.

Companies like Quicklotz specialize in selling liquidation merchandise to their clients in bulk, and these come in container loads, pallets, and truckloads.

They have a number of different categories that their products fall into, including kitchen and houseware, furniture, home decor, electronics, appliances, sporting goods, gadgets, toys, apparel, and auto.

They also have mixed lots for you to choose from as well.

Generally speaking, they focus on name brand products, as well as items that have been returned from various big box stores, including Lowe’s and Home Depot.

They make sure that the quality of their products is really good, and they carefully select each item to be in their various pallets.

When it comes to their auctions, they begin at very low prices, and we think that their shipping pricing is also affordable.

It’s a very small price to pay for high-quality merchandise, and if you are close enough to pick it up yourself, it’s free.

2. B Stock


B Stock is a great place to purchase your merchandise from if you have a B2B model of business.

They stock overstock, returned items, excess merchandise, and they help their clients gain a high financial position by supplying excess inventory.

Being able to purchase straight from the source means that you can offer your clients transparency, and this company offers many different categories to choose from, including automotive supplies, electronics, books, health and beauty, furniture, jewelry, and footwear, as well as mixed lots.

3. Mid Tenn

Mid Tenn

Mid Tenn is a company that says their overall goal is to help their clients make money and expand their business.

They offer liquidated merchandise that they source from national retailers, and they offer them at a reasonable discount.

They also guarantee that they have thousands of products ready to ship to you today.

One thing that we really like about this company is that you can schedule a tour with them of the warehouse so that you can choose your products in person.

They also have really good customer support and a number of different options for you to choose from online as well if you can’t make it to their warehouse.

You can get in touch with them directly through email to set up a time to check out their merch.

4. Via Trading

Via Trading

Via Trading sells their pallets to customers in the US, as well as worldwide.

They have a number of different liquidation products for different types of businesses, and you will spend a fraction of what the original cost was.

Their categories include domestics, apparel, and accessories, and we think that, generally speaking, their prices are pretty good, as well as the quality.

5. Merchandize Liquidators

 Merchandize Liquidators

Merchandize Liquidators is a company to go for if you are looking for variety, as they offer non-brand and name brand items within categories like toys, electronics, clothing, cosmetics, shoes, and furniture.

With a company like this, it’s really easy to get a brand new product at a fraction of what it would cost in a retail store, and you can buy either pallets or truckloads at a really cheap rate.

They also have a lot of resourceful services for businesses, as well as really good customer support. 

6. Bulq


If you’re looking to source returned and excess goods, and build a business around supplying your clients with cheaper versions, then we suggest that you check out Bulq.

With companies like this, you can source a lot more inventory so that your margins are higher.

They have a flat rate fee for their palettes, and they even offer discounts if you purchase in bulk.

With these guys, we do recommend that you order one pallet first to check out the quality of their items, as well as how their service does.

They have even included a few reviews on YouTube so that you can get a really good idea of how the company works and whether they are right for you.

7. Continental Wholesale

Continental Wholesale

Continental Wholesale sells merchandise to retail stores, flea markets, mom and pop stores, dollar stores, auctioneers, thrift stores, and pawnshops, which means that they pretty much sell their items to anyone who is looking to do business with them.

Their categories include cookware, clothing, domestics, appliances, furniture, electronics, garden, and sporting goods.

The prices are affordable, and they even have a general category, where you can receive all types of different merchandise in one truckload.

8. GENCO Marketplace

GENCO Marketplace

GENCO Marketplace is a wholesaler of retail returns, and they specialize in things like refurbished products, as well as liquidated merchandise and flea markets.

We think that they have some pretty good categories for their products, and their prices are also reasonable.

They can help you with office supplies, computers, apparel, sporting goods, and general merchandise.

9. Amlinc


Amlinc, otherwise known as American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc., is a liquidation business that focuses on overstocks, custom returns, and ready to ship close-outs.

They include general merchandise in their categories, as well as tools and equipment, homework, furniture, home accents, sporting goods, toys, and apparel.

They say that they guarantee accurate shipping dates, and they ship directly to you.

You can register online for them to check out your excess inventory, and they will even give recommendations on what they think you need to purchase for your brand.

10. Local Auctions

Local Auctions

Another place where you can source liquidation pallets from local auctions.

This is a great chance to skip bidding and buy straight away, and the buyer needs to make arrangements to either pick up the pallet somehow or get it delivered.

Just make sure that you are careful when you are purchasing your merchandise, and make sure that the pallet sellers are legitimate.

Make sure that they can provide good contact information; otherwise, they could end up scamming you.


What is a Liquidation Pallet?

A liquidation pallet is a wholesale unit that you can purchase from a liquidation wholesaler.

It usually comprises a mixture of different items from various brands, but most of the time, they fall into the same category.

How Do I Buy Liquidations Pallets?

You can buy wholesale liquidation pallets from any authorized liquidation wholesaler.

Most of the time, you’ll be dealing with smaller liquidation wholesalers, who buy from retail giants and sell the product to people like you.

Make sure that you find a decent wholesaler so that you can get really good quality products.

You can always check out their website for more information if you are feeling skeptical.

What Are the Best Ones to Buy?

We recommend that you purchase liquidation pallets that include items from big box brands like Amazon and Walmart.

Again, you need to make sure that the liquidation company that you are purchasing or liquidation pallet through is authorized to sell on behalf of companies like Amazon and Walmart.

If the quality of the products is good enough, then you can end up making a good profit from them.

Where to Buy Pallets of Merchandise?

Try any of the places on our list above.

You’ll be sure to find a good deal.

Final Thoughts

Now you know where to buy liquidation pallets from.

At the end of the day, if you are trying to start a brand around a category like health and beauty or clothing, then the first step to take is to find a reliable liquidation pallet wholesaler who can help you get off the ground without having a big budget.

The reality is that if you sell returned items that you have purchased from a wholesale liquidation company, then you will be able to keep your profit margins high, and you could even end up making a profit within the first year.

Remember, if you have high-quality products that your clients actually want, then you will end up doing really well. Good luck!

Thanks for reading our article on a list of best places to buy liquidation pallets near me.