Businessmen are getting younger

Businessmen are getting younger

There are no age barriers for the entrepreneur of the 21st century. Businesses can start to thrive while you’re in the campus. Think Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Think real-estate brokerage firm Hodara Real Estate and its student founder Alex Hodara. And they’re getting younger. Think T.O. Student Tutoring and Matt Rhodes who founded it while still in high school.

It’s often the case that school career centers focus on getting their students to land decent jobs in corporate America. These days, you now have entrepreneurship centers along with career centers that help a small but growing number of students take their first steps to starting their own businesses.

The Miami University’s Toppel Career Center has done this with its Launch Pad that started in September 2008 and has seen 20 new companies launched by its students. Not bad, maybe other universities can follow suit to identify budding new entrepreneurs among their students.

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