Today’s world has seen a rapid increase in cybercrimes and malicious activity occurring on the internet. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, the world has quickly transitioned online, as consumers are relying on e-commerce and businesses are rapidly becoming digital and online-friendly because of this.

Due to this fast transition, many businesses are going through the digitization process without being adequately protected against vying cybercriminals who look to exploit any leak or hole they can find. 

The potential of cyberattacks and data breaches against companies across the globe is rising. Statista found that in the UK, over 25% of online companies suffered a cyber security breach at least once a week.

The average cost of these breaches was found to be $5m, and a corporate-owned server was the first point of attack for these cybercriminals looking to hack into the business.

This can go in tandem with a Forbes report that 40% of online users use a public network with no VPN – if any of these users happen to be working remotely in a coffee shop or on airport WIFI, and are using their company’s intranets, they can put the whole business at risk. You can get access to a free windows VPN or proxy trials to see what fits your business.

This is why companies should strongly think about using a VPN provider and proxy server to beef up their security – here are the best business benefits of using a VPN and proxy server: 

The Business Benefits Of A VPN

The increase of remote working has left many companies at the mercy of cybercriminals – using a VPN could be a crucial factor in boosting your business’s resilience against hackers. Whether you are the owner, CEO, or just an employee, using a VPN could be massively beneficial for the business. 

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Boosted Security

A VPN can be a huge game changer for your online security as it protects data like your IP address, logins, passwords, and sensitive information from any cyber criminals.

A VPN creates a private tunnel – an encrypted connection between you, the server, and the websites or online resources you use. Many businesses use Google Workspace or apps like Dropbox to download and upload sensitive business data, a VPN provides an important layer of protection between this data and the people who can access it. 

Shield Against Weak Public WiFi

Public hotspots are a great resource, especially for remote workers who want to change it up and work in their local coffee shop or somewhere new. Unfortunately, they are a prime spot to target hackers, as they are very weakly protected and can be manipulated by cybercriminals.

Even on a password-protected public network, you are a target. A hacker can get on the same network and then intercept your incoming and outgoing data. A VPN uses the private tunnel to encrypt all the internet traffic that comes and goes, meaning a hacker would be unable to track or use this. 


When sending over important documents or taking part in sensitive business meetings, you are at risk against cybercriminals or nefarious third parties who can track, record, and log what you do, hear, or say.

A VPN also encrypts voice and video chat just like it does with documents and data, meaning no hacker will be able to record your meetings without permission. 

Affordable Overhead

Using a VPN for a company is very affordable when it comes to business cybersecurity. Once a VPN provider is in place, the costs are very low. Many businesses can get access to just one license that covers the entire company, which is very cost-effective.

Protect Various Devices

In today’s tech-driven world, cybercrime can come on other devices instead of your PC. Therefore, your employees must have no leaks on their phones or tablets for the business. Most VPN providers allow you to cover multiple devices all at once, and conveniently it will remember which devices you add meaning the need to log in and out isn’t required. 

Perfect For Travel

Aside from remote workers, we see a lot of employees travel for business meetings or conferences. Thankfully, a VPN can create a secure connection for the employee to connect to business servers, increasing productivity and boosting security.

That means that when they are in the hotel, airport, or wherever, they can keep working securely just like they did before. They can also share data and files securely, without the risk of these getting intercepted. 

The Business Benefits Of A Proxy

Unlike VPNs, proxy servers are not nearly as popular or used by consumers. They are not utilized to their full potential and can give a host of benefits to a business. Here are the best benefits a proxy server can give a business: 

Mask Your IP Address

The most obvious benefit is the way it can hide your IP address, so the website you are accessing will not have the capability to target your actual address. In some cases, a server can limit an individual or an entire business from going to certain websites.

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Having a proxy server for your business can be useful in this spot, as it will allow your business to go to any website you please. A proxy server also allows you to get past geographical restrictions or governmental blocks on websites or online content.

You can also keep your IP address hidden from rival businesses and competitors. By using a proxy, you can anonymously go to a competitor’s website and view their services just like a consumer would, rather than having it amended just for you.

Rotating IP Addresses

Whether you are trying to gather data for insights, pricing, and quotation comparisons or just looking at general growth, you will need to scrape web data. When doing this process, you want it to be as time-efficient as possible.

Scrapers are very fast and some websites, recognizing this unusual behavior, can block your IP address in the process. Therefore, having a proxy server that can rotate IP addresses is particularly useful for your businesses as you can have multiple in use for such a scenario as web scraping. 

Business Protection 

A proxy server can be a perfect security tool to shield against common cyber attacks against businesses. Whether it is a phishing scam, malware attacks, or attempts of ransomware, businesses should look to safeguard against these malicious attacks where cybercriminals may recognize you are a business and go for the jugular.

Using a proxy server means you can use a residential IP address and pose as a normal customer, meaning you won’t be targeted by nefarious third parties or hackers as if you are a business or business owner