Whitney Wolfe Herd launched the Bumble dating app as one of the first female dominant dating apps in the market.

The former Tinder Vice President left the platform in 2014 after suing them for sexual discrimination and harassment, and it was later settled in September 2014 with $1 million compensation. 

Andrey Andreev, the CEO and Founder of dating app Baidoo invited Wolfe Herd to join his platform to create the best dating application.

According to the contract, Andrey got 79% ownership of the company in which he made a $10 million investment, and Wolfe Herd got 20% ownership and the positions of CEO and Founder.

Based on the agreement, Wolfe Herd got the freedom to utilize the infrastructure of the Badoo dating app.

Andreev and Wolfe Herd recruited Chris Gulczynski and Sarah Mick, two senior employees who left Tinder to design the Bumble interface. They launched Bumble app in December 2014.

Key Bumble Statistics

  • 1,352,800 paid subscribers in Bumble platform
  • 5.5 million active monthly users of Bumble are from the US
  • Bumble made $360 million revenue in 2020
  • Bumble has 12.3 million monthly active users
  • 100 million sensitive user data were exposed due to an API vulnerability.
  • $27.75 is the average annual revenue per paying user (ARPU)
  • Approximately 18.43 million annual Bumble app downloads in 2020.
  • 2.8 million users of Bumble are using premium account members
  • 56.61% of Bumble app downloads are from North America and Latin America
  • 21% increase in video feature usage after the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to Use Bumble?

Bumble app requests Facebook details or mobile numbers to create a user account(for iOs and Android apps). The Facebook details with the user’s permission are used for building user profiles in Bumble.

Like many other dating apps, the user in Bumble can swipe profiles left or right. The left swipe is rejection, and the right swipe is acceptance.

If both the profiles are swiped right and matched, then the female member should initiate the conversation.

The male members can then respond to the chat within 24 hours, or else the match will disappear automatically. In 2018, Bumble launched its service via the website as well.

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What Makes Bumble Special?

Apart from other dating apps, where sexual harassment and gender discrimination are still persisting, Bumble is distinctive.

It comes with certain security features that detect and blur unrequested nude photos. The recipient has the permission to choose whether they want to view the picture, delete it or report the image.

Also, the latest features in Bumble identify defamatory language that supports racist, homophobic, and fatphobic terms.

The violations are taken seriously, and moderators will review the complete conversation to collect the evidence. If the person is guilty, they will be warned, flagged, or banned from the app.

In 2016, Bumble introduced premium services in their app. The Bumble   Boost allowed paid users to perform 5-6 advanced operations, which gave them an advantage over regular users.

It also launched services such as BFF to find friends in Bumble app(in 2016), The Hive for dating experiences(in 2017), and Bumble Bizz for business networking(in 2017)

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Bumble Statistics in 2024

1. 1,352,800 Paid Subscribers on the Bumble Platform

How many paid subscribers does Bumble have? 1,352,800 to be exact.

Even though most dating apps allow their users free access, certain features are kept locked, and such features are exclusively available for premium members.

A premium account helps the user to get more attention. For a city with fewer Bumble app users, it is better not to pay an extra amount for getting the premium account.

2. 5.5 Million Active Monthly Users of Bumble Are from The Us

How many users does Bumble have?

According to the statistics, Tinder is the most downloaded and used dating app in the US. With 560 thousand monthly downloads, the Bumble app comes second on the list.

In 2017, the Bumble app had a 10% market share, but it climbed up to 19% of the US dating market share by 2020.

3. 100 Million User Mark Achieved by Bumble App

Wolfe Herd, the founder and CEO of the Bumble app says, “There’s a lot of self-boasting that takes place as the company’s scale.

What I think is so important about the fact that we’ve achieved 100 million users is that 100 million people have subscribed to the idea that not only is it OK for a woman to make the first move, but that’s the way it should be.

I’m proud of all those users taking a chance on doing things differently.”

4. 21% Increase in Video Feature Usage After the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The surge of the Covid-19 pandemic has destroyed many companies. But some businesses like social media applications, dating platforms, video games, etc., have achieved better revenue and usage statistics during the Covid period.

The lockdown situation made people shut themselves inside their homes and forced them to depend upon virtual meetings and video applications.

The video feature of the Bumble app got sudden popularity during this period.

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5. 100 Million Sensitive User Data Were Exposed Due to An Api Vulnerability.

Independent Security specialist Sanjana Sarda found that Bumble apps API had several loose ends where actions were committed without reporting to the server.

The bugs allowed people to utilize premium functions such as unlimited Right Swipes without paying for it. Furthermore, the API bug disclosed personal information, including 

education, political views, height, weight, astrological signs, etc., of all the app users.

6. $22.97 Is the Average Annual Revenue per Paying User (arpu)

The total average revenue per paying user for Bumble in the fourth quarter of 2019 was $19.99, and it went down to $17.73 in the first quarter of 2020.

When compared to the 2020 stats, Bumble is showing a healthy revenue growth per user in 2021. The company made an average revenue of $22.97 by the third quarter of 2021.

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7. Approximately 18.43 Million Annual Bumble App Downloads in 2020.

Based on the stats of AppMagic, around 18.43 million Bumble downloads are made during 2020.

When compared with the growth statistics of 2019, there is a massive increase of 23.4% due to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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8. Bumble Made $360 Million Revenue in 2020

When compared to the 2019 revenue, Bumble has managed to raise 30.85% more to its pocket. The lockdown due to the pandemic situation in 2020 has created a sudden growth of all the dating apps in the market.

The first-quarter revenue of 2021 has already crossed the $100 million slab. According to the stats of The Hindu, people spent $3 billion on dating apps in 2020, which is 15% more than the previous year. 

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9. 56.61% of Bumble App Downloads Are from North America and Latin America

Most downloads of the Bumble app are from Latin America and North America, with more than 10.43 million app downloads.

The app downloads have increased by 13.54% since 2019. On average, both regions have got 869 thousand app downloads every month. 

In 2020, people downloaded 3.8 million Bumble apps from the Asia-Pacific region, 39.5% more than 2019.

The EMEA(Europe, Middle East, Africa) region downloaded the Bumble app 4.16 million times in 2020. That’s a 39.08% year-over-year growth. 

10. Bumble Has 42 Million Monthly Active Users

In 2019, Bumble and Airbnb came up with a partnership agreement that provides virtual dates. Notably, Bumble doesn’t contain an ethnicity filter.

The company has announced support to specific LGBTQ+ organizations and plans to contribute $5000 to the selected groups who encountered police violence and racial injustice.

They have also raised $1 million to fund several justice organizations. 

11. Bumble Got the 2019 Editors Top Pick Innovative Award

Bumble has been named as one of the best employee-friendly companies in the world. It has achieved an A+ with an 87 score out of 100 based on employee ratings, retention, employee feedbacks, meetings, etc.

In 2018, Bumble received Best CEO, Best Company for Women, and Best Company Culture. In 2019 Bumble got Best Company Outlook, Best CEOs for Women, Best Company Compensation awards. 

12. Bumble Raised $190.75 Million from In-App Purchases in 2020. 

Stats show that Bumble recorded a 15.06% year-over-year increase from in-app purchases in 2020.

$156.46 million in-app transactions are made from Latin and North America during 2020, accounting for 82.02% of global in-app purchases.

The Asia-Pacific region registered $14.05 million as in-app purchases during 2020, 7.36% of the worldwide Bumble in-app income.

The local spending in the EMEA has risen to 30.19% since 2019, as the in-app purchase reached $20.25 million in 2020.

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13. 85% of Bumble Users Are Interested in Getting a Boyfriend/girlfriend or Ending up In Marriage.

In the early days, people used dating apps mainly for short-term hookups and fun. Studies show that the trend is changing as time moves forward.

According to the statistics of 2019, about 90% of the dating app users are searching for a boyfriend/girlfriend with long-term goals that may end up in marriage.

As of 2018, more than 20,000 marriages are registered in which the couples found each other through the Bumble platform.

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14. 700 Full-Time Employees Are Working for Bumble

Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd follows a strict rule to maintain the wellbeing of her companies employees.

In the earlier days, the parent company Badoo was accused of several allegations about toxic work culture.

However, Whitney Wolfe made several changes in the working environment, making Bumble an excellent place for women employees.

They were awarded Best Company for Women and Best Company Culture in 2018 and got Best CEOs for Women in 2019.

15. 67.4% of Bumble Android users are male, and 32.6% are females

35% of the dating app users have college-level education. Around 25 million people are using dating apps from their smartphones.

Interestingly, 32% of females have tried an online dating service in the US compared to 23% of men.

The LGBTQ+ people say 55% of them have used a dating app once in their lives, and 37% of singles are still using the app to find a partner. 

16. 24% of Seniors Found Their Match Using the Bumble App

Stats says, more than 55% of the dating app users in the US are aged 55 or older. The top-rated dating app for aged people is Tinder, with the support of 35% of respondents.

For 28% of people, they met the love of their life through the Match app, and 25% found their significant other on Hinge or Plenty.

In a study on seniors and dating apps, 24% of seniors found a relationship through a dating app found on Bumble.

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17. 27% of Bumble Users in The UK Selected “environmentalism” as Their Highest Value.

Currently, Green dating is a trending style worldwide, and a lot of people are coming forward in support of environment-friendly activities.

In Bumble, it is possible to add specific values to user profiles according to their priority. The values incorporate environmental activities, social duties, etc.

Experts believe that such moral features can add better value to the upcoming generations.

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18. 36% of Dating App Users Are Millennials

People aged 18-29 are the most dating app users in the world. It is expected that by 2027, there will be 35.4 million people in the US using dating apps.

Around 27% of the people, 18-34 of age, use the dating app for casual sex. According to the stats, 57% of people who use dating apps have a positive experience and are more likely to use it again if needed.

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Is Bumble Boost Worth the Money?

The answer is a “YES” if you live in a city like Newyork or Los Angeles, where many people are using the app.

However, if you are in a remote village or town area, the chances of finding Bumble app users are potentially limited, and the “competition” to get the match is far less. 

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The Bumble boost allows you to get six cool features such as 

  • Backtrack: It was a free feature till the end of 2020. If you accidentally swipe to the next person, Backtrack allows you to swipe back to the previous user. The Bumble Boost users can Backtrack without any limits.
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  • Rematch: A connection request will expire in 24 hours if the person at the other end doesn’t respond, and it may take some time to see the matching with the same person in a regular account. But the Boost account will let you rematch with the same person after the 24 hours ends. It is an excellent feature that comes in handy when the person you liked didn’t happen to notice your connection request in the first 24 hours.
  • Unlimited Extends (BusyBee):  It retains the connection that disappears when a connection is expired. An average Bumble app user can extend a single match in 24 hours, whereas a Bumble Boost account allows performing unlimited extends.
  • Unlimited right-swiping: A right swipe means you are interested in the swiped profile. A Bumble Boost user can perform unlimited right swipes in a day. However, it is not recommended to swipe all the user profiles and choose from them later. The Bumble algorithm may detect you and can affect your reputation. 
  • Spotlight(1 per week with Bumble boost): A spotlight is a great option to boost the profile exposure for 30 minutes. It puts your profile in front of others and gives your profile a “spotlight.” It can be purchased by any user regardless of premium subscription. The Bumble boost customers will get one Spotlight per week. If you are not interested in the premium features, Spotlight is a value for money option.
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According to the statistics, most people use the dating apps at 6 pm, and Sundays show the maximum traffic. So if you have a Spotlight option, you can use it on a Sunday evening to get the best out of it.

  • SuperSwipes(5 per week): Like the Spotlight feature, SuperSwipes are also available as an in-app purchase for all Bumble app customers. If you SuperSwipe an account, the account owner will understand that you are excited about connecting with them.
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Is Bumble a Reliable Dating App?

After 5 years of launch, these Bumble statistics for 2024 show that the app excelled with 55 million registered members and second in the list of top revenue earned dating apps on Google Play for all brands.  

Forbes listed Bumble with more than $1 billion market value in 2017. The company generated $162 million net revenue in 2018 and launched a lifestyle magazine “Bumble Mag” in 2019.

In 2020, It crossed 100 million registered users, and MagicLab was renamed Bumble as the parent company of both Bumble and Badoo.

It became $3 billion when The Blackstone Group bought 83% of the outstanding voting power in Bumble Inc and 67% of the outstanding economic interests of the company.

In February 2021, Bumble got listed in the NASDAQ exchange with an initial share value of $43. It increased and later reached $76, making $13 billion as the market value of Bumble. 


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