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Bootlikes Reviews 2024

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are more than just a way to share your dinner with your friends. They’re the new way to advertise everything – from Spanx to graphic print t-shirts.

If your business is online, and you’re not using social media to your advantage, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Instagram is a great place to engage with potential clients and get your brand in front of thousands of people.

Let’s review a third-party company that can help you with your Instagram engagement.

What is Bootlikes?

Bootlikes claims to be a fast, instant and reliable Instagram marketing service. They say that they can provide you with maximum social media exposure, ensuring that your brand is seen by who matters.

However, it didn’t take too much investigation on our part to discover that Bootlikes is just another typical Instagram bot. Instagram bots aren’t entirely unsafe, but they definitely come with their fair share of risks.

They can potentially get your account suspended or banned entirely, so you really have to be careful when using one. Let’s take a look at Bootlikes and see how they check out.

A Review of Bootlikes

We’re going straight to the negatives with this one:

  • Secure Site: having a secure https site is one of the first rules of running a successful online business. Unfortunately, Bootlikes doesn’t appear to find this step too important. This means that any information you share on their site could get hacked – plus, it’ll be hard to see them initially as they won’t get ranked on Google.
  • Visible Prices: we were disappointed to see that Bootlikes has a page detailing their different packages and what they involve – however, they don’t show you how much each service will set you back. This means that you’ll most likely get stung with hidden costs once you’re committed.
  • FAQ and Help Page: another staple in the Instagram marketing world – you’ve got to be able to answer even the most basic questions about your business, in order to win over the trust of would-be clients. If you can’t do this, then something is seriously wrong.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: we think it’s fairly evident that if a company like Bootlikes doesn’t even have an FAQ and help page, they’re certainly not going to bother organizing a hardworking customer help team that you can connect with whenever you need assistance.
  • Email and Phone Form: this is another significant level of accountability when conducting business like this. You need to be able to file away your customers’ personal information safely so that if any issues arise in the future, you can deal with them with all the right details. Needless to say, Bootlikes hasn’t bothered to include this, either.
  • Real Reviews: at least this is something that Bootlikes have attempted to have on their website. However, it hasn’t been too convincing for us. Their reviews are short, simplistic, and only give the first names of the reviewers. We’re almost one hundred percent sure that none of these reviews are real.
  • Verified Payment Gateways: another vital step in setting up a website correctly – especially if you’re going to ask people for information like their credit card number. We highly recommend that you don’t share information like this on any website that hasn’t bothered to verify their payment system.

Is Bootlikes a Scam? Is Bootlikes Safe?

The biggest thing that we didn’t like is that Bootlikes claims to be a marketing campaigner, yet they’re nothing more than another Instagram bot. Again, while we aren’t completely against bots, we do strongly advise caution when using them and don’t like the fact that Bootlikes hasn’t been honest about this.

To conclude, we don’t think Bootlikes is safe to use with your Instagram and recommend you look elsewhere.

Bootlikes Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Bootlikes.

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