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BoostUp Social Reviews 2024

The internet has a limitless number of ways to advertise your business online these days.

There are many benefits to putting your brand online – you get exposed to thousands of potential clients, and you can stay relevant, helping you to keep updating your business strategies successfully. However, this kind of engagement requires constant work, which a lot of people struggle to find the time for.

That’s why a third-party company is great – you can recruit them to do the work. Let’s give one of them a review.

What is BoostUp Social?

Boost Up Social is a sophisticated Instagram promotions service. One of its main services, Powerlikes, is particularly popular among existing clients. Its main feature is sending hundreds of likes to your account from their large network of existing Instagram accounts.

However, we found it to be quite expensive, and there’s no guarantee that these likes will get you active engagement – they could even come from fake accounts. The company also has Instagram marketing and consultation services. Let’s give Boost Up Social a review and determine whether you should use them or not.

A Review of BoostUp Social

First, we’re going, to begin with, the positives:

  • Secure Site: Boost Up Social does appear to have a secure https website. This helps this company to start off on the right foot – it makes them look like they value their customer’s privacy and confidential information that they may share. It also helps them rank on Google.
  • Visible Prices: as we’ve mentioned, Boost Up Social has three different ways of helping your Instagram account. They have visible prices for their Powerlikes package – and it’s not cheap. The most affordable option is $225 a month, which gets you 60 Powerlikes along with the promotion of 30 of your accounts. For this much money, it better result in daily, reciprocated engagement.
  • FAQ and Help Page: Boost Up Social does have an FAQ page – although it’s located at the bottom of the homepage, and there’s no click-through button to get there, so it can be hard to find and easy to miss if you’re just passing through.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Surprisingly, 24/7 customer help is something that Boost Up Social have invested time and money into. You can chat with a representative in the chat box that will appear on your screen, and you will typically get a reply within minutes, which is great for a company like this.
  • Email and Phone Form: we believe that Boost Up Social does make you fill out an email and phone form on their website when you commit to a service. This is an ideal level of accountability between them and the customer and shows that there are in this for the long run.

Now, let’s talk about the negatives:

  • Real Reviews: Boost Up Social seem confident enough to claim that they’re affiliated with a lot of other big name brands. This is a bold statement which could be reputation ruining if it’s not true. Additionally, we couldn’t find any real reviews written by past or existing customers – so either they’re too new for this, or they don’t have any good reviews to show.

Is Boostupsocial a Scam? Is Boostupsocial Safe?

The biggest thing that we didn’t like is that Boostupsocial claims to be a marketing campaigner, yet they’re nothing more than another Instagram bot.

Again, while we aren’t completely against bots, we do strongly advise caution when using them and don’t like the fact that Boostupsocial hasn’t been honest about this.

To conclude, we don’t think Boostupsocial is safe to use with your Instagram and recommend you look elsewhere.

Boostupsocial Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Boostupsocial.

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