Offices can easily fall into a slump for a number of reasons. Perhaps motivation is lacking? Or maybe there’s a hostile work environment? It could be anything. 

Fortunately, there’s a fix that will help to boost your team and start seeing better business as a result. It all comes down to office design.

It could be something as simple as ordering new equipment, but sometimes it’s best to think outside the box and overhaul everything.

Getting Everyone On Board

Everyone On Board

Firstly, the important step it comes to rearranging the office design, is getting everyone on board. The last thing you want is to alienate your colleagues further by moving furniture and their workplace around without their consent.

The hope is, if they don’t understand the concept, that they’re open to change. If you’ve never done any team games as a teamwork exercise, then you should consider otherwise.

Once everyone understands, then you can start planning the change and getting input from everyone. The end goal should be to create an office space that everyone has approved of. 

This way, the team will feel personally involved and will hopefully feel motivated when working somewhere that they’re more passionate about.

Protecting Your Business

Protecting Your Business

If you’ve got unhappy employees and colleagues, it’s quite likely that they won’t feel much loyalty or value to their brand. It’s important to have workers who are happy to come to work.

If they aren’t loyal to the business then it could lead to a few different situations. More commonly, they will probably want to leave. Other than leaving, which Is a disaster, they could simply see a decrease in output and professionalism 

This is where the danger to your business can come to. If you have workers who don’t want to be at your work, leading to them not working efficiently, then you could run into some legal trouble, depending on the nature of your business.

Improving the office space will inevitably lead to higher levels of satisfaction and, hopefully, a lower staff turnover. 

A well-designed office will also attract good talent too. So, office design can really enhance both the internal and external elements of your business

Quality Office Design Is Easier Than You Might Think

 Office Design

When it comes to actually designing the office, there are a number of things to consider. Such as budget and available resources.

Inspiration and creativity are big helps here too, luckily in this modern age, there are companies that are set up for this sole reason. 

Amos Beech are one such brand, they specialise in commercial interior design. They have a team of designers that are employed to listen to you, to understand the individual and business personality. 

From there, they can conduct research all about the company you represent, from colours to corporate image, to get a feel for the vision.

They will supply you with 3D rendered plans for your workplace, where you can then give feedback for any changes.

Having a professionally made office interior design is one of the best ways you can transform your office, boosting motivation.

Technology Saves Time

Saves Time

Outdated technology can be a real downer on any business. If you stepped foot in a modern office today and they insisted on faxing instead of emailing, you’d feel like you were in the stone age. 

Updating to the newer relevant technologies is key for any team. Even small things, like the newest computer accessories can make a big difference.

It’s not as simple as only updating technology when you renovate/revamp, you’ve got to be constantly checking for the new trends and what is fresh. Computer software alone can be obsolete within a year, and if left unchecked, can lead to issues further down the road. 

Modern technology usually helps businesses save money too. For example, purchasing cloud storage internally rather than buying physical storage devices will not only be cost effective, but also be more efficient for the overall business.

Happiness And Health

Happiness And Health

The main goal of all of these points is to boost happiness with staff. It’s not a coincidence that a well-designed office has a direct correlation with motivating employees.

Having a happy and healthy working environment shows employees that their employer values and cares for them, as they’ve put time in to prove it.

Having the right furniture, such as supporting and comfortable chairs, is a great way of demonstrating commitment to your team. A happy and healthy employee will equal a happy and healthy working environment.

The layout and design of your office are key aspects in helping create this. The layout of the office also affects working day life. For example, people will interact with different people depending on who’s around them. 

This is especially important for bigger offices with multiple departments. As you want a working office that flows naturally with each department linking perfectly. You don’t want departments who constantly work together separated by groups that they don’t speak to that often. 

This will cause confusion and break up the chain of command. It’s cliché, but think of an office as an engine. You need all the cogs and parts to work together or else the whole thing will shut down.

Office Culture

Office Culture

Before doing anything drastic, it’s important to consider your office culture. If you’re already happy with your culture then perhaps don’t change anything. If everyone is happy with how things are, then you risk tipping the balance negatively.

Of course, some changes are unavoidable. Especially with technology, like we mentioned. But other elements can also force change. If you’re expanding your business quickly and having to hire more staff, then things will feel different.

If you don’t think you have any solid culture that you can identify, then working on your office design is a great way of constructing your own culture from scratch. You can really figure out what you’re about and what will work best for you. 

At the end of the day, you and your business will know about yourselves and what works, so experiment with the culture and design. See what happens.