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On 18th July 2018 posted a note that it has been forced to shut down by Instagram. Previously, we had reviewed Boostfy – that story is still available below for your reference.

In terms of finding an alternative, we recommend Stellation Media.

Original Story

There is contention about whether outsourcing your Instagram engagement is worth the effort.

While it can be incredibly helpful, there are a lot of companies out there jumping on this bandwagon that isn’t what they appear to be.

It’s not hard to fall into the trap of signing up with an Instagram bot that turns out to spam your page and put you at risk of being shut down by Instagram.

Knowing which ones to trust is essential. Let’s take a look at one and see if they can be trusted.

What is Boostfy?

Boostfy is a quintessential Instagram bot, offering all of the typical features you would expect to find.

They provide the most basic bot features for free. If you want to experience any of their advanced features, you have to upgrade and pay a fee. They also offer a free trial to give you a taste for how they operate.

They advertise the followers and engagement that they associate with your account as real, using real automated bot techniques to make this happen. Let’s give Boostfy a review and see how it shapes up as your average Instagram bot.

A Review of Boostfy

First, let’s start out with the positives

  • Secure Site: Boostfy does operate their company on a secure site and domain, which is helpful when thinking about what information you might share while on it. This is just a little extra bit of security.
  • Visible Prices: Boostfy is honest and transparent about their price points, which makes you feel like they are trustworthy. The more transparent they are, the better. You don’t want to sign up for something that doesn’t give you the prices from the beginning.
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Now, let’s take a look at the negatives

  • FAQ and Help Page: unfortunately, Boostfy doesn’t include an FAQ and help page on their website. This is a relatively strong red flag. Because they’re providing a service, they need to be available should you run into any trouble using their service.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: if Boostfy doesn’t have an FAQ page, it certainly doesn’t provide you with 24/7 customer support. This now means that they have no easily accessible way for you to get in touch with them should something go wrong when using their service.
  • Email Form: email and phone form is an essential level of accountability that companies should actively consider when thinking about their customers. Unfortunately, nothing like this is present on Boostfy’s website.
  • Real Reviews: it’s hard to know what’s worse – not having any reviews on your website, or having reviews that are fake. In the case of Boostfy, there is nothing present anywhere to do with a review. This leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to knowing as much about them before you sign up.
  • Verified Payment Gateways: this might be the most significant red flag of all. Because Boostfy doesn’t have authenticated payment, you shouldn’t even think about running your credit card through this website.

Is Boostfy a Scam? Is Boostfy Safe?

Boostfy is not safe and should be avoided. There are people saying it is a simple scam. It’s hard to find a real review on their website, but if you dig enough you can find them elsewhere. There is some here and here.

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While they claim to offer some of their most basic services for free, it turns out that they don’t. Unfortunately, this Instagram bot is one that fits into the category of data-mining. This means that their agenda is gleaning information from your account.

You even run the risk of having your account taken entirely by using a bot as simple as this. Avoid.

Boostfy Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Boostfy on our list of best IG bots.

1UseViral Visit
2Seek Visit
3Growthoid Visit

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