The world we are living in is seeing the most technological changes. Everything is going digital, even currencies. People think that currencies will always remain on paper, but the fact is that we are going digital in all aspects. Bitcoins and Altcoins are clear specimens of the same. As such, Bitcoins and Altcoins have their benefits. Confused between Altcoins and Bitcoins as an investment prospect? We avail ourselves to get you sorted with your choices.

They are not significantly different but investing in them is not the same. If you want to learn all about investing in Bitcoins, visit Bitcoin Prime and if you’re going to choose between either of the two, continue reading.

Medium Of Exchange

Most people think of money as simply a means of exchange – something we use to buy goods and services. Money, however, is much more than that. It is also a store of value and a unit of account. For money to function properly as a means of exchange, both parties must accept it in a transaction. Money is also a store of value, which means it can be saved and used to purchase goods and services later. 

Finally, money is a unit of account, which means it can be used to measure the value of goods and services. There are two main types of money: fiat money and commodity money. Fiat money is legal tender that is not backed by a physical commodity. Commodity money is money that is backed by a physical commodity, such as gold or silver.


Since all the Cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoins are known as Altcoins, there is a wide variety to invest in. Bitcoins are just one Crypto. This can be a drawback because they like to pick from various options. The different Altcoins are also very famous and have good features, but they are not as recognized as Bitcoins. Altcoins can be a good investment because they are cheaper and have the potential to grow in value. 

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Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, but many others can be worth investing in. Some altcoins are Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero. These are all worth considering if you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoins charge lower or no transaction fees at all. They process your transactions even without paying any fees. Altcoins charge transaction fees. Some of them deliver low charge fees, and some high charge fees. This can be a choice factor for many because people hardly like to spend extra when they already spend so much on investing in cryptocurrencies.

Ease of Use

Bitcoins are both easy to use and easy to understand. They function simply and can be operated by anyone. Altcoins are more complex to use because of the number of features. You need some technical understanding before you start using altcoins.


Bitcoins offer high privacy as compared to altcoins. Your personal information is not attached to your bitcoins, so there is no chance of your identity being stolen or hacked. Altcoins do not offer such high privacy levels, which can be a concern for many people looking for anonymity.

Functionality and Usefulness

Bitcoins are functional as both a currency and an investment. They can be used to purchase goods and services or traded for other currencies. Bitcoin prices fluctuate based on supply and demand, so their value as an investment depends on market conditions. Altcoins are mostly only valid as investments since they cannot be used to purchase goods or services. Their usefulness will largely depend on how well they perform compared to Bitcoin over time.

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In this regard, both Bitcoin and Altcoin stand at almost the same level. They both face the same competition. However, Bitcoin has a little edge over Altcoins because they were the first-ever Cryptocurrency to be introduced to the market. 


Bitcoin has a more profound background than the Altcoins because they were the first ones to be introduced. Seeing its growth as a Cryptocurrency, Altcoins came into the market and had been expanding ever since. So, many new Altcoins have been brought into the market. 

Processing Time

Bitcoin transactions consume a long time span to process. They take approximately 10-15 mins to add a block to the chain. In the case of Altcoins, the time taken to add a block to the chain takes only 12-15 seconds. 

The Bottom Line

Bitcoins and Altcoins are very similar. However, if the time arises for you to scout from them, the above factors must be kept in mind to decide. Many people believe that Bitcoin is the King of the Cryptocurrency market. Altcoins are also making their territory by expanding their family.

The battle between Bitcoins and Altcoins has been going on for a long time, and we do not know when it will end or who will win the battle. However, if we see it based on market capitalization, Bitcoin wins it.