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BigBanGram Reviews 2022

If you’re planning on building up your brand successfully on Instagram, you might want to think about outsourcing your engagement.

Engagement with existing and potential followers is the best way to grow your account quickly.

However, these tasks are time-consuming and tedious, at best. When you’ve got a business to run it can be hard to find the time to do it all yourself. Outsourcing your engagement and using an automatic software or bot is a great way to get around this. Not all of them are safe, however. Let’s review one and determine whether it’s worth checking out or not.

What is BigBanGram?

BigBanGram is a pretty standard example of an Instagram bot.

It features all the necessary tools you would find in a bot – liking, commenting, following, direct messaging, etc. You don’t have to download anything to use it, which is good because you can avoid compromising the security of your computer this way.

Using algorithms and hashtag searches, BigBanGram can build your account up quickly. Is it too good to be true? Let’s check it out and compare its pros with its cons.

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BigBanGram Review

Positives first

  • Site Security: BigBanGram’s site has HTTPS, which is good when you’re giving out your details.
  • Prices: their prices are available on their website, and they are true to form, which means that you don’t run the risk of having to pay more than you think in the future.
  • FAQ page: they do have an FAQ and help page, which is essential when running a business and providing a service. This helps with the peace of mind in knowing that you can access help if you need it.
  • Email Form Present: they provide you with a form to fill out with your details which helps with the overall safety rating.

Now, for the negatives

  • 24/7 Support: while BigBangGram has an FAQ and help page, it doesn’t have 24/7 support which highly recommended if you’re providing someone with a service. Ideally, you want to be available to them for when the service doesn’t work, so not having this is potentially a red flag.
  • Real Reviews: there are no real reviews of BigBangGrams services – another red flag. This means that you have to research on your own time to figure out whether people have benefited from using them or not.
  • Verified Payment: this is the most significant red flag of all. There is no authenticated payment gateway to make your payment secure and safe. It is strongly advised that you don’t relinquish any personal information like credit card details on any site that isn’t verified in this way.

Is BigBanGram a Scam? Is BigBanGram Safe?

Overall, BigBanGram is not safe and shouldn’t be used. They have disingenuous testimonials on their website that can’t be trusted. Plus, they are most likely a Russian black-hat service.

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What this means is that they are using the guise of their website and service to glean crucial personal information from you. Russian sites like this are notorious for stealing identities and accounts, so it’s recommended that you avoid this service altogether.

BigBanGram Alternatives & How it Compares

1UseViral Visit
2Seek Visit
3Growthoid Visit

Other Information

Additionally, this bot is already violating Instagram’s rules before it even provides you with a service. There are stringent copyrights in place around “Insta” and “Gram” which means that nobody else can use these in their brand name.

BigBanGram has violated these laws, making it a dodgy Instagram bot on many levels, and anyone using it is probably just waiting for a big ban – pun intended.