We all seek that additional source of income that would help us enjoy life to the fullest and travel whenever we have the chance. At the same time, we are all afraid of quitting our everyday jobs and leaving our comfort zones.

However, if you truly have the will, you can easily engage in something new even without dropping your current job in the earliest phases of the new small business activities. 

On the other side, there are a lot of enthusiasts who have the will but lack adequate ideas. Exactly this group of people may find this article useful as we have crafted a list of the best small business ideas for 2022.

We have considered finances, choosing mainly the businesses that do not require large initial capital, like for instance Betting Tips 4 You

Car Washes 

Modern days require a fast life tempo which leaves people very little time to spend with their families and friends. The majority thus do not have either time or room to wash their cars.

Self-service car washes have been extremely popular in the recent period, but what if we tell you that you can actually take these services to a higher level?

To make people’s life easier, you can promote mobile car washes. What do these refer to?

Instead of having to go across the city to get to your car wash (even if you are lucky enough to be served right upon your arrival), you can have the luxury of hiring a personalized car wash service that would come over to your place and do the job for you.

This is a great small business idea with the opportunity to grant you permanent customers. 

Food Trucks

The rent only goes higher and higher as time passes by, especially in big cities. This makes the job much tougher for restaurants, fast foods, and cafes located in the center of large cities. Food trucks represent a fantastic alternative.

They come along with bountiful advantages, including low costs (no fixed rents) and mobility as the two most significant ones.

food truck

You do not need to pay massive rents for top locations in the most urban areas. Instead, you can move from one location to another depending on the latest trends.

You can look for the special local events and festivals where you are likely to attract large masses. In these circumstances, you can sell pretty much any type of food.

The possibility of adjusting to a certain occasion is another significant benefit. Just before you get going, make sure to check the laws and learn about special protocols, licenses, and safety standards your food truck would need to meet to be in the business. 

Personal Trainers

When you search for an idea for a small business, you need to put the customers’ needs in the first place. In an era of social networks, when almost everyone has a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok (or on most occasions on all of them), people want to be proud of their bodies.

This is not only for their own health benefits but for their online popularity. The bottom line, we would all feel much better with a well-trained body without fats.

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However, some people either lack the time or simply do not want to visit crowded gyms and hence give up on the practice. This is where you and your new small business idea can come in quite handy.

You can offer them private trainer services. Now, professional personal coaches charge vast amounts of money for their services. You can attract people by offering cheaper variants and the option of providing individual training sessions in the homes of your clients or simply at a nearby park.

Motivation is the key factor here and if you feel confident about your gym knowledge, you can easily get going with this idea. 

Social Networks Manager

As we said earlier, people spend so much time online nowadays. Social networks have become the best possible platforms for marketing.

Influencers are making real fortunes by advertising products for large companies that get a huge reach with small investments. This is why any serious company or brand needs to get involved in social networks marketing.

social media

However, the problem is that most brands do not have personnel skilled in social networks marketing, especially if their primary operations are not bound to the online world.

This is where Internet experts can make a huge difference. If you know Twitter or Facebook algorithms, if you generally spend too much time on Instagram or TikTok, this is the opportunity to actually benefit from it and make it your own business.

You can manage social networks platforms for various outlets at once. Your online skills can only become better as time passes by which should open up a plethora of additional options for the future. 

Electronic Technician

Since people spend plenty of time on computers, the job of an electronic technician can be highly profitable in present day.

We all need our devices (PCs, laptops, mobile phones) available at any point. When either of these suddenly stops working properly, we want the error to be repaired instantly. This is where electronic technicians come in super handy.

This is actually the textbook example of a prosperous small business. You can start all by your own by simply repairing electrical and electronical devices and equipment for your friends/relatives and then move on by offering your services to a wider audience through the ads or social media outlets.

People may be keen to asking for your specific service because it would be faster and easier route towards resolving the problem for them (and in most cases cheaper).

Instead of visiting an electronical equipment shop and waiting for at least several days for their PC/phone/laptop to be repaired, people can have it done in a matter of hours simply by calling an electronic technician.

The fact that you do not need to rent an office to do this job makes it even better. The range of options does not stop here because, with time, you can go on and learn to develop and design all kinds of programs and apps by doing the job you love.