Where is the Best Place to Buy Real Instagram Followers?

Where is the Best Place to Buy Real Instagram Followers?

The reality of effectively using Instagram is that you need not only great content, but also real and relevant followers that routinely interact with your videos and posts. The biggest obstacle to followers is time. It’s a time-consuming task to grow your Instagram presence. It requires time, which is something most business owners don’t have.

Therefore, we will discuss the topic of where to buy followers for your Instagram account that are real, engaging, and safe.

Doing Things Instagram’s Way

Instagram expects followers to engage. They expect followers to be real people. Other users on Instagram can spot a fake profile, so can Instagram, which makes you appear less credible. They will view you as a liar.

Fake followers don’t engage, which means your Instagram posts won’t be seen by the over 800 million Instagram users. Only your fake audience will see them, therefore you won’t have anyone to convert into a buyer.

Guess what else fake followers don’t do. They don’t share, like, or discuss your posts or brand with other people. Only real people can do that. Only real followers will engage with the real world. That’s why you need real followers to enhance your Instagram presence, which in turn, boosts your brand.

While Instagram is primarily a numbers game, without real engagement, the numbers mean nothing.  In other words, those fake followers mean nothing.

To buy followers or not to buy followers?

If you have been using Instagram to promote your business for five minutes, you already know there are third-party companies online that deliver followers for a price. However, sometimes that price is more than money. That price sometimes comes with high-risk issues when they are delivering fake followers.

Fake followers are just what you don’t need. These fake followers don’t engage, they simply fill your account empty numbers, which isn’t ideal. Besides delivering fake followers, these disreputable companies create other problems like poor security, spam, and scams that are designed to violate your information and privacy. It’s too risky.

You want to avoid wasting your time and money on any company that isn’t delivering authentic followers to your Instagram account.

On the flipside, there are reputable companies that deliver real, genuine, engaging followers that are interested in your products or services. That is what you want for your Instagram presence.

So, it’s not about whether to buy followers or not to buy them. It’s about where you buy them.

Where can you buy Instagram followers?

Thus far, the best venue for buying Instagram followers that I have found is [REDACTED]. Why?

[REDACTED] has a multitude of great reviews from their users. They have built a reputation for excellence in delivering the highest quality followers you can get. Their attention to detail and dedication to delivering high-quality followers is why their users are so pleased with their services.

Besides high-quality followers, [REDACTED] is recognized for its safety, reliability, and affordable options. This company only participates in reputable business practices, so they can provide their users with the safest and most secure solutions before delivering followers to their accounts.

Are their followers real? It’s been tested by me many times and these followers to appear to be real.

What are the benefits of buying followers?

When you choose a reputable company that delivers real and engaging followers, there are many benefits of buying Instagram followers. Here are three for starters.

  1. Your follower base increases.
  2. A larger follower base makes your presence enticing and more impressive to other users.
  3. More followers that engage make you more influential overall.


What are the disadvantages of buying followers?

If your followers are fake and don’t engage, there are three disadvantages.

  1. Followers that don’t engage with your Instagram posts and videos add zero value to your account.
  2. Fake profiles are targets of Instagram’s algorithm and are removed.
  3. You risk your account getting banned because of fake followers on your account – This includes using an Instagram bot – in case you aren’t already aware.

Now you can see why it’s crucial to choose a reputable company like [REDACTED] for buying Instagram followers.

What about Instagram analytics?

Consider that you have fake followers that don’t engage with you on Instagram. How do you propose measuring your true engagement on the platform if a lot of your target audience isn’t real? There is no solution to that because you cannot measure engagement based on fake followers, inactive accounts, and Instagram bots. These factors vastly skew your ratio.

Real followers are the only way to gauge what’s happening with your Instagram growth and engagement.

Why is buying followers even a thing?

What’s up with the trend of buying Instagram followers? The fact that Twitter users have been doing this for several years to increase their follower base numbers probably sparked the whole idea.

Instagram’s purchased followers ideal has achieved a perpetual number due to the desire of Instagram users who want to become “insta-famous” on this social media giant’s platform.

Since everyone is on board to be successful, it’s challenging for any users to get anywhere. Instagram is considered a wildly saturated venue, so potentially successful social media marketers must spend months on content curation before they even begin to get noticed.

What’s even more disturbing is that originality isn’t the base for popularity and success anymore. It’s in the numbers.

How do numbers count on Instagram?

Numbers do matter on Instagram. Even with many marketers focusing more on quality over quantity now, there are still a vast number of users who will only look at numbers and how much engagement you have.

It’s not just about the numbers game, though. It’s about engagement, which is the key. You can have thousands of followers, but if your engagement doesn’t match up, it looks suspicious to other users and Instagram’s algorithm.

Is it legal to buy Instagram followers?

It’s not technically illegal to buy Instagram followers, but I suggest caution if you are. A popular mindset of Instagram marketers is that how are you supposed to compete in Instagram’s saturated market? It’s as if you have no other choice.

Fortunately, there are better options for buying followers like [REDACTED] where you can buy effective engagement.

Is buying followers ethical?

The ethics of buying followers comes with a fine line of why and how. Your reasons for buying followers affects whether it’s ethical or not. If big name brands are looking at your page, ethics then come into play.

It’s one thing to make other Instagram users trust that all your followers are real. It’s quite another when a brand name trusts your numbers. The whole reason a big brand name sought you out is for your numbers, so they risk losing their reputation if most of your followers aren’t real people.

What’s the cost of buying followers?

Buying Instagram followers can range from cheap to expensive depending on where you buy them.

For instance, Buzzoid sells 100 followers for $2.95, which is really cheap, but in the end, they drop off and you are back where you started. Therefore, not the best use of your money.

[REDACTED] is higher priced than Buzzoid at $6.00 minimum for followers, but their quality of followers is substantially higher.

How can you buy followers?

When you go to a website that sells followers, they may ask you to enter your Instagram username that links them to your account and payment information. PayPal is a popular payment gateway for buying followers.

Followers may be delivered immediately to your account or within 48 hours after your payment. Since they appear in bulk, your notifications will blow up your phone coming in until the delivery is complete.

Expect to lose several followers after a few days of delivery if you choose a cheap provider. You want real followers.

What are the pros and cons of buying followers?

The pros of buying Instagram followers is obviously first in the numbers. If they are engaging, you get seen by more people and you gain credibility.

The cons can include drop-offs in followers (immediately or gradually). Another risk is your account looks spammy to other users due to having several followers to fewer overnight. You also risk being red flagged by Instagram for fake engagement or profiles.

Can you buy real followers and is it worth it?

Don’t fret because there are ways to buy real Instagram followers that won’t red flag your account, drop off, or get you banned.

It’s worth it in the current climate of having no choice if you want to compete. It’s also worth it when you are careful and prudent about where you buy engagement.

Final Thoughts

Buying your Instagram followers and engagement isn’t a recommended practice for reasons that you have read in this article. It’s primarily to prevent looking unethical or ingenuine. Some people think it’s cheating even though it’s not illegal. Your average consumer considers this an unethical practice, which means they won’t engage with you if they can tell you buy followers.

Keep in mind that building your Instagram is also about building your business, which is about creating and maintaining relationships with real people.

While I don’t recommend using this tactic to grow and engage on Instagram, if you’re going to do it, try using a company like Stellation Media or another growth services to get a boost. You shouldn’t rely on these outside sources, but for an occasional boost in engagement, it’s an idea.

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