Which services are necessary for your business? The answer is not an easy one. It depends on your business, whether it is at the startup stage or growing actively. Every case is individual, and it requires individual research, analysis, and recommendations. Still, there are business services that will be extremely helpful for every company at any stage. 

Any business, big or small, has several aims:

  • Present itself to the audience. 
  • Acquire new customers.
  • Keep existing customers. 
  • Organize the work effectively. 

All these aims are closely interrelated, and the tools – nowadays, they are mostly online business services – should also work together, creating a huge system. How many of them will your business need? We can define 7 services to help you reach your aims and make your life as a business owner easier.  

Necessary Business Services – The Swiss Army Knife For Marketing 

The era of digitization we all live in gave us access to high-quality services. Starting your own business requires a lot – knowledge, patience, luck, a comprehensive business plan, investments, etc. – but it won’t make your search for effective tools for a long time. They are represented on the Web, and you can contact them, make a deal, and benefit from their work quickly. 

So, let us see which professional supporters you need to help your business flourish. 

Content writing: Woffex

Any business relies on quality content. When you reach your audience through all channels, you speak to these people, and you want to engage them in conversation. The content you offer them has tremendous value. 

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It has to attract the users’ attention and provide them with all information they need. Of course, it needs to convince the addressees that they need your product or service. But the most essential thing is to make people happy when they think about your brand. High-quality text is the heart of your marketing strategy. 

Users who like your content will respond to your offers positively, subscribe to your newsletters, share your materials, and help your brand gain more popularity. It works both online and offline. You need to have the right content, but the good news is, you can have it quickly. 

AI-based texting services or human professional writers? No AI is efficient enough to make a match to the trained and skilled content writer’s ability. 

Woffex is a copywriting company that unites highly qualified writers and grants the highest performance level to clients. It provides all kinds of business copywriting: SEO content, Website content, Technical writing, Blog posts, Newsletters, White papers, Email copywriting, etc. This range of services covers everything that your business needs to engage actual and potential customers. 

The USA-based company Woffex hires experienced copywriters with broad expertise in different areas. It is simple: the best content writer dives deep to collect the information on the subject and possesses skills to make the reader love the content. The content writer treats every task individually, works fast, follows the requirements, and delivers original, helpful, SEO-friendly, and appealing content for every customer. 

Flexible prices and a system of discounts and rewards are also welcome by the clients. Add the responsive customer service and transparent refund policy, and you can see why it is highly beneficial to deal with Woffex when you develop and implement your content strategy. 

Transcribing And Translation: Transcriberry

Translation belongs to the most popular business services because every company wants to go global. When you get your excellent content, you need it translated into other languages to reach a broader audience.

As for the transcribing service, it is necessary too. It delivers more content that you can add to materials provided by the content writing services, helps in marketing research, or when you prepare every business plan, etc. 

Such professional business services are required for both audio and video, and the high quality of results is crucial for them. You need to choose specialists for the tasks, whether it is a one-time need or you plan a long partnership. 

We recommend Transcriberry as the most proficient performer of audio and video transcribing service on the Web. It offers both automated AI-based and manual transcribing of high quality. Depending on the task complexity, customers can choose the type of service. 

The team of Transcriberry is exceptionally qualified. There are specialists who provide the service in many areas, such as business, marketing, education, media, etc. If the customer’s content belongs to a different area, the super-responsive support managers examine the case and always find the best solution.

Besides the transcription services, this team offers translating and interpreting services and subtitling to videos. One of many advantages of Transcriberry is its flexibility. It will convert audio and video records in different languages, records featuring single speakers or groups.

Also, it accepts records in various formats. The service is 100% customer-oriented. It will always offer the most suitable option for every individual task. Another great value is the focus on security. Transcriberry is the best fit for you if you want to be sure of your footage and the safety of your details.

Customers may request to remove any of their data from the servers permanently, and the company does that at once. 

Quality transcription services are an excellent addition to the content writing services, and Transcriberry is the most professional and versatile team around. 

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Phone Service: Nextiva

You can’t run your business without providing voice phone service to customers and employees. Modern phone services have changed significantly in recent years. Do you remember those old pictures with dozens of phones ringing and the terrified secretary trying to respond to them all? It is far from that now. 

The business phone service suggests using cutting-edge technologies. We deal with multi-functional systems having software support, options for personal communication and conferences, combining mobile phones and apps, and many other features in a compact solution.

Besides, due to the usage of IP phone services (VoIP), it comes at the lowest price in comparison with the “old” traditional phone technologies. 

Nextiva is a professional communication platform that combines phone, text messages, video, voicemail, and emailing functionality with numerous forwarding options. As a phone service, Nextiva allows for receiving international calls without any additional charges. 

Nextiva users can communicate with customers and members of their own teams from within one solution. All the necessary work information is stored in one place. The scalability possibilities are excellent – the platform capacities can grow together with your business to match the growing needs. 

Almost 600 companies all over the world are Nextiva users – they are located in the US, and in Europe, and often belong to the IT spheres. However, no matter which area your business operates in, you will find this professional service extremely convenient and helpful for your work. 

Email Marketing: MailChimp

The email was and remains one of the primary marketing channels. Email campaigns are fast, cost-effective, and easily adjustable means that allow your business to reach your customers, existing and potential. 

You can personalize each message, use automated mailings, or individual correspondence, and target messages to each essential audience segment and each specific purpose. Emails aren’t about promo campaigns only.

They help you to onboard users, provide them with important information about the products and services, share the company’s news, etc. It is a part of the marketing strategy that helps you gain more satisfied and loyal customers. 

Besides, it is one of the least-annoying means. The majority of consumers have nothing against receiving newsletters or promotional emails. Besides, emailing campaigns work effectively for engaged users. 

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If you are interested in a marketing solution with powerful email marketing services, Mailchimp is the weapon of choice. 

Mailchimp is an all-embracing marketing platform that helps you reach, manage, and communicate with your users. The email marketing feature is one of its most popular tools, with plenty of options: 

  • Creating and sending emails to the contacts, personally and automatedly;
  • Customizing emails with in-built tools for better adjustment to the requirements;
  • Personalizing emails with social media buttons, posts, names, and so on;
  • Setting up and running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram;

And many more. 

The platform offers a collection of professionally designed and customizable email templates, a system of tags to manage campaigns, the tools to create landing pages for customers to reach from the emails, and a powerful data analysis system.

Mailchimp can be integrated with other CRM systems to give you the most complete overview of your customers and performance. This system is favored by all users, from freelancers to large businesses.

It has dedicated service plans for each customer and provides an excellent Help Center to cover all questions that might arise for its users. So, whether you are an individual worker, a small/medium business, or a large company, Mailchimp will definitely resolve your challenges with emailing. 

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Scheduling: OnceHub

Scheduling is an inevitable task in all businesses, even the smallest ones that consist of one man only. It is because you must organize your work and track your performance. There are dozens of tasks every day, they all consume time, and you can’t afford to ignore anything.

The organization is the key, but it would be the most tedious job to set up and manage all activities manually. That is why software solutions for scheduling are so extremely popular. 

OnceHub is a scheduling platform that lets you easily plan your own work, organize processes in your team, and connect with other users and customers through various channels.

It integrates with Calendars (Google, Office365, Outlook, and iCloud), CRMs (Salesforce and Hubspot), and video conferencing solutions, allowing you to include all planned meetings into the schedule.

Due to these integrations, OnceHub allows all users to work in coordination and achieve maximum productivity. OnceHub was developed for those working remotely first. It proved its efficiency. It became one of the favorite online business services for all users.

The platform has several pricing plans, including a freemium option, so, any user can find the right solution. The support team is available all around the clock, which is also important for users. 

The main advantage of the OnceHub platform is that allows users to establish connections, schedule meetings and conferences, and integrate that data with the overall customers’ information. This way, Once Hub becomes a valuable add-on to your business organizational environment. 

Videoconferencing: GoTo

Video conferencing is one of the integral business parts nowadays. It is a real possibility to erase borders, allowing you to communicate with another person face-to-face over the Internet. And it does not matter where you are located physically. 

The opportunity was always in high demand for global teams. It became even more demanded with the global pandemic strike when so many people had to switch to the remote working model. 

For business, video conferencing is one of the fundamental elements of communication systems (it also includes voice calls and text messaging). There are on-premises and cloud solutions, and GoTo Meeting is one of the industry leaders. 

GoTo Meeting is a powerful video conferencing system that is also very intuitive and simple to use. It supports both audio and video communication and provides users with the possibility to chat personally or hold conferences with many participants. 

Among the many features of GoTo Meeting, it is worth mentioning the following ones: 

  • API for integration with solutions like Slack and Teams, as well as with the Calendar organizers;
  • Sharing video and screen combined on the same screen if needed;
  • Video recording and storing records in the cloud so you can access them from any location;
  • Making and saving chat logs;
  • Event and task management;

And many more

A big plus of GoTo is its strong accent on security which allowed this software to outplay its main competitors. It encrypts all communications, making it impossible to interfere and steal any information. There are advanced security means for password protection, access control, and authentication. 

As a video conferencing service, GoTo provides an easy, quick, and secure communication channel for the entire team and its customers. This service belongs to business-critical features, and you will certainly need it in your work. GoTo is highly recommended. 

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Customer Profiling: Blitzen

To make a success, you must know your customers. The customer profiling systems let you collect and analyze this information and make the most use of it.

Though in many cases it talks about making the users purchase your products or services, the research and profiling cover broader areas, including customers’ psychology and marketing ethics. 

The purpose is to understand who your users are, what attracts them, and what might make them leave. There are lots of methods to collect the information and plenty of means to process it. The customer profiling solutions let you use one platform to do all these tasks. 

Blitzen is a functional platform with the possibility that you can integrate into your work environment. Its purpose is to collect information about your customers and perform the segmentation of the entire audience. 

The tool integrates with popular CRM systems (SalesForce, Zoho, or Mailchimp) and with other business systems like Asana and Trello, cloud storages (Google Drive and Dropbox), Google Sheets, Contacts, and other business solutions where it can retrieve the necessary information about the customers. 

Blitzen allows you to manage contacts, create unlimited forms and surveys to research your audience, track and analyze your users’ behavior, and create comprehensive profiles for all your customer personas, both individuals and companies. This data is secured in a cloud safe storage hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The software does not require any coding skills from the user – all forms can be built in a visual editor, and all integrations are performed in a graphical user interface with several clicks. 

Use The Business Services In Complex 

You might have already noticed how tightly all the above-mentioned services are connected. It is won’t be effective to use just one or several of them, and it is impossible to use any of them in isolation. 

The content writing services feed your entire marketing strategy. You will use materials created by the best content writers on the website, on the landing pages, and in the emailing campaigns that you will launch and control with Mailchimp.

And you will need the powers of the custom profiler to analyze the data retrieved by email from questionnaires and surveys. You will want to have text transcripts from the video conferences in GoTo or from the phone interviews.

Finally, you will want to combine all these solutions into one system where each tool will have its place, from the email marketing services to the scheduler or the VoIP application. This task is not so complex, by the way, and most modern solutions provide integration possibilities. 

The business services reviewed in this article aren’t an exhaustive list of all tools you might need in your business. The nature of your field and industry will dictate which additional means you might require.

However, without the Magnificent Seven of business services, it will be very hard to organize your work and achieve success. So, have a look at the tools you possess now, define what is necessary for you, and go ahead to get to the peak!