Many may call personal development books cliche and overdone, but they’d be missing the point of it. The top books in this style do have meaning, and the power to transform a person’s perspective.

Not just that, if a book really connects with a student, it might change their entire life. 

So, here’s one of our reading lists for students. Just for clarity’s sake, you can enjoy and learn from this reading booklist at any level.

Whether you are a school, college, or university student, there’s something on this list for you.

The Last Lecture

Penned articulately by Randy Pausch in 2008, The Last Lecture is a touching, one-of-a-kind book. Pausch was a professor, and the storyline of the book is so heartfelt, it would reinvigorate the love for studying in anyone’s heart. 

Randy Pausch was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and so he left his final message in this book.

The book revolves around the question, “What’s left that needs to be talked about before a month of inevitably passing away?”

Pausch challenges his students to reminisce and think about their childhood ambitions. What their hopes and dreams were, and compare them with their current lives.

Pausch preaches doing what you truly desire, instead of succumbing to society’s pressure. 

Lessons like these, of valuing your emotions and finding direction in life are super important. Either stick to what you love or renew yourself.

For instance, while online studying may seem boring at the moment, it is still the field of work you passionately opted for in the beginning. 

Small Change, Big Move

Most students have the habit of putting work on the back burner until the due date.

If you’ve had similar experiences, you also must’ve made resolutions and promises to yourself to not do it anymore – to study every day from the beginning of the semester to the end, in order to get good grades.

Small Change, Big Move is a book just about that. Caroline Arnold expands on resolutions, and how ours are usually unrealistically big and vague. According to her, that’s why we fail at staying true to them.

Arnold suggests small behavioral changes, which she calls micro-resolutions, for a change. The point is that we can start from the smallest step and build our way around breaking bad habits, or taking on new things, much easier.

Small Change, Big Move is a brilliant book about getting things done and breaking bad habits. Both of which are essential for school and college students. 

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The Hate U Give

Regardless of what the main subjects you study on campus might be, social education and ethics are two courses you learn from life itself.

The Hate U Give is a book about crucial problems faced by our society, such as racial discrimination, inequality, and community. 

The story revolves around a 16-year old African American girl, Starr, who unfortunately becomes the only eyewitness of the murder of her best friend. The whole book is an experience stronger than just words. 

If you’re a student reading this, you can check out some fellow students’ thoughts on the book here in the form of college essay examples on The Hate U Give.

These essay examples on the book reflect the students’ thoughts and show how an impactful book like this one can influence young, bright minds.

Teenagers need to pay more attention to social issues like the one described in The Hate U Give. The essays written by the students did justice to one of the best books for college students.

The Happiness Project

Written and published by Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project is a book that details how to figure out what makes one happy and how to achieve it.

Teenage is a tough time, and we could all do with a little happiness at that age.

Gretchen provides a skeletal blueprint for general happiness so that while everyone’s happiness is different, it shares similarities in the ways it is achieved.

Students can learn how to improve their mental state and life through this book.

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Failing Forward

John C. Maxwell disperses some excellent lessons for young readers and students about failure and success.

Failing Forward highlights how to not only deal with failure in life but also to get back up and use it as a mechanism to move forward.

This sort of motivation is essential for teenagers to stay committed to hard work, consistency, and studying.

Wrapping Up

School and university students need to start taking advantage of the most useful information avenue possible – books. Books don’t get enough attention from teenagers these days.

The reading booklist described above is a great way to get started. You can take up these books during summer vacations too, as then you’ll have ample time on your hands.