Whether it be a beanie, sunglasses holder or USB stick, promotional merchandise increase the visibility of your company and brand.  What some may think of as mere knickknacks is actually a valid and highly successful marketing tactic.  In the marketing community there is a saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.”  By providing clients items that are eye-catching or useful, you ensure that they engage with these branded items on an almost daily basis.

You can give out a business card and have it thrown into a card carrier along with a bunch of other cards, or even worse thrown into the garbage.  Or better yet, give clients and contacts a better to remember you by.  By giving them something useful, you give them a reason to remember you.  If your promo product helps them then your brand enjoys the added bonus of being associated with value and helpfulness.

When clients engage your products it literally holds their attention, whether it be on their desk or in their hands, clients and contacts alike are being exposed to your branding.  Naturally, this increases brand recognition.  Both you and your company have crossed the threshold from being just another faceless company plying their service or product, to a trusted and recognized brand.

Let’s face it, these promotional items are not that expensive.  Many of which are mass produced and can have your branding slapped on them for a very small fee.  In marketing terms, the advertising cost to exposure ratio is in your favor.  Promotional products provide the most “bang for your buck” in attracting and retaining the attention of your clients.  Plus, everyone loves free stuff.

Physical things tend to last longer than paper-based reminders such as business cards and, in the case of email or online reminders, are not easily dismissed.  The fact that people have to physically interact with your item also gives you new ways to market products and engage prospects.  Be creative and think of how your item can remind clients of your service, product or business.

No matter the route, promo product, or way you get it into their hands, there is no denying that this is a valid and powerful to market your brand and company.  It is a simple way to extend that first impression and make it into a lasting one.