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AutoGrammy Reviews 2023

There is a whole world of automatic engagement out of there.

There are different aspects of your business online that isn’t always going to be the most exciting to do – especially if they’re jobs that require repetitiveness and daily maintenance.

Running a business is a full-time job, so it’s worth knowing which tasks you should be outsourcing and which you can do yourself. There are plenty of companies out there that offer automatic engagement services for your social media platforms like Instagram.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can trust them all. Let’s give one of them a review.

What is AutoGrammy?

AutoGrammy is completely transparent about what they offer. They explain from the very start that they’re an Instagram bot.

This means that they use automated software to manage your account for you and execute your engagement.

While this can be an efficient way of building an Instagram following in a short amount of time, it’s generally not recommended that you use a bot in connection with your Instagram, as it can potentially get your account suspended.

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Instagram has strict terms and conditions around using bots like this. Let’s look at how they work.

A Review of AutoGrammy

First, we’ll look at the positive points

  • Visible Prices: Autogrammy have been thorough in showing their prices and different price packages they have on offer. Their price thresholds are not typical, with their smallest account only running for ten days. They increase the amount of time and what they charge until you can sign up for a year’s worth of service.
  • 24/7 customer support: this one’s a bit confusing – it’s neither entirely positive or completely negative. They have a part of their website where you can email them for assistance, and they claim to be on standby 24/7 to reply to your request for help. However, there’s no telling how long it may actually take for them to get back in touch with you.

Now, we’ll run through the negative aspects

  • Secure Site: unfortunately, Autogrammy doesn’t start off on a high note with the negative features as they haven’t thought to https secure their website. This is an important aspect of running a business online – we recommend that you hold back from sharing anything on a website that isn’t https secure.
  • FAQ and Help Page: while Autogrammy does seem to have 24/7 assistance – to a point – on their website, there’s nowhere for you to click through to that have their FAQ’s available. This makes it hard to find out everything you need to know before committing to a subscription.
  • Real Reviews: we couldn’t seem to find any real reviews of Autogrammy’s software and services on their website. While this isn’t always a completely bad thing, it definitely raises a red flag to a degree. Typically, if a service is reputable, they won’t have trouble finding people who can write a positive review about them.
  • Email and Phone Form: Auto Grammy has missed out on an important accountability step – including an email and phone form that you put your information into when you sign up with them.
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Is AutoGrammy a Scam? Is AutoGrammy Safe?

While Auto Grammy is upfront about how they instigate their marketing service, we still believe it’s fair to say that they aren’t safe to use. While you can try an automated bot at your own risk, we don’t generally condone them as they can easily get your account suspended or even banned.

The fact that AutoGrammy is just another automatic liker means that it’s probably not going to perform any better than others out there.

Best to choose something else.

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