Global payments systems lay down the law on bank IT security

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Global inter-bank payment systems, SWIFT, has put its foot down after a series of hacks and breaches of several prominent banks has put into question the company’s security infrastructure. Gottfried Leibbrandt, the CEO of SWIFT, has publicly threatened member banks with expulsion from the SWIFT system due to the success of the cyber-attacks. The days … Read more

Why Ransomware Works


Ransomware is one of the most nefarious and intrusive methods of cybercrime to have ever existed.   It is simple in its execution, highly successful and preys on the most basic fears of its victims.  For the uninitiated, ransomware is when a cybercriminal gains access to their victim’s system, encrypts a file, folder or drive, … Read more

Call The Medic! Security attacks on healthcare data

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If you think about it medical facilities can be thought of as a bank of your most personal data.  Sure it contains your address, social security/national insurance information, age, billing and payment, but it also contains your blood type, diagnoses, prognoses, and prescribed medication.  And, as we all know, banks are only as good as … Read more

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Cyber Security


The National Cyber Security Alliance reported that one out of five small businesses are affected by cyber-crime every year.  60 percent of these affected small businesses closed their doors within six months. The consequences of cyber-crime are profound enough to incapacitate your business. Big corporations like Sony, JP Morgan, and others have experienced major data … Read more

London, the Technology Gateway to Europe and The Rest of The World for Overseas Expansion


At the turn of the century, it was Great Britain that led Europe through the industrial revolution. The modern age sees England, London to be exact, to be paving the way once again during the digital revolution. A hotbed for innovation in various industries along with technology development, London is attracting investors, businesses and customers … Read more

5 Things You Need to Know about Preventing Costly Data Breaches

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Every organisation is susceptible to security breaches. More companies are using mobile technology to connect and access various online resources and assets, which substantially increases their risk. Cyber criminals are becoming more advanced with their security attacks. Experts in cybersecurity predict that security threats are likely to increase, which is why you should consider these … Read more