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AudienceGain Reviews 2024

From TikTok to YouTube, there is significant scope out there when it comes to marketing your brand online.

Seen as pretty much everything is online these days, it seems impossible not to go digital with your business and make the most of investing a little to gain a lot.

There are some great companies out there that offer some helpful marketing tactics to boost your engagements on social media sites like TikTok. However, this doesn’t mean you should look at them all the same.

AudienceGain Review Update:

AudienceGain still offers some TikTok services, but now this service is focused on monetizing YouTube channels. This could result in phasing out the TikTok options, but that remains to be seen. We will be updating the following review to focus more on the YouTube aspects of this service.

With that update, let’s rate AudienceGain and see whether it’s worth your time for YouTube channel monetization.

What is AudienceGain?

AudienceGain is an engagement service for TikTok and YouTube. However, now it is geared toward YouTube more than TikTok.

They sell things such as followers and accounts for TikTok and place these under the umbrella of marketing. These services are still listed on the website for now. We are not sure how much longer this company will continue with this option, or if they will update the service for it in time.

They claim to be able to successfully build your account up for you with this kind of engagement, and also allege that all the engagement on their end is real.

They call their services marketing plans, and there is quite a number to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for.

The website claims to help you to “achieve 4000 YouTube watch hours faster” using this service. Furthermore, it claims to “break YouTube’s monetization threshold” via promotional campaigns through social media. 

Can this company really take your YouTube channel to next-level audience building and revenue earnings?

The system appears to make it easy to get started.

1) Talk to their experts

2) Activate your plan.

3) Boost your YouTube channel.

That seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

Let’s give it a review and see how it rates.

A Review of AudienceGain

AudienceGain Advantages

As per the website, here are the advantages of using this company to monetize your YouTube channel. All these advantages are paraphrased from the site.

  • Quality Services: Focused on professionalism, quality services, and real value for their customers. Your success is their measurement of proof of quality.
  • Dedicated Support: The site says this service offers a dedicated support team with many years of experience with YouTube who can help you with your needs 24/7.
  • Natural Growth: By concentrating on the main factors that aid in growing your channel in the most extensive and natural way, this service’s main goal is to maximize your potential based on YouTube recommendations.
  • Safe & Legal: This company claims that your YouTube channel will not get penalized for using the service. They say that they operate within strict confidentiality, privacy, and security protocols.
  • Secure Payment: PayPal is the primary payment gateway for all of these services. In AudienceGain’s viewpoint, it’s the safest and easiest option for users. Other payment portals supported by the website include Payoneer, Western Union, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money.
  • Refund Policy: Since they value their customers and make satisfaction their main priority, they offer 100% money back if the service is not completed as committed.

AudienceGain’s Pricing

As mentioned before, the focus of this service is YouTube monetization, therefore, the plans are all about the watch hours.

  • 1,000 Watch Hours cost: $79
  • 2,000 Watch Hours cost: $129
  • 3,000 Watch Hours cost: $189
  • 4,000 Watch Hours cost: $229

All of these plans offer the same features listed below.

AudienceGain Features

  • Suitable for the YouTube Partner Program
  • 100% genuine watch hours
  • Natural growth
  • 100% safe & legal
  • Guaranteed results for life
  • Dedicated support team

The option to buy YouTube subscribers is also available.

  • 500 subscribers for $190
  • 1,000 subscribers for $350
  • 2,000 subscribers for $590
  • Subscriber plans come with:
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • No password needed
  • 24/7 support
  • Safety and privacy

The website lists the benefits of buying subscribers from this company as follows:

Increase real subscribers from YouTube Ads

Boost natural future growth

Subscribers stay with your channel

Boosts your videos into viral mode

Let’s Go Over the Positives

Visible Prices

One of the first things you see when you visit AudienceGain’s website is its prices. While you might not want to be subjected to this before you know anything else about them, it does indicate that they’re upfront about their costs and aren’t going to rip you off in the future.

Now for The Negatives

Secure Site

You don’t need to get far on this website to see that it isn’t safe. This means that they have no HTTPS security, which isn’t good news for you. If you share any level of personal information through them, it’s at risk of being stolen.

FAQ and Help Page

While they do have somewhere to contact them should you need it, there’s no FAQ and help page present. This makes it difficult to do any real research around their services within their website, forcing you to go elsewhere on the internet in search of information.

Email and Phone Form

When you come to sign up for a service and pay, high-quality secure service will ask you to fill out an email and phone form. This is just another layer of accountability that keeps them in check. Unfortunately, Audiencegain doesn’t appear to have this.

Real Reviews

There are no genuine reviews present anywhere on their site, meaning again you have to go elsewhere to see if anyone’s got an honest opinion about their services.

The Importance of YouTube Monetization

If you haven’t already guessed at this point, the best part of YouTube growth is being able to get your channel to a point where you can monetize it.

When you can monetize your channel, you are able to make a career out of being on YouTube. AudienceGain knows this, and primarily can help their clients monetize their channels.

We are not convinced that AudienceGain is the best way to go for monetization of YouTube channels, no matter what the website claims.

Only real subscribers who regularly engage with and share your videos are helpful to your channel and your online reputation. After doing some research, we have found that this engagement from AudienceGain is fake and not suitable for YouTube.

Any suspicions of fake or bot activity is strictly forbidden on YouTube and is likely to get flagged, which may result in getting your channel, or at least some video content, removed. 

That engagement is not worth the risk.

You can either buy watch hours that is going to get you closer to being able to monetize your channel, or you can buy an existing YouTube channel that is already monetized.

At the risk of being repetitive, they claim to offer features that are completely safe and legal, so that you can start making money from your YouTube channel today. However, we believe this claim is untrue.

They also have YouTube subscribers and YouTube views that you can purchase. Their pricing for watch hours starts at $119 for 2000, and goes up to $189 for 4000.

We recommend that you proceed with caution in regard to this service in general, but especially to buying YouTube subscribers. Several user reviews have mentioned that their subscribers are fake and not safe for your account.

Top AudienceGain Alternatives

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Is AudienceGain a Scam, is AudienceGain Safe?

Apart from the cons vastly outweighing the pros, it’s – ironically – safe to say that Audience Gain is not safe. There are numerous reports of them scamming people, such as the ones here and here and here.

Even though it claims to be a marketing service with plans in accordance with this, the reality, unfortunately, is that their engagement is fake.

A real marketing service would have a team of professionals that engage on your channel using safe and ethical strategies. AudienceGain does not fit that model.

Their followers are fake which means that they aren’t too above being a scam. In fact, one user said that they never delivered on their promises and now they can’t get in touch with them for a refund.

AudienceGain appears to be a blackhat website. This means that they take advantage of having your information by potentially selling it elsewhere. Interestingly, Instagram even shut them down for selling fake followers and likes. They are still up and running by offering different services.

Best to not even go there with this one.

Review Conclusion

The unfortunate truth is that with all this potential, AudienceGain has a very low rating on Trustpilot of 1.8 stars out of 5. 

You can read these reviews online and also the information provided in the Ripoff Report mentioned above. We recommend that you do read both.

The user reviews on this third-party website are 59% negative. We also surmise that at least some positive reviews are potentially fake.

One way to tell if user reviews are valid or fake is to measure the amount of detail in the review. Reviews that are vague and generic are usually fake.

Sometimes companies like this pay people to write positive reviews to try to boost their ratings. 

We aren’t saying that AudienceGain has done that, but we do know some companies in the industry do.

Whatever you do, please research these types of services before losing your hard-earned money to a scam.

Review Summary

AudienceGain Instagram Followers

Apart from the cons vastly outweighing the pros, it's – ironically – safe to say that AudienceGain is not safe.

Price: 69

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

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