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From Facebook to Instagram, there is a significant scope out there when it comes to marketing your brand online.

Seen as pretty much everything is online these days, it seems impossible not to go digital with your business and make the most of investing a little to gain a lot.

There are some great companies out there that offer some helpful marketing tactics to boost your engagements on social media sites like Instagram. However, this doesn’t mean you should look at them all the same.

Let’s rate one and see whether you should go there or not.

What is Audience Gain?

Audience Gain is an engagement service for Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites like Twitter.

They sell things such as followers and likes for Instagram and place these under the umbrella of marketing.

They claim to be able to successfully build your account up for you with this kind of engagement, and also allege that all the engagement on their end is real.

They call their services marketing plans, and there is quite a number to choose from, depending what you’re looking for.

Let’s give it a review and see how it rates.

A Review of AudienceGain

First, let’s go over the positives

  • Visible Prices: One of the first things you see when you visit AudienceGain’s website is their prices. While you might not want to be subjected to this before you know anything else about them, it does indicate that they’re upfront about their costs and aren’t going to rip you off in the future.

Now for the negatives

  • Secure Site: You don’t need to get far on this website to see that it isn’t safe. This means that they have no https security, which isn’t good news for you. If you share any level of personal information through them, it’s at risk of being stolen.
  • FAQ and Help Page: while they do have somewhere to contact them should you need it, there’s no FAQ and help page present. This makes it difficult to do any real research around their services within their website, forcing you to go elsewhere on the internet in search of information.
  • Email and Phone Form: when you come to sign up for a service and pay, a high-quality secure service will ask you to fill out an email and phone form. This is just another layer of accountability that keeps them in check. Unfortunately, Audiencegain doesn’t appear to have this.
  • Real Reviews: there are no genuine reviews present anywhere on their site, meaning again you have to go elsewhere to see if anyone’s got an honest opinion about their services.

Is Audience Gain a Scam, is Audience Gain Safe?

Apart from the cons vastly outweighing the pros, it’s – ironically – safe to say that AudienceGain is not safe. There are numerous reports of them scamming people, such as the ones here and here and here.

Even though it claims to be a marketing service with plans in accordance with this, the reality, unfortunately, is that their engagement is fake.

Their followers are fake which means that they aren’t too above being a scam. In fact, one user said that they never delivered on their promises and now they can’t get in touch with them for a refund.

Audience Gain appears to be a blackhat website. This means that they take advantage of having your information by potentially selling it elsewhere.

Best to not even go there with this one.

AudienceGain Alternatives & How it Compares

GrowthoidGrowth Service Check Price
NitreoInstagram Bot Check Price
Stellation MediaDashboard Check Price

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  1. DO NOT GET SCAMMED. You buy the followers they slowly take them you ask for the replacement followers the give you bullshit responses then they might give them and when they do they only last for about a week then your back arguing with them. Its a scam to make to spend money. DONT LIKE GETTING SCAMMED? THEN STAY AWAY FROM AUDIENCEGAIN.COM REAL TALK


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