If you are a fashion enthusiast and love finding fashionable items at affordable prices, Depop must be a treasure trove for you.

The e-commerce platform that is all about reselling and thrifting is soon becoming the go-to platform for many fashionistas. 

One of the most interesting features of Depop is the Make Offer feature.

As a buyer, you can make an offer to a seller hoping for a discount on an item they are selling. 

This way, you can save more money if the seller accepts your offer. However, are Depop offers binding? 

We will learn more about that in this article. 

What Are Depop Offers? 

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Making offers on fashion platforms like this isn’t something entirely new.

It has been done before, especially by Poshmark. 

However, a lot of people prefer Depop over Poshmark and a similar feature comes in handy when you are on a tight budget, but still really want an item. 

The Offers feature basically allows you to make an offer to the seller, and ask them if they would be willing to sell the item at a discounted rate.

Multiple buyers can make multiple offers and it is up to the seller to choose which one to accept. 

If they want, they may not even choose any offer since they are not willing to negotiate.

The offers stay up for 24 hours, after which you can make another offer, given that the item hasn’t been sold already. 

As a buyer, if you wish to make an offer, you can easily do so by finding the Make an Offer button, on the item page.

Enter the offer amount (it is usually recommended that you keep the discount rate between 5% to 30%). 

As a seller, you can go through your offers section and see which offers you have.

Accept or ignore them, as you like. 

Are Depop Offers Binding? 

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Now comes the real question of whether or not Depop offers are binding.

To answer your question “Are Depop offers binding?”, Depop offers are not binding. 

This means that just because a buyer has made an offer and you, the seller, have accepted it, the transaction will not go through automatically.

An offer does not make it certain that the buyer will buy the product. 

They will get notified that you have accepted their offer, after which they get the option of deciding whether or not they will purchase the item.

In case they do decide to purchase the item, they will be doing so at the offer price. 

Furthermore, since offers are not binding, it means that the seller can accept multiple offers at once.

Since it’s not set in stone that the buyer will always buy the item even though they have made an offer, the seller takes the liberty to accept multiple offers at once. 

This way, the seller can increase their chances of making a sale since the more offers they accept, the more the chances are that someone will buy the item at the offer price. 

If you are wondering what will happen once you accept many offers at once, it’s simple.

The buyer who first makes the transaction gets the item, while the offer expires for the rest of the users who made the offer. 

What Do Depop Sellers Think About The Feature? 


As previously mentioned, Depop isn’t the first platform to introduce a feature like this.

Poshmark and Mercari have done it before. However, when it comes to Poshmark, the offers are binding.

This means once the seller accepts an offer, the buyer cannot just back out and the transaction will go through automatically. 

This means that when a buyer decides to make an offer on an item, they have to do so, keeping in mind that they will have to purchase the item once the offer is accepted.

However, Depop works completely differently. And, this is something that often upsets sellers.

While the Make an Offer feature is definitely handy, the fact that the offers are not binding isn’t particularly something that makes sellers happy. 

That is because, even after making an offer, buyers back out.

There is no guarantee they will purchase the item, leaving sellers in the dark. 

Sometimes, it also happens that a seller accepts an offer, but the buyer doesn’t go ahead with the transaction.

Instead, they wait for the offer to expire and make another offer at a lower price. 

Other times, buyers can lowball items too much.

While it is recommended that the discounted rate should be between 5% to 30%, buyers do not always follow that, and instead make offers that are not exactly profitable, on the seller’s side. 

Things like this make the feature upsetting to a lot of sellers.

Many Depop sellers want the feature to become binding so that they will not have to go round and round with an item, hoping for it to get sold. 

The feature might change in the future, but for now, Depop prefers to keep it this way. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed “Are Depop offers binding?” We hope we have been able to answer your question. 

As a buyer, this feature can come handy to you since you can purchase items at very discounted prices.

However, as a seller, the feature may be a little rocky. 

Regardless, Depop is constantly changing and who knows what new update they will come up with in the future.