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Another faithful automated Instagram bot has been shut down.

Archie, like Instagress, has been shut down as requested by Instagram.

Archie was a computerized bot site similar to Instagress, except that it only “liked” people’s Instagram photos, whereas Instagress provided other services such as following and commenting.

archie shut down

This factor made its shut down somewhat surprising, considering it ran at relatively low risk of violating any of Instagram’s rules around these kinds of services.

It could be speculated that this crackdown on Instagram’s behalf is a part of a self-promotion campaign aimed at maintaining control of these types of automated services internally, rather than externally. was one of the more straightforward, low-key automated bots that you could use to improve your Instagram game.

As opposed to more thorough companies like Hootsuite, Archie tasked itself with minor jobs like engaging with existing and would-be followers by liking posts.

This is indeed an excellent way to begin when considering outsourcing those day-to-day Instagram tasks because it’s a baby step and doesn’t come across as too disingenuous.

Engaging with other people’s posts by automatically liking them only demonstrates that you’re interested in their content, which naturally makes them more likely to check out your content in return.

One of the few downsides to Archie was that, because it was an automated system liking posts and photos for you, there was a chance that it would “like” something that had nothing to do with your content.

This is because it worked on a hashtag research basis, so there was room for mistakes.

However, Archie was transparent in its automated work, providing analysis of where and who it liked so that you could track its progress and make sure it was aligned with how you wanted to grow your page.

Archie was undoubtedly one of the less likely automated bots to get shut down as it came across as relatively harmless compared to some of the other more hands-on ones out there.

Fortunately, however, there are other great Instagram bots that are similar to Instagress and Archie – as long as Instagram doesn’t get there first!