Search Antigua and West Indies Publishing Books Ltd have teamed up to create an app that answers the question what is there to do in the Caribbean.

The app titled West Indies Passport is the brainchild of Bertel Dejoie of West Indies Publishing and Ken Shipley of Search Antigua.

West Indies Publishing is a regional publisher based in Antigua, producing magazines in Antigua, Dominica and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Search Antigua specializes in website development and internet marketing.

The two founders will be officially launching the app at the Sugar Ridge Hotel in conjunction with the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism authority on Friday, 21 October at 7pm.

West Indies Passport helps you explore the Caribbean with your phones, tablets and mobile devices. Discover new places, and save money using your phone.

Whether you’re setting off on a trip, coordinating a night out with friends, or trying to pick the best dish at a local restaurant.

The app can be used to garner any information you need on your island destination. For more information on the app and how to participate visit