Small businesses find it hard to get customers these days. Popular sites are ranking for all the good keywords, plus ads are getting more expensive. How are you supposed to drive millions of visitors to your little website?

Spend most of your marketing budget on social media. It’s where all your future customers are hanging out, and it’s easy to go semi-viral. Let’s discuss some excellent tips that will guarantee you find online success.

1. Quality Graphics Using Canva

Quality graphics will cost you lots of money if you hire a professional designer. It’s worth hiring someone in a few years, but not when getting started. Don’t spend too much cash until you can afford to invest profits back into the business.

It’s a huge reason why small business owners are turning to software like Canva, which is the best choice for beginners. You’ll be able to create YouTube video thumbnails everyone wants to click on, and Twitter memes that followers will want to retweet.

2. Shooting All Your Videos In 4K

Most people who love spending time online have fast internet, plus they’ll spend money on devices with perfect screens. You should be aiming to please these people when you shoot videos, which means making sure your camera can handle 4K.

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Videos will automatically play at a lower quality if viewers don’t have access to high-speed internet, so they won’t know 4K is available. Subscribers who expect the best resolution possible won’t be happy if you upload 720p videos to YouTube.

3. Master One Platform At A Time

If someone is an expert at Facebook marketing, it won’t necessarily translate to success on TikTok. You must treat each platform as a separate entity. Most marketers use the same tactics on every social media platform, which never produces optimal results.

Focus on a single platform when getting started, and don’t move on to the next one until you see results. You can only put 10% of your time into ten different social media sites, but focusing on one will allow you to put 100% of your energy into it.

4. Taking Advantage Of New Trends

Which platform would you use when trying to promote a spray foam heated hose? Even though YouTube is a great way to build an audience, you’ll be up against lots of competition. It’s easier building a Facebook fan base because there are fewer video creators.

You’ll need to spend lots of money on Facebook ads, but TikTok is a new platform with much cheaper ads. Look for new opportunities before they become too saturated. If you get lucky, you’ll find lots of success before everyone catches up to you.

5. Influencers Can Help You Succeed

Influencer marketing feels like it’s been around for a while, but it’s a baby compared to radio and TV ads. Every single person in the world on social media is a potential influencer, so you’ll find thousands of people to help promote products.

I would forget about influencers with large followings. Target specific people with small followings. For example, if you sell activewear to everyone who enjoys playing sports, offer local amateur athletes free clothing to promote your brand.

6. A Good Microphone Is Essential

You will need a great camera if you plan on posting videos and photos, but don’t forget to use a good microphone. It’s pointless having good video quality if nobody can hear what you’re saying. It’s even worse when shooting videos outdoors.

If you’ve watched people shooting videos before, you’ve probably noticed something big and fluffy covering the microphone. The wind muff is essential when shooting videos outdoors when it’s windy. It will stop microphones from picking up wind noise.

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7. Spend A While Writing Good Copy

Everyone who has a successful email sales funnel will spend a long time crafting each email. If the copy is perfect, it will automatically increase sales. It’s worth putting a similar amount of effort into the copy you post on social media.

If you spend an extra five minutes on each tweet and Facebook post, it could turn more followers into customers. Work longer on your Instagram captions to grow your following faster. Make sure you spend time reading high-quality copywriting books.

Social Media Is The Future For Businesses

Everyone is talking about virtual worlds where businesses will change forever, but virtual reality is still very far away. Right now, you could turn a new brand into a billion-dollar company using social media platforms if you work hard.