Growing a business is no small feat, especially for small business owners. All the big or medium size companies including technology, architecture, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies like TriRx pharmaceutical services lean on marketing campaigns to boost growth.

For small businesses which are running on a low budget, big marketing interventions are not possible but they can still grow rapidly if they know certain beneficial and proven hacks. Growth hacking means experimenting with marketing, developing and sales of a product to find the best growth curve. 

Content Marketing

It is useful to create a blog on your website where you explain various aspects of the services or products you provide and their benefits, needs and use. The blog generates an image of expertise in the mind of the reader. Blogs generate more traffic especially if they are SEO optimised and help in converting visitors into buyers. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and produces better results. 


Who among us doesn’t get a deal if the opportunity presents itself? By offering a coupon in exchange for an email address, you can build your email list for marketing and encourage more people to visit your website and engage in your services.

Exit-intent coupons are a great way to keep the visitor engaged on the website because the coupon presents itself when the visitor is about to leave the site and hence, it immediately grabs the attention. 

Reviews And Rating 

A survey showed that 84 per cent of people read and act according to online reviews before engaging with a business. So make it easy for your customers.

Make a comment box under your products for getting reviews and ratings. It gives social proof of your website and increases the trust of the customers and portrays your business as having quality and value. 

Offer Free Trials And Return Policy

Customers are usually hesitant about trying a new product or service. If your services are a bit on the expensive side of the spectrum, it is always a smart marketing and growth hack to offer a free trial.

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Free trials work for service-providing businesses. If you are in retail, you should offer the customers sample products and make an easy return policy; it will attract more customers

Prominent Pricing Tags

Nothing is more irritating for the customers than not finding the price of a product whether they are shopping online or in a store. To make the experience more customer friendly, add a labelled pricing page with images on your website. If you have a store, make sure that the product on your shelves has price tags with them.  

Content Upgrade

Adding more and better information to already present blogs on your website is a good way of catching customers’ attention. You can employ this method to increase the email list.

It can be done by writing a very engaging blog about your product and after a few paragraphs when the customer is engaged, you can ask for an email to send the full article. A customer fully engaged in the blog will comply. 


Automation tools are getting better every day and it is the best possible way to make your work more efficient and productive. According to research, marketing automation increases productivity by 20% — now that’s huge!

Although, automation is possible for anything and everything nowadays, here are a few examples of automated services for your business:

  • Purchase requests and sales order
  • Marketing emails
  • Social media requests
  • Appointment booking for customers
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The growth of retargeting is to bring back the customers that visited your website without buying anything. Retargeting is done by making targeting Facebook and Google ads which pop up in the users’ feeds. Adding a JavaScript tag in the footer of your website will help form a list of potential customers to target. 


You can pique the interest of your customers by call-to-action posts on your other social accounts like Twitter and Instagram. In such posts, you can either give them news of a new product and why it is necessary for them or sales on the old ones.

These posts generate traffic on your website which ultimately helps you in growing on the internet. Make sure that your posts are easy enough to understand. 


A business works by providing value to its customers and who better to ask what is working and what is not in your business? This feedback is very important.

There is always room for improvement and feedback which is logical and feasible should be taken seriously. Your best guide is the customer that you are serving because ultimately they will decide if your business is relevant or not.